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Love Frequency Reset Transmission With Melanie Beckler ... And ... Meditate On The Rainbow Light In Your Heart By Blossom Goodchild ... And ...Synthesis Of The Physical & Spiritual By Natalie Glasson

Love Frequency Reset Transmission With Melanie Beckler & AA Michael

Melanie's Message ....

Hey there,

I just wanted to remind you today...

That you are an incredible spiritual being of love, light and peace.

And yet... You are immersed in density right now!

Immersed in a dense physical reality that is amidst a MASSIVE transformation.

Major energetic shifting is in process now.

And so if you've been having a hard time...

Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders...

Feeling the energies of chaos, anger, fear, and pain rising up in the collective or in your own energy field...

It's okay, its honestly to be expected, and you're certainly not alone in this.

We're living in a time in which the Earth and the collective consciousness is being massively transformed...

And what you're feeling, seeing and sensing are the lower energies beginning to shift.

We have to face what's been in the shadow before it can be transformed.

And yes... Everything that's unfolding now is a big deal...

And the changes and challenges sweeping the collective will continue.

The old paradigm is literally burning and crumbling away before our eyes...

The collective shadow rising to the surface for all to see.

It's not that the massive need for change and reform is growing larger...

But it is being revealed.

And it can be painful to face the injustice... The violence... Chaos... And the suffering of others...

But doing so...

Helps to empower the shift.

Because that's the higher perspective of what's going on...

Distorted, heavy and outdated energies within the collective consciousness (and within ourselves) are rising up so they can be released...

So they can be transmuted into the light and alchemized into something new...

So we can learn from what has happened in the past...

And rise up from the ashes and rubble of the old paradigm that is falling...

Into the new.

Into the New Earth energy...

Into collectively manifesting the highest possible future for ALL of humanity to thrive.

Rising up collectively into greater Love, Peace, and Truth.

And so amidst the shifting...

Amidst facing the shadow...

Be gentle with yourself and with others...

Remember that love is now and always has been what will illuminate the highest path through.

Being in LOVE doesn't mean ignoring the challenges...

And it doesn't mean keeping yourself wrapped up in bubble of bliss and sheltered from the realities of the day 24/7...

It does mean Remembering.

Remembering that you are much more than just your physical body...

Remembering that at the core of you there is incredible LOVE, peace and bliss and when you return to this...

Even just from time to time...

You empower the rise of Love.


Which empowers the shift...

And empowers the light of Spirit, higher consciousness, and blessings for All beings...

To begin to shine through.

Returning to Love is NOT always easy...

Its sometimes the biggest challenge of all...

And so I wanted to share something today to help...

So you can even for a brief moment drop out of allowing your consciousness to spiral in the chaotic energies ...

And drop into your open heart...

Into peace, present and love.

Resetting into love...

With help from Archangel Michael and your team in Spirit who are all here for you...

I love you,

Video - Love Frequency Reset -  Archangel Michael Message & Meditation" By Melanie Beckler -



Love Frequency Transmission with Archangel Michael

Greetings from Archangel Michael and the Legion of light. Indeed, we connect with you in this moment now. We greet you in this moment now only with words, but with love frequency that is all around you.

Cleansing and uplifting your energy, reuniting you in this present moment now with the light of love, the light of peace, the underlying truth and knowing that all is well… And reconnecting you with the Peace and blessings of the infinite, of Source, of the Divine available to you here.

And now begin by focusing your attention in the center of your mind, where you tune into a golden spark of light. And this gold and Christ light, this angelic energy expands outward expands around your mind, in a goals and, or of light, purifying your thought, purifying your mental body, reconnecting you in this moment now with the peace, clarity, tranquility, stillness, love that connects all that is accessible for you to tap into in any moment, but the busyness of mind separates you from.

And so in the space between your thoughts, you are now able to tune into the still peace and calm.

And as this golden light fills your mind it aligns you with clarity, with blessings, with the logical knowing and perception that all is well. All will be, all has been… All is well.

Now imagine this golden orb of light is traveling down from your mind, down through your throat, cleansing and pure fine down into your heart center.

