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Mother Earth By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Reality Realignment By Jenny Schiltz ... And ... Expand the Radiance of Your Heart Center By Melanie Beckler

Mother Earth By Natalie Glasson

Mother Earth Speaking:

The beauty of my being can be seen all around you, in the smallest plant and in the largest tree. My essence is within every particle of soil and every flower that blooms. You will find me in the essence of animals, insects and all forms of living creatures, as they carry my energy with them. You will discover that my energy is within your being, vibrating in harmony with your essence and light. I am Mother Earth/ Gaia. When you seek and discover the beauty of my being within the Earth and nature that surrounds you, however small or large, you will allow yourself to enter into another dimension of yourself and the Creator’s energy.

Life is a collection of dimensions. You choose which dimension you exist within by your perceptions, thoughts, and willingness to open your heart and soul.

I, Mother Earth, am not speaking of the dimensions of the inner planes or the Universe of the Creator, I am speaking of the Dimensions of Life on the Earth. There are so many ways to live and experience life and there are many dimensions of the Earth to encounter. There are dimensions of creation which describe the nature kingdoms, elemental kingdoms, and even the elements.

Then there are dimensions of existence, each signifies a certain openness of being and acceptance of the truth. When existing upon the Earth it is not so much for you to discover which dimension of the Earth you are experiencing. More so it is to seek a greater connection, involvement, and oneness with my energies, Mother Earth. In doing so you open yourself beyond any false limitations created by humanity, not the Earth herself, and begin to explore the true nature and experience of the Earth.

The limitations and suffering, hardship and pain is a creation of humanity and their thought systems of many generations, and this has developed becoming magnified and empowered. Such thought forms can impact the elements and even the presence of nature.

When humanity allows themselves to let go of thoughts patterns that limit, bound and cause chaos, then their purpose of existing upon the Earth will unfold. There are dimensions of openness, expansiveness, and connection with nature, and with myself, Mother Earth, which allows for new spiritual experiences. Within the Earth, you could say there is a treasure waiting to be found. The treasure is a new way of being, experiencing, seeing, feeling, hearing and existing for you upon the Earth.

Dimensions of Life On Earth

There are numerous dimensions of life upon the Earth, I wish to share with you three which will begin your journey into the dimensions of my being and existence.

The Dimension of Light

The dimension of light allows an awakening of your senses, supporting you in seeing, sensing and experiencing light as a part of your being and within your surroundings. You recognise light as a building block and foundation for all creations while being able to discover the different vibrations of light within all of creation.

Light can take plentiful forms, have numerous vibrations and different colours, it is constantly changing and expanding. When you integrate into the Dimension of Light of the Earth you feel, sense and acknowledge life, your existence and your reality as energy in constant flow, expansion, and transformation.

You see beyond the physical world, experiencing life through your senses and as a collaboration of light or particles of energy vibrating. You may realise that nothing is permanent and can be molded through your thoughts and intentions. This creates an experience of liberation and hope, as you take responsibility for the world of light and energy within and around you. Cause and effect becomes very evident as does your ability to understand the journey of light from a seed or intention to its manifestation and beyond.

The Dimension of Light is so beautiful to explore because it allows you to create a bridge within your awareness between the energetic and physical realms, acknowledging them as one, thus beginning to grasp the purpose of the Earth.

To access the Dimension of Light of the Earth, call upon my energies and assistance, Mother Earth and invite me to heal and awaken your senses to become aware of the earthly dimensions.

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that I place into your awareness an orb of light. As you place your awareness into the orb of light you see, sense and acknowledge nature all around you, glowing with light. The nature vibrations move through your being and awaken your senses, creating a beautiful healing within your being. Green light floods your being and senses, allowing you to enter into the Earth’s dimension of light. Allow yourself to experience this. Practicing will allow your senses to awaken further and the dimension to unfold its truth to you.

The Dimension of Beauty

The Dimension of Beauty can truly be grasped and understood when observing nature in all its many forms. When you acknowledge the beauty of nature you become aware of the perfection of all things and your need to release judgment of what beauty should be or looks like.

Beauty exists within all things, beings and situations, it is not reserved for some and not others. Beauty is not necessarily the outer reflection, more so it is born from the inner reflection. Beauty can manifest as numerous qualities and yet it has the ability to resonate with another and create an intimate awakening of truth.

The Dimension of Beauty promotes within you an inner awakening of truth and a reflection of the purity of the Creator and the energies I channel through my being, Mother Earth.

When you exist within the Dimension of Beauty, you see, sense and acknowledge the reality around you as perfection manifested. Everything speaks to you of the Creator and you develop a deep-seated awe, gratitude, and appreciation for all that manifests.

