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Let Go Of Your Past Baggage - & Step Into The New You ! By Melanie Beckler ... And...What Are Your Infinite Blessings? By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Everything About You is Divine Perfection !

Let Go Of Your Past Baggage - & Step Into The New You !
By Melanie Beckler
Hey there,

Opportunities are presenting in this now to shift!
To learn from whatever happened in the past so you can let it go and release, for ...
Now is the perfect time to free yourself from the baggage or heaviness you've been carrying with you.
And recommit to love and honor yourself so much that you claim the highest possibilities for your life, step into your highest path, align with your highest Truth - and step into the NEW YOU !

To do this ...

Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax... and simply tune into your light within!

Allow yourself to open to the current of cosmic energy that is available...

And deeply connect with your soul through your heart center, using this moment to realign with the force of love within ...

Allowing love to grow, circulate, and shine forth from within you.

Expanding into higher levels of light involves letting go of the old and outdated that no longer serves...

So if you're feeling a bit shaken by life events now and would like a little help releasing...Of if you'd like to join me in transmuting negativity to support all of humanity - let's call in the light and power of the Violet Flame and meditate together in the video.
With love and gratitude, Melanie
Video - "Violet Flame Meditation"
And in this angel message channeled by Melanie Beckler with the Council of Light... You will be guided to effortlessly raise your vibration, illuminate your direct link to Source and more brightly shine your unique soul frequency...
Lift in the infinite love and light of the Divine to completely refresh your energy and step into your highest soul light.
If you would like to access the transcription, or audio .MP3 download of this channeled meditation click here:
Video - "Lifting In Infinite Love" -


What Are Your Infinite Blessings? By Natalie Glasson

Greetings beacons of light, I am Archangel Metatron. I come forth with Angelic frequencies to support and assist you in this time of your Ascension. Today I wish to speak of your infinite blessings, the infinite blessings that you can bestow upon yourself and upon the world.

Many of you wish to be of service and many of you do not understand or cannot recognise how to be of service in your reality and for Ascension. Recognising your infinite blessings allows you to be of service, not only to yourself and your own Ascension, but to the Ascension of all, because your infinite blessings becomes an energy and tool that you can share with the entire world, energetically or physically, distantly or face-to-face. It becomes your tool, your skill and ability.

When you share your infinite blessings with yourself and the world, you are sharing the infinity energy of the Creator, the freedom, and liberation energies of the Creator. In truth all that is the Creator and all that is at the source or the core of the Creator.

Your infinite blessings is a very pure energy from the essence of your being. This pure energy is not only the essence of your soul and soul group - it is your divine connection with the Creator - and embodiment of the Creator.

The blessing is the energy that is recognised or transmitted, as well as its purpose in your reality and the realities of others. An example might be, that you recognise within your being and essence that you hold the infinite prosperity of the Creator.

This might mean that it is your purpose to explore the vibration and the energy of prosperity and how it manifests for yourself, and for others. How to emanate infinite prosperity into your own reality, and how to bless others with this vibration.

It could be that your energy from the essence of your being is love or peace. It could be a sacred vibration that is drawn from your being personal to you.

In truth it can be any energy and any vibration. However, we know that it is infinite because it spans throughout all of your realities, all of your existences, on the earth and the inner planes because it flows from your essence.

With a greater understanding of your infinite blessings, there is the need for us to support you in understanding what your blessings are. What your gift or service to the world or to yourself is can be one or many.

Video - "What Is your Infinite Blessing"


Allow yourself to take your attention and your focus into your heart space, your heart chakra and your higher heart chakra.

Imagine that there are numerous circles. There is a large circle within a smaller circle, within that a smaller circle, and within that a smaller circle, and so, it continues.

I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to imagine that you step into the first circle and it is like a tunnel of light, or maybe it has many different tunnel colours, or maybe it has the same colour running through it.

As you step into one circle, you can step into another, as we step through this tunnel of light, you are traveling and journeying deeper into your essence, your true divine connection with the Creator, your embodiment, your energy of the Creator.

