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Well today is May 25th, the day history channel said it would change the world. Does anyone have any info on what has been said? Is it all to do with the Lemur fossil missing link or is there more?

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Haven't heard anything significant so far today....must be a hoax?
Was watching CNBC and the story of Sir Stanford, you know that one who owned some international bank and was said to have dupped people into a cloaked ponzi scheme, yea, that the magnitude of his scheme, once known will be of such vastness that nothing can survive it. Is he still claiming innocence by the way? Nway, Today am waiting for GM news. Do people on this community still have money held in shares????? I wonder.
did you guys actually watch that?
what a waste ....
I'd like to watch it,

Does anyone has a link of 'the link' or it's too early to view it online yet? :)
Yeah I watched it too, it wasnt all that >_>. It was too much hype for really nothing.
still doesnt prove where all the EXTRA dna comes from.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha HISTORY CHANNEL what a completely farce

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