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Many channelings keep saying things like "the future is what you make of it", and "imagining your future will bring it to fruition" (which is why its important not to imagine a fearful future).

So, why don't we all get together now and decide that all of our thoughts, today and for the next week at least, as often as we remember to just think about it or meditate on it, will be - our future as happening now. Our golden time, full disclosure, the end of the corruption - and most importantly, us all telepathic and getting along in our little 4th density communities. Lets all picture it, and make it happen sooner!

Meditation is great, but just picture it anytime you spend daydreaming, or planning out your future, picture it.

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sounds like a great idea! =)

it's all about your attitude to things,,, and how much you want it...
Nothings impossible!If you want it,go for it!Think positively.It's always worked for me in the past.

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