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Once again guys I need your help.. my aunt Celia is very ill. I pray for her almost every day but she is not doing well. She is diagnosed with breast cancer, which was very advanced and now recently she was diagnosed with more than one tumor in her head which has made here lose control of her body.I am really sad along with my family, doctors don't know how much time she has left to live and my aunt is the sweetest person you could ever meet. I am really heart broken, and I am really trying to get as much people as possible to pray and send love to her because I don't think its her time to go.. I dont think she deserves this. Pleas brothers and sister from SOE I need your help in every prayer pleas think of my aunt Celia. She needs a miracle and i think that with love and prayers anything is possible. I will be great full for the rest of my life. There is sometimes I dont know if to feel anger, or sadness,, I guess i really wish this was a dream that i could wake up from. but its not.

Thanks in advanced brothers and sisters from SOE, May light and Love be with you all... Thank you and may God Bless You All, Alex.


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I will send you and your aunt Celia Love and I will pray for strenght and healing in the Light of our Great Creator of the Universe ...

Namasté Alex Rodri many Blessings for you and your aunt Celia ~*L*~

Thank you Alex for letting us send your Aunt love filled white light.
Your aunt will be in my prayers Alex.
Lots of love
will do
I have sent healing energy & divine blessings to her.

I will give you hope yet. My father was very ill not that long. Not as bad as what your aunt has, but still life threatening. We had everyone we knew preying for him. The doctors told us if he didnt get better he may have needed to be on a dialysis machine.

But within two weeks of eating right and getting exercise he just got better:)

I will send love to heal her, cause i now beleive it works. The never give up feeling is something she needs to hang on to.

Sending love and healing ligh...

thank you guys..for the moral and spiritual help. My aunt is a fighter and even though she is very ill she tries and makes us lough and make the best of that moment we are with her. Sometimes she dosnt feel so good and it seems that she loses notion of where she realy is. Doctors say its the tumors that are affecting her brains function and mobility.I just want to yell and cry when this happens. Not just because it happens to my aunt but there are many ill people around the world and i just cant help thinking that some one else could be going through the same or worse situation. I guess I may be to much of a sensitive guy but I have hope,,and I Thank each one of you for your help.

Patricia: Thank you for sharing you experience. I will keep in mind every word you have said and try to share it with my family.

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