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My Forgotten Dreams

Often of late I have read and listened to our Galactic Family tell us to listen to, or remember our dreams.

Well, I have had a short but Grand moment happen to me. I have been wondering whether to share this but have received messages that we shoulds share All these Moments with each other for our growth and understanding and for uplifting each other.

This is what happened:

A few mornings ago I woke up to realize my breath was gone as I was opening my eyes I saw what I knew to be Archangel Michael standing above me within All His Light. I saw him for only seconds in which he place his blue glowing sword on my chest and my breath returned and at that Moment he was gone.

This is what I saw:

He had white wavy hair with a beard neither of which was very long. He was dressed in all white in which I noticed he had a cape over his other clothing. He was full of light and Love and as his bright blue sword touched my chest it lit up more and then he was gone as quickly as he appeared.

This is what I believe:

I believe that I was taken into another realm while I was sleeping and what I was seeing was when I was placed back in my body and bed that morning.. The picture I am posting in my photos is  simular to what I saw.

The thing I need help with is remembering my dreams. I know I dream but I cannot remember any of them; just occasionally some like this, very short clips. I know I will remember them because I have asked for help and sometimes when we ask for help and in our search before we get the answers we need; That is a growing experience also so hopefully I can get some of your input and ideas in to this situation...Thank you and much Love and Light to you,Namaste

PS...If anyone else has any dreams or special things they want to share...I would love to hear them...Thanks

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Congrats, I believe that was him. Dreams like that are too significant and really embeds into our conscious memory, like ones we never forget. I met a similar being in a dream a year ago. He granted  me wings and was taught how to use them. In another dream weeks befor that one, a guide show me where I can breathe water on the ocean floor.


Thanks simpleman!I enjoyed hearing your dreams.....Awesome:)

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