The Dimension of Beauty allows you to access a deep-seated understanding and connection with the Earth and the Creator which opens you to receive and become the Creator on a greater scale. You become an expression and witness of beauty, understanding it beyond the physical manifestation and more so as a direct link to the Creator.

To access the Dimension of Beauty there is a need to witness your own inner beauty, and to seek within your being, beyond your outer manifestation, beyond your thoughts, perceptions, and emotions, and journey into the source and core of your being. It is within your essence that you will discover your beauty.

Emanating your inner beauty into your being and surroundings, and especially into nature and the Earth, will support you in accessing and existing within the Dimension of Beauty. This can take patience, as often there is illusion which shrouds the Dimension of Beauty, once accessed, you will remain connected, experiencing daily the beauty of the Creator in manifestation through the Earth. "I Am emanating my inner beauty throughout my Whole Being and into my surroundings and into the Nature Kingdom."

The Dimension of Diversity

The Dimension of Diversity encourages you to recognise change as a natural aspect of your being and reality. The continuous flow and expansion of the Creator upon the Earth and working through the Earth become apparent to you. You realise that time does not exist, therefore everything has a constant nature and manifests eternally while also developing, transforming and morphing into something else.

The balance of the constant and yet inconstant nature of the Creator is experienced by you with harmony, ease and a sense of wonder and respect.

It is within the Dimension of Diversity that you tap into the laws of the Universe of the Creator and how this influences and shapes the Earth.

You also become aware of the permanent and impermanent nature of your soul, meaning your ability to merge with all that is the Creator, letting go of all you recognise yourself to be while recognising your identity or identities.

This can be one of the most challenging dimensions to comprehend. However, it invites you to let go of reason and trying to understand, and instead see the true systems and workings of your being, the Earth and the Creator. You begin to experiment with the purpose and process of duality as well as the essentially required experience of balance.

To begin to explore the Dimension of Diversity there is a need to call upon my energies, Mother Earth, to heal your reflection upon everything as separate and linear. This will be a shift in your perceptions of yourself and outer reality, allowing limitations and illusions to drop away, encouraging you to be more able to recognise the presence of diversity in all aspects of the Creator upon the Earth.

As you allow me to work with you, lending my energy and promoting an inner transformation I, Mother Earth, encourage you to explore what diversity means to you and the deepest core of your being. It is through your exploration that understanding will stream into your being, allowing you to access the Dimension of Diversity of the Earth, benefiting from its influence and presence in your reality.

It is important for me to accentuate that the earthly reality remains the same as you access the Dimension of the Earth, it is a shift within you and your perceptions that manifests, a deeper connection with and understanding of the Earth. You enter into a new dimension of your earthly being and your connection with myself, Mother Earth. The dimension is experienced through you and the way you see and interact with the world around you.

With loving truth and generous support,

Mother Earth

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Reality Realignment By Jenny Schiltz

We have so much happening on so many levels right now. Things have sped up and intensified in all ways. There is no turning back now as we are being laid bare emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Many are feeling that they are in fact in a different reality with a different set of energetic rules that must now be figured out. Until we get our footing in this new energetic territory we will have to feel our way through. This can cause major disruptions not only in our field but “out there”.

It can feel like a push and pull taking place. Many distortions that were in our field are making themselves known. We are being asked to let it all go and the ease in which we do this can often determine how gracefully we go through this process.

It can feel like there are multiple aspects of self wanting attention all at the same time. The part that wants clarity, concrete direction, and guarantees.  The part that is hurting and frustrated that needs to be heard, honored and loved in order to be released. Then there is the part that knows it is all perfect, in divine order and exactly what is needed to move forward. It becomes an interesting ride as we learn to hear all the layers, love them and in that space blend them into one.

It can also feel as if we have come full circle. We are being faced with fears, circumstances, and emotions that we thought we had moved through, conquered or vanquished. While frustrating the difference is we now have the tools and the knowledge to move through it and change directions.

It is asking us to feel the similar feelings, experience the similar pain but to choose differently. It is asking us if we can see through our own patterning and not react from a place of pain and fear but of love and compassion. The energies are asking if we have learned from the route we took before and if we can now choose a heart-centered response. It is in that response that we open different doorways to new expressions of self and the higher trajectory timeline.

I had financial fears come up so very strongly that I found myself pushing more and more to stave off whatever financial doom my mind told me was coming. (Of course, I can see this now as hindsight is 20/20.)  At the time, I didn’t realize the subconscious fears that were pushing me. I only noticed that I was feeling off and went into a shamanic journey to ask my team what I need to do ease the energy drain.

They showed me the pattern very clearly in a way I had not understood before.  In the past I only allowed myself to rest once my body had collapsed. The last collapse led to my physical debilitation, bankruptcy and selling off of my land and animals.  When my body started sending signals that it needed more time for rest, meditation and silence; my subconscious immediately brought up the fears of lack and loss. I realized I was at a choice point. I can do what I have always done which is to not take care of myself, to let fear of lack push me into a collapse or I could take a step back, lighten my schedule, and take care of me.