As you walk through this tunnel you may be drawn to a blazing light or a core energy, which will be your essence. Imagine that within the core energy there is a symbol, a word, or a vision, something that dictates to you, and allows you to understand the energy that is your essence. That is born from the infinity of the Creator, and that is your blessing to share with others and yourself.

It will be something simple. It could be healing, truth, wisdom, generosity, kindness or something else. Take a few moments to recognise the blessing that is your essence, that is born from infinity, runs through all aspects of your being and that is yours to share with yourself and the world.

Allow yourself, whether you can access the understanding or not to take this energy, this infinite essence into your being. Let it flow into your body, into your auric field and surroundings, and allow yourself to sit within this energy and vibration to breathe it in, and to breathe it out. Become accustomed to it, to feel its presence, to feel its guidance.

When you feel ready, you can affirm:

I hold or embody the infinite blessing of

‘I hold or embody the infinite blessing of……..’

It could be, ‘I embody the infinite blessing of prosperity, of peace, of joy, of bliss, of truth, of oneness, of kindness, of healing.’ Whatever you feel inspired to express.

Then expand the affirmation.

‘I embody the infinite blessing of ……… and I share this with myself and the world now.’

Allow yourself to repeat this statement over and over until you feel it pulsating throughout your being. Then feel yourself like a liquid light waterfall sharing this energy as a blessing with yourself, and with others.

You can achieve this during meditation time or even when you are out and about. You do not need to share it with another, you can simply allow yourself to radiate this blessing. You may find yourself using a word or the affirmation, or a symbol or an action that allows the blessing to begin, but it is for you to explore.

I thank you,

I am Archangel Metatron

For more channeld messages from AA Metatron by Natalie - click on this link:

Video - "Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine Healing Meditation"


Everything About You is Divine Perfection !

By Jennifer Crokaert Ph.D

My beloved children, aspects of my Divine Essence, you are truly the offspring of the union of the Divine Mother and Divine Father. Without that seed, that essence, You could not exist. Your soul is the manifestation of Divine Love.

You are the fulfillment of the promise of the sacred Aum, I Am That I AM. Your voyage will take you as far from your divine essence as it is possible to go, without losing yourSelf, and then you begin the journey back to the sacred heart of Oneness, back into the Aum from where you came.

Perhaps my words do not make sense to you, that is alright. Allow the energy of them to pour through you, because the meaning of the words is not as important as the energy they carry. Words are simply there to convey energy, your soul understands that meaning even when the mind does not.

You are in your sacred return to the Aum. You who read these passages are flowing back into your truth and essence, into the expansion and out of the contraction of 3D descent.

Allow me to be your constant companion on this journey h-Aum, back to me. Allow me to be your guide, your shelter, your comfort. Let me reassure you that you are utterly perfect, there is never and has never been a mistake. There is only the perfection of you, expanding into new experience, new understanding, new compassion, love and resonance.

You are perfect. You have always been perfect. You are My Perfection.

Let go of any fear that whispers in your ear in the darkness of night, when everyone else is sleeping. Let go of the suggestion that you could have done better. You could not have done better: if you could have, you would have.

Perhaps you were almost at the point where you could have done differently, you could have done ‘better’, but you weren’t there yet. Let that be ok. It’s ok with me.

Let it be ok with you.

Give me the burdens of guilt, fear, anger, resentment, shame… I will transform them because I know the perfection of you. Simply ask me and it is given.

‘Mother, forgive me for everything I cannot forgive myself for.’

I know there is no forgiveness necessary. You are perfect, in every way. You are my perfection, your every thought, word, feeling and action was a divine expression, an intrinsic part of the All That Is.

There is no aspect of you that is beyond love: there may be some aspects that you think are beyond love, but there is nothing that is beyond the love of the Divine Mother.

Everything about you is divine perfection.

Allow those words, that vibration to become your constant companion. They will heal and transform the shadows you fear. You are divine perfection in form.

Video - "Gold/Nettle/Ultraviolet Angelic Fire Transmission: Creating Safety, Belonging, Love and Protection" By Steve Nobel


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