Allowing you to through your heart, through your feeling, through resonance, allowing you to feel and to experience the love that is all around you. That has always been here. And yet through your presence, your stillness and willingness you are able to tune into now.

And now as your heart light expands, a rose gold light within your heart glowing brilliantly all around you…


It cleanses your energy and brings you into harmony with the love vibration present in all of creation.

So the love within you is mirrored around you. So you're able to recognize the love present in every moment.

Even if it is hidden far beneath the surface, through your open heart yoiu are able to feel experience and perceive that this light of love from the center of your chest expands around you.

The light of love flowing all around your physical body, cleansing your physical form, cleansing your emotions, your mind and releasing anything that no longer needed to be carried.

Let go and release.

And now the angels of Christ did light, the Legion of light step forward, all around you. So in every direction – above, below, north, south, east, west, around…

Points of Light, sparks of the divine, beings of love, compassion, healing, light, frequency, step forward now.

Sending blessing,

Sending, healing,

Sending color, frequency, and sound.

Aligning you in this moment now with the love that will most serve to bring you back into alignment with your divine authentic truth, with your soul, light and Divine I Am Presence.

Light fills your spine, a column of light beginning to open up and brilliantly glow within you, uniting all of your chakras as one…

Flowing throughout all of your meridians, flowing into every organ, every system of your physical body, every cell.

And the light within, and all around you, blesses you, with the love that you are a part of. There's no separation.

You are loved.

And in this moment now, through your willingness, you are able to return to this to embody your love vibration now.

To feel the love within your heart that flows down, down through the bottom of your feet in a crystalline column of light, anchoring you and reconnecting you to the last of the crystalline core of the Earth.

Allowing that light of Earth of crystalline consciousness to flow up.

To cleanse and purify your being, a column of light flowing up and in through the bottom of your feet, up along your legs, into your knees and hips, your abdomen, your chest, your neck, your shoulders, your back your head, and up out the top of your head…

This crystalline column of light reaching up way up into the light, above the light, into direct presence with Source…

Allow yourself to feel and experience your oneness with Source, receiving the blessings of love, cleansing and rejuvenation and now feel this light shining down upon you…

A waterfall light cleansing your being.

Illuminating more of the truth and brilliance of who you really are, of what is really true, of why you are really here…

To be, love.

To embody love, to anchor love.

Tune into this love vibration, flowing within and all around you, resetting you now, back into your authentic state of wellbeing, harmony and peace.

And now from the infinite, from the heavens. Direct from the Divine….

Sound vibration is transmitted.

A tone of love, peace and healing, which harmonizes perfectly with your authentic soul tone.

And this primordial sound, this source of vibration, this tone of love reaches into your being, soothes balances, harmonizes, heals and uplifts…

Restores in this moment, the truth of the love vibration you are, and that you can now through allowing your heart open, allowing your mind to remain clear, embody, awaken, and blossom into now.

Shining with more of the truth of the divine love being you are.


We in the angelic realm, all around you, send you our love, blessing, guidance, to assist you now in restoring your divine innate truth.

The peace and harmony and divine perfection of your authentic brilliance that you have always carried, but which you are now allowing to shine forth, to blossom, to harmonize to embody through you now.

Once again, feel your energy in this crystalline column of light flowing down, anchoring you to the crystalline core of the awakened earth. Bringing you fully present into this moment here and now, this moment in which you, through your open heart, are able to access the love of the infinite, the blessings of the angels and direct from Source…

Available to you to fill you up, to recharge your energy, to cleanse and release all that no longer serves, so that you can brightly shine your authentic light of love, to shine, to embody, to enjoy, and to overflow.

We love you.

We bless you,

We love you

And so it is.

Infinite Blessings With The Highest Divine Energies Of God's Love, Enlightenment, Peace, Healing, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in every moment,

Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Judy Satori Transmission - 'Nourish' -

Meditate On The Rainbow Light In Your Heart

By Blossom Goodchild

Federation Of Light Message On May 31, 2020

Hello there once again, dear friends. Someone posed a question that had never crossed my mind. I would be grateful if you could answer it.

Welcome, Dearest Blossom. We are always happy to engage in conversation with you and accept that when you feel the need to ask a particular ‘something’, we will try our very best to answer it as appropriately as we see fitting.

Ok. Thank you. You speak many times of those down here being chosen, only the ‘strongest of the strong’, etc. and that many had to stay behind, so to speak. How come then, we have rapists, murderers, and all nature of what appears to be darkened souls down here, who appear to be contributing to the darkness, not the Light?

That is indeed an excellent question. We would answer in Truth that for those souls who appear to other souls to be of the darkness, they too, have their quest. They too, know that the experience of Life upon Earth is the ‘quickest’ way for the soul to travel on the path to Enlightenment. Therefore, they have just as much ‘right’ to be here as one who walks the path of Love and Truth and service to others.

Yes. Yet, surely if more of the goodies were chosen, maybe we would not be in such a mess?

Blossom … the ‘mess’ was inevitable. The peak* of this mess is upon you Now and has been created by each and every one whether you consider one to be of Lighter or darker temperament.

Your world is a ‘mishmash’ of all that is … and it is now that the Game … the Experiment …  has reached its ultimate position where it has been agreed upon that CHANGE HAS TO OCCUR … For the Greatest Good of All.

Yep, get that! Yet, wouldn’t it be better for those whose souls desire to cause harm, were put in a little place somewhere else ‘off’ Planet … all of them together and for them to play out ‘their game’ on/with each other? Why should, what we understand to be ‘innocent souls’ be their victims?

Because Blossom, your lives are Infinite. One you may consider to be innocent now, may once have been very much like the perpetrator.

So, are we talking karma here?

We are. Let us speak of that! Karma is not necessarily ‘payback’ from one soul to another. It does not work that way. Yet, it would be for the soul that repents … to ‘ask’ for the same experience … of feeling… of that which they caused another … in order to KNOW the harm they put upon another … in order to forgive themselves. This is but one example of many, many … that befits that topic.

Remember too, that there is CHOICE. We cannot, no one can, interfere with another’s choice. If one chooses to enter onto a pathway that is not leading them into the Light, that is their decision.

They may have had every good intention before they came … and yet, got lost along the way.

So, with respect, not necessarily the strongest of the strong then?

With respect … how strong do you feel at the moment Blossom?

Oh, Touché! Top marks. You obviously have been tuning into my Energy. For, the answer to that is … Not very strong at all! In fact, I feel so ‘weak’ in my supposed strength.

I am aware of all your teachings, especially the mantra to keep me afloat, yet, seem to be sinking with a brick around my ankle and cannot be bothered to untie it! Absolutely get what you mean. I was wrong to have judged.

Not wrong, Dearest Blossom. It is just that our perspective in/of/ all matters is very different from yours because of the difference in Vibration in /from which we reside.

So then, tell me honestly … (why  do I even need to say that to you for I know you will) for those of us that feel we are ‘failing miserably’ right now in our purpose, our mission down here,  are you disappointed in us? It’s going to get much worse, you say … and I for one, am not doing very well at anchoring the Light and sending out Rainbows right now and this is only phase one!

Blossom, Dearest Blossom, YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING OF LIGHT!

That which we offer you are assistances to bring about THE CHANGE that you are in. It is not that we would in any way be taking score of how well you are doing. When we see one’s Energy and disposition is low, we send Love. We do not judge.

We are not down there with you in the thick of it. Many of you are intensely sensitive to the Energies within upon and around your Planet during these times.

When you eventually get to hear of what actually is taking place right now, in that which you believe to be an ‘incubation period’ … you will understand perfectly. ‘No wonder I felt so bad’, you will say.

Yet, you are asking us to stand strong in our Light … for these times are why we came … and I feel my battery is almost out.

Video - White Cloud Powerful Rainbow Light Meditation" By Blossom Goodchild


Our suggestion to this would be to rest and recharge then. We certainly would not advise to beat yourself up about the way you are feeling.

Yes, I know it doesn’t help my plight. I seem to be beating myself up for beating myself up even!