I choose to do the different and more divine thing even in the face of all the fears. I knew deep within that all will flow as long as I am in alignment with my Highest Divine Self within.  It has been an amazing time as I trust in spirit and be with myself. So much has opened up since then just because I didn’t allow the same programming to run and run. Without that constant noise, there is space for the new to come in.

We are being asked to really work on the inner dialog and the negative voice that often runs just below the surface. The astrology and energies of this time will make the unseen thoughts louder so that they become seen.  While this may make for a difficult time, this negative inner voice must be seen… and loved. It needs to be acknowledged and heard, but not bought into.

You can validate that there is a part of you that feels insecure, scared, or less than without allowing those feeling to dominate you and take over.  These energies are only increasing and all that is not in alignment with our soul is coming up to be seen, loved, and integrated.

We are entering eclipse season that will last for the next month and include the 8/8 Lion’s gate gateway. These are powerful cosmic triggers that not only highlight all that needs changing, but also what your heart’s desire is.... just have the courage to go after it. My team has been consistently showing me that the rules of reality and even some aspects of physics are also belief systems that need to go if we are to access our full potential.

Change can be uncomfortable, but it is the best tool for opening us...

Wherever your life is not in alignment with your higher good will make itself known. This may show itself as increased stress, a collapsing of what you thought was secure, and events that cause stress but bring up the emotions that you are needing to see.

What is also happening is that events are happening to put you into alignment with your true self and your true desires. This can look like changing jobs, changing or redefining relationships, moving, going back to school and even death and pregnancy.

The hardest part of facing a change is the fear we hold when we don’t know what the next steps will be. This is where your soul is asking you to trust him/her, to give your soul the permission to collapse what no longer serves so that what does make your heart sing has room to come in. We can no longer walk comfortably between the world of what our heart wants and what our minds/belief systems say we should do.


Releasing of Physical Trauma

The body is going through massive change and release. The physical body is releasing its physical traumas and as it does this we can experience incredible physical and emotional pain. Some of what is releasing right now is also past life trauma.

I have been spending massive amounts of time in nature to facilitate this process. At one point I lay on the grass releasing body traumas (abuse, surgeries etc.), I found myself letting out the most guttural cry imaginable at the horror of it all. At the same time, I felt incredibly held by the earth which was beautiful. As I lay there sobbing, I heard my higher-self say – now forgive, forgive all of it.  I was shown that I needed to release all that had been done to me (in this life and others) and at the same time forgive myself for all that I had done.

I began to say “I forgive all those who have abused me and forgive myself for abuse I have done. I release it all now back to Source and thank it for the experience.”

I did this for everything I could remember happening to me in my lifetime. Letting myself feel the impact of true forgiveness of it all.

Then I went deeper and began to forgive on another level; with the realization that in our many, many lives and experiences we have done it all. The good, bad, the ugly. We have swung way to the left and way to the right and now we are being asked to return to center.

I began to say: “I forgive all those who have murdered me and forgive myself for murdering others. I release it all back to Source and thank it for the experience.”

I did this for all the other horrible things I could think of that takes place on this planet. I let all the anger, disgust, and horror go as my tears soaked the ground. When I was done I felt like a limp dishrag, completely wrung out, but so light and free.  I will do this again and again until it is done and the trauma stored in the body has been released.

Embodiment of the soul means we realize that we are the sum total of all our SOULS experiences on earth from now and other lifetimes. It is about forgiving and loving all parts of self and in turn, do the same for others. In a world of non-duality, we can forgive, love and still not condone the acts one does; they are not mutually exclusive.

All that we experience has a common goal: for us to upgrade our DNA...


As usual, we are all over the place with symptoms, if one person has a runny nose we can expect that another will experience a dry nose.   Be aware that hyper-focus on what is wrong with the body can actually exacerbate how miserable one feels. Focus instead on what makes you happy even if it only lasts for a short time. 

I can’t stress enough about connecting with nature to ease this time period.  Also, movement with intention and breath is very helpful as is energy and bodywork.  Ensuring that you are hydrated and full of trace minerals and cell salts are helpful as well.

It is quite a conundrum we create for ourselves, what we want from ...

It can appear that things are getting darker and darker. They are not. They ARE getting louder and louder. They need to in order for them to be so obvious they can no longer be ignored. Belief systems not in alignment must collapse in order for us to discover our own magnificence and power.

The collective is awakening slowly and this will cause a massive “dark night of the soul”. It’s not pretty, but it is necessary. This is the time that we were warned about, that we were prepared for. We were told to shine our light and hold space during these tumultuous times. Remember, in each moment we have a choice to either get lost in the emotional swamp or shine our light while holding space for others.

