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Just Breathe & Experience Bliss! By Ann Albers ... And ...The Importance Of Language & Thoughts By Natalie Glasson...And...Finding Divine Love & Wisdom Within You By Shanta Gabriel & Archangel Gabriel

Just Breathe & Experience Bliss! By Ann Albers & The Angels

The Angels Message .....

Take a breath and luxuriate in the sensation of the abundant air entering your lungs. Relax and release it. Take another breath, and as you do so, feel the fullness and richness of the oxygen mixing and mingling with your body. Sense the joy of the body as it takes in the air and begins to share this nourishment throughout your bloodstream, delivering the oxygen to fuel every precious cell. Relax. Release. Allow all that does not serve to simply flow away from you.

In every breath, dear ones, you take in the richness, the abundance, the energy, and the fuel, from the universe! Breathe again. Feel this wealth of air and energy filling your body. Imagine it being taken in, distributed through thousands of miles of blood vessels and capillaries. Imagine your cells gratefully receiving it. Imagine it stoking the flames of each cell in much the same way that air fans the flames of a fire. Feel the gratitude of each cell!

The only thing you did was breathe, but in that very breath, you drew the force and wealth of life into trillions of tiny beings within you! Can you imagine? This is your health! This is your wealth! This is your connection with the abundance of any and all frequencies in the entire known and unknown cosmos. Breathe....

Dear ones, you are never separate from that which you seek. You never have to seek to begin with. You breathe in the frequencies you want to see manifest in your life. You allow them to mingle with the physical oxygen and to be vibrationally delivered unto each cell, charging up each tiny vortex of spinning energy that makes up what looks like a body! In truth you are patterns of light and energy – vibrant beings pulsating in rhythm with the cosmos!

Breathe... you are spinning the vortices you call the particles which make up what you call your cells! Release! You are cleansing old frequencies from the vortices which you call the particles which make up what you call your cells!

Can you imagine? You are flesh and blood but beyond that illusion, you are energy and in the breath you take in the rich, abundant, wealth of God's goodness and grace! Breathe... Relax... You are in a state of grace now, a state of flow.

Dear ones, it is truly that simple. Decide what you want to experience. Imagine it. Breathe it in. Breathe in the frequencies of health. Breathe in the frequencies of love. Using your simple intent, breathe in the frequencies of unconditional love, well-being, joy, grace, ease. Feel it. Remember it. Connect often to what you seek to experience through simple intention and breath.

If you did nothing else to change your life, the very act of breathing consciously and with intention would begin to gently, powerfully, and kindly change your life.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Breathing God's Pure Source Oxygen" By Patricia Cota-Robles


Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

We all breathe. We've done it since we were first born, flipped upside down, and given a gentle smack that caused us to gasp and take in our first human breath. No matter how ungraceful the first one was, it ushered us into an interaction with life on earth, and began an involuntary process that would sustain us for the rest of our lives.

The angels have told us all to "sit, breathe, and receive" a gazillion times. They repeat it constantly.  As we breathe consciously, slowly, and deeply, and especially slower out than in, we calm the body. The vagus nerve is triggered by such breaths, and it is the nerve that tells the entire body to rest and digest. We center the mind. We relax the emotions.

As well, we open up to the spiritual frequencies that we intend to receive. I breathe in joy and feel exuberant. I breathe in abundance and feel the cosmos rushing into my lungs. I breathe in peace and feel oceans of relaxation. It is fun to play with different intentions and different energies. It takes presence, focus, and belief, and it can be pure bliss!

Try it... breathe slowly and deeply and intend to breathe in the frequencies of cosmic bliss and Divine love. Let the abundance of creation rush into your lungs and FEEL the air mixing with your flesh and blood. With some practice, the phrase, "joy of God" will begin to have much greater meaning!

This year, there may be just as much, if not more turmoil on the planet. Nonetheless, we have AIR! We have breath! We have the ability to breathe in the beautiful, light-filled, amazing frequencies that life offers us. No need to breathe in the chaos and nonsense. We can all stay plugged into something greater... simply through the breath!

Here are some pointers to use the breath in fun and inspiring ways...

1. Breathe to train your vagus nerve

Breathe in slowly and breathe out even more slowly. For example, breathe in to the count of three or four, and breath out to the count of six or seven. Experiment until you find a comfortable count. Then set a timer and do this for five minutes a day. Every time you feel stressed, do it for at least a minute.

At some point you will feel your stomach muscles relax. Your shoulders will drop. Your facial muscles will lose their tension and your stomach might even gurgle. You may feel a pleasant warmth as digestion resumes (it slows down during fight/flight) and you may even feel a slight swirling sensation as the energy starts to move.

If you do this often enough, you will train your body to quickly exit the fight/flight mode and quickly re-enter the rest/digest phase.

2. Breathe in a desired frequency

Think of one frequency you want to experience. Don't worry – you can