There will be a shift in Energies that will lift your spirits.

A shift in Energies BEFORE whatever phase THE EVENT may be in?

Yes. For as we have stated before … one will feel the preliminary effects of this in preparation for the actual happening.

It is not ‘our policy’ to undermine or contradict another’s messages … yet, there is talk of the June solstice being the time of the great Solar Flash.

There indeed, is talk.

Like there was talk of the Comet Atlas that was going to cause such devastation and chaos … destined to happen last weekend. With the greatest of respect … I am here … still … all electricity working etc. I mean … no wonder so many cynically now, take everything with a grain of salt.

Blossom … where does your heart lie?

What do you mean?

Just that. Deep in the core of your heart … what do you feel?


Look deeper.

The door’s shut.

Open it. Walk inside.

Far out. To my absolute surprise, I saw a mass of worms all intertwined and squirming. Not what I expected at all. I thought I was going to see a rainbow sphere or something! See, what I mean?

Open the next door.

I haven’t got my wellies on and I might slip on the worms! OK. Deep breath and stretching my arm out for the latch … and … Oh! Oh! Oh! The Rainbow Land … I opened the door into the most beautiful vista of colour … a Bridge  …  and the biggest Rainbow. It instantly made me cry. It just feels so far away from the insanity of this world we are experiencing right now.

Yet, it is only a few doors away! KNOW THIS IN YOUR HEARTS.


Wow! You told us what is going to be happening in Phase Two. Yet … God, I am so argumentative … isn’t this happening undercover at the moment?

Indeed. Yet, not publicly … as such. There is much speculation woven in with that which is Truth and being heralded as Truth … when it is only speculation!

How I wish you could/would give us some hints.

Blossom, when the time is appropriate to do so and not one moment before … ALL WILL KNOW THAT WHICH IS TO BE KNOWN.

Meanwhile, with so much Love being sent to each one … concentrate on the Rainbow Light … watch yourselves walk over the Bridge and sit there a while, and when ready, walk back again feeling renewed and strengthened … IN THE KNOWING YOU CANNOT FAIL


Thanks, so much Guys. Phew … who would have thought! We have been waiting so long saying ‘Bring it on!’ and now it is here, I don’t like it! I’ll turn myself around when I’ve worked through this ‘occurrence within’. I am the Love. I am the Light. I am the Truth. I AM.

A phase, Dearest Blossom, Dearest souls … just a phase!

In Gratitude, in Loving service, I AM.

*When they say ‘peak’  … I feel the entirety of the scenario as it shall be played out. I do not feel they mean phase one that we are now in, is the peak of the mess.

Video - "Blossom Goodchild & White Cloud Live! Webinar -


Synthesis Of The Physical & Spiritual By Natalie Glasson & Saint Germaine

Message From Ascended Master Saint Germaine ....

These eight questions below, I, Saint Germain, believe are important to contemplate and ask yourself at this time of tremendous physical challenges and change on the Earth, as well as intense spiritual transformation within each being.

First, bring your focus into your centre and know and feel that you are balanced and connected to the truth of the Creator. Take a moment to contemplate and receive my questions:

In what area of your life does your spiritual ascension, awakening and mastery take place?

Do you ascend through your physical reality, experiences, and being in action in the world around you?

Do world events have any correlation to world and humanity ascension?

Does ascension only take place during meditations and inner reflection?

Can you ascend through physical actions?

What is ascension when we speak of the world and all beings inhabiting Mother Earth?

Are the physical planes and the spiritual planes one, existing in harmony as the same?

Are you responsible for world events and is there a way you can be of service?

Why Is It Beneficial to Ask Yourself These Questions?

I, Saint Germain, believe there is a separation and a disconnection, especially in the minds of many, between the physical reality and spiritual ascension. Many are recognising their spiritual ascension, mastery, awakening to love, and the truth of the Creator as only taking place within their physical beings. They believe their outer reality, actions, experiences, and world circumstances have nothing to do with their spiritual awakening. Many see the physical reality as a burden they are required to navigate and a distraction from their true passion of evolving their ascension pathway. The correlation between the physical reality and the spiritual transformations taking place within each being has not yet fully registered as true and meaningful for many. Even world challenges and situations represent a collective spiritual shift taking place and a divine plan unfolding.

Why Do We Need to Synthesis the Physical and Spiritual Planes?

To create the necessary changes and shifts within the world and your reality there is a need to understand with clarity and an expanded mind what is taking place. When you view your physical reality through the ego or limitations of the personality you may recognise what is happening in the world but not understand the reasons or purpose for the manifestation.

When you view the world around you and your reality through your heart, from a loving, compassionate, and balanced space within you, the world around you will begin to reveal its truth.

You will recognise that challenges, situations, and scenarios which manifest in your personal reality and the world are opportunities for you and all to evolve spiritually. That these events are creating major spiritual shifts on the Earth and throughout the Universe of the Creator.

The energy of the Creator is constantly in momentum within or around you. This momentum creates opportunities, openings, and manifestations that allow humanity to navigate and experience what is necessary to aid their ascension as a collective and individual.

Video - "Total Integration - I Am The Divine Self That I Am & That Your Are ! By Matt Kahn" -


Everything is connected, the Earth and the spiritual planes are connected and as one. You are connected to the Earth and the inner planes. The separation you experience is essentially triggered within your mind, from programming and beliefs.

When you open to the understanding that everything is connected and in unity, your beliefs shift, and you experience the truth of the Earth. A place where you can experience the Creator and co-create with the Creator to manifest anything you wish.

The world does not have to evolve spiritually through physical challenges. Instead, fulfillment can be the source of spiritual awakening and understanding. The world shifts and changes around you when you decide what you choose to believe in and create.

Now many people are believing that certain situations in the world are happening to them and there is nothing they can do. It is time to understand that everything has a purpose and aids the ascension of all.

Each person has an opportunity to co-create what they wish for themselves and the world. Your thoughts and actions have the power to create awakening, positive transformation, and a greater manifestation of love for yourself and all.

When you choose to see your spiritual and your physical reality as separate and unconnected you are in many ways living an illusion. It is from the sacred space of connection with the Creator within you that you interact with and create the world around you. Therefore, the world as you see it now reflects each person’s ability to create, whether from their ego or their loving soul.

Ascension shifts need to take place physically on the Earth involving the collective as this allows for mass ascension to a new level of awareness and Creator expression as well as deep cleansing to take place.

Seek the messages within you that flow forth from the Creator, and seek the messages within your reality and world which direct you deeper into the Creator space within you.

How Do We Synthesis the Physical and Spiritual Planes?

The physical and spiritual planes are always connected and synthesised as one, and support each other and are an extension of each other. Therefore, they are working as one.

The synthesis is required to take place within your being and especially your mind. There is a need to open to the truth of the Creator already present within your being and the world around you. And you can call ypon me, Saint Germaine to assist you:

‘Saint Germain, please assist me in awakening my being and mind to the presence of the truth of the Creator within and around me. Assist me in releasing, cleansing, and letting go of all beliefs, forms, and creations of separation within my being and reality.

Allow me to be alert and aware of when I am energising or co-creating separation. Help me to connect with the unity and Creator’s presence of oneness within my being.

Saint Germain assist me in recognising the truth of the Creator within and around me so I may see the world and my spiritual evolution as connected, in unison, and with a purpose.

I am ready to recognise the ascension shifts and transformations taking place within my own being and the world. I am ready to see, sense, acknowledge, and be the truth of the Creator on the Earth. Thank you.’

Allow yourself time to absorb the words and impact of this invocation on your being.

A powerful affirmation and confirmation to use in your daily life is: ‘I choose to accept the truth of the Creator in every moment.’

It is time to make a shift within your being and mind to open yourself fully to the greater presence of the Creator within your being and life.

Now is the time for transformation and the revelation of truth.

In eternal truth,

Saint Germain 

More Saint Germain -

To watch the video of Natalie's message, or get a free audio download of her message - click on this link:

Video - "The Violet Flame Consciousness Speaks & Flows In You Now !" By Natalie Glasson


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