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Light & Darkness & The Divine You By Sonja Myriel

THERE IS NO THING AS LIGHT AND DARKENESS - all there is,  is a GAME of cosnciousness playing out ... CONSCIOUSNESS experiencing itself - in a game of interconnectedness and individuality.

And there we go ...


Sonja MYriel

Christmas message from the dragon realm 2019



And you are FREE!


Start creating from the SOURCE of your BEINGNESS NOW

2020 is dawning upon you.

Are you with us?

With us, the dragon light beings, power houses of LIGHT?

YES, you ARE!


To such a degree as you may allow … NOW!


We are the dragon family, guarding you and all of life, not only here on Planet Earth, but in all the multiverse, the omniverse of Creation.

If you choose to join our circle of life giving love, you will become conscious of the truth that YOU ARE LOVE, you are CREATIVITY and you want to EXPERIENCE your CREATION - and that your AWAKENING began right when you seemed to fall! You have chosen to EXPERIENCE yourSELF … and NOW is the time to CLAIM back your truth and your love and your light and to SHINE it onto YOUR Creation so it can purify, extend and become WHOLE through YOU again.


WE ARE HERE to remind you of your Divine Nature and Connectedness to ALL that IS,

to ALL that is YOU

and there is nothing, except YOU ...


The downfall of humanity on Planet Earth is a myth.

Planet Earth has never fallen out of the Divine Plan.

Instead, we are here to UPLIFT all LIFE again …

The story goes as YOU decide, each of you, as you are part of the collective human experience …

The stages of ascension are not pre-planned, pre-staged, pre-dictable.

LIFE is open to evolutionary input which comes from YOU.

NOW is the time for you to summon up your power,

To re-MEMBER your true nature

To work together and begin to co-create on a conscious level,

Uplifting all around you with your own ascending frequency … re-MEMBERing ...

LOVE is not just a feeling, not just a frequency, not just a vibration … it is ALL THAT IS!


Begin to see LOVE in all that you term “bad” and “cruel” and “malevolent” …


Because ALL THERE IS, is LOVE!


By allowing all that IS to exist in the trust that ALL IS WELL as it IS –

Upgrading! –

You accept that there is no such thing as “evil” in your world.

And through this acceptance, you strengthen and fortify the LIGHT within that which you call “satanic” … and the satanic evolves ... and it becomes luciferian - - luz + transference = light bringing, light bearing, light from within bursting open the shell of separation, the shell of "evil" ... so, turn EVIL around and LIVE! and comprehend and understand: there is no such thing as "evil" ... it is all but a myth which you have chosen to believe in, in .order to experience its possibilities and also its consequences


The experience of “good and bad” is one that you have CHOSEN.


Video - The Pleiadian Prophecy - Matt Kahn" -


And now that you are here, playing the game of being human, involved in “battling darkness”, re-MEMBER: It’s but a game you have chosen to play, a drama you have agreed to perform in, in order to enrich the tapestry of LIFE with experiences of free will choices.

Now, CHOOSE - and observe well what consequences you are attracting - and then choose again ... and again ... and again, according to your highest insights. And you shall climb up the ladder of frequency again until you will realize: there IS no good and there IS no evil - all there IS, is YOU!


NOW is the time to re-MEMBER this sacred knowledge, to re-MEMBER yourSELF.


So, do not to take anything personal that is transpiring in your lives …


Instead, view it from a higher dimensional perspective and let go of the pain to access the joy hidden in life's teachings.


We wish for you to contact us whenever you seem to fall back again into low frequency behavior patterns. Call on us, ask us to surround you with your very personal LIGHT FIELD of JOY and WISDOM – and you shall RECEIVE.

Knock – and the doors will open.


Because there is no you and I and they and them …

There is, truly, only the LOVE and the LIGHT of CREATION of which we are all part of, experiencing itself.


May these lines serve you as a reminder

So you can call in the LIGHT of your SOUL,

The light of SPIRIT

The light of GOD

The light of the GODDESS

The light of ALL that IS –

Where there is no judgement –



And thus we say good-bye again –

Fully aware that there is no separation and that we are ALWAYS ONE, and that no good-byes exist.




Sonja Myriel

PS: written during the last 15 minutes of the video:


You have no time because there IS no time!

Join us - and enter the timeless realms of LOVE and BLISS again.

2020 is opening you up to this insight: ALL THERE IS IS YOU! -

And we are going to undo every bit and part which is not in alignment with this, our LOVE that WE ARE until we are coming out the other end again ... in timelessness ...

And looking back we will realize that there is no looking back - because, actually, it is all happeing NOW ...

So, enJOY the ride - you have chosen to be HERE NOW because you wanted to EXPERIENCE this re-AWAKINGN to your DIVINE NATURE in slow mo ...

And as the hologram is unfolding, you are free to make the choices you have come here to make, util the hologram will have served its purpose.

So, jump dimensions ... dimensions which are all there at once.

Jump timelines ... timelines which all exist simultaneously in the NOW.

Files exchanged.




Sonja MYriel

Video - "Pleiadian Broadcast December 2019" -


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