When I asked about what it means to hold space as I have loved ones awakening, I was told that it means to be the container. To provide the structure for one to awaken to their fears, pain, loneliness, and finally to their truth without judgment or condemnation.

This brought back to me how alone I felt when I began to awaken. I had no one to talk to about it and I honestly thought I was going insane. How wonderful it would have been to have someone be a sounding board, a voice of compassion and reason without judgment or attempting to put their agenda on me. Many of us are now being asked to be that person for others.

I hope that this blog finds you well and really digging in deep to discover who you are at your core while at the same time getting rid of who you are not. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all who share and support this work. It is so greatly appreciated!  Sending you all lots of love!

Jenny Schiltz

Video: "Love Body Harmonization & Healing" By Natalie Glasson

Expand the Radiance of Your Heart Center By Melanie Beckler


Hey there! 

As we continue to move through the present Eclipse cycle... 

So many people are experiencing big shifts and changes. 

Stay present and keep returning to a state and vibration of love! 

Love paves the way through challenges... 

And powerfully aligns you with the highest possibilities for your life. 

Talking about love in this way, I'm talking about love in its most absolute sense. 

Love that is the bridge between you and the infinite. 

It is the geometric template of Divinity... 

Woven throughout everything and present everywhere...

And when you return to love... 

You return to presence and to the recognition of the underlying harmony and oneness of everything... 

When you're in a state of love, you sync with the Divine and with the highest possibilities for your life.

In my last email I shared with you a simple 6-minute process for returning to a state of love and coherence which is so powerful...  

Here's another one! 

A simple technique you can use to raise your vibration and realign your mind, body and spirit with the infinitely powerful force of love! 

Expand the Radiance of Your Heart Center with the “Heart Breath"

Heart breathing is a powerful way to breathe more light into your heart center so that it increases in vibration and expands out around you. It brings light into every cell allows the light of love and the light of awakened consciousness to flow out far beyond you.

The heart breathing process I’m about to share with you is wonderful to do outside, in close connection to nature, but you can also do it anywhere.

Video: "Heart Breathing - A Simple Technique To Raise Your Vibration"

Getting Started with Heart Breathing

To begin, find a comfortable standing position. You don’t want to be leaning in any direction. You are centered, balanced and present.

 Begin by calling in Divine Light to surround and uplift you. You can also call in the presence of your team of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. These Guides can support you in increasing the radiance of your heart center, tuning into your vibrant heart light, and expanding this heart vibration out far around. Ask them to help you bring benefit to all beings, bring increased vitality, and raise your vibration.

Once you’ve called in light all around you, and you’re in the presence of Angels… Now just focus on your heart center, in the center of your chest.

Breathe in to the area of your heart, and then exhale as you deeply relax, and let go.

Breathe light into your heart from all directions

Heart Breathing

Using your hands in the process, breathe all that is into your heart center, returning you to a place of presence and divine neutrality.

Focus on your heart center, so that you can be fully present in this moment now.

As you exhale, let go of any tension, frustration, or any lower vibrations. Enter fully into this moment, tuning into the light and love of the higher realms that is all around you.

  • Breathe light in simultaneously from above and below, using your hands to really feel the energy flow.
  • Breathe in, and as you breathe in, let your heart light grow more vibrant, and then exhale.
  • Breathe in simultaneously from side to side, and exhale, letting your heart light expand.
  • Now breathe in from both in front and behind you, breathing in the light, and as you exhale, let the light expand through your entire being.
  • Breathe in diagonally, letting your heart radiance increase and exhale, let it expand.
  • Breathe in the light and let your light shine even more vibrantly.
  • Breathe in light, exhale gratitude, breathe in love, exhale wellbeing, breathe in light and let light shine out far beyond you.

Do this all around, in a circle if you like.  Just remember to go in front and back, to side to side, top to bottom, diagonal, you could go around in a circle.

Let Your Heart Glow with Golden Crystalline Light

Heart Breath

Loosely focus on your heart center as you continue to breathe. Imagine your heart center is beginning to glow brighter and become more radiant with every inhale.

Really feel the light, feel your heart growing more vibrant, and then as you exhale allow the light to expand around you.

I recommend using your hands at first to guide the energy flow and to support you in feeling and becoming aware of it. But once you get this process down… Then just breathe in and let light fill your heart, exhaling as light flows into every cell. Allow light to fill your aura and light body, as it ripples out far beyond you.

As you breathe, let your heart center glow with the crystalline divine consciousness. As you exhale, bring this divine light of awakening into every cell, filling you with light and letting light ripple out far and wide beyond you.

Give this a try expanding your heart with brilliant golden light as you breathe in and then let it expand out all around.

With love and blessings, 


Video: "You Can Help Manifest Divine Peace, Love, & Unity In Everyone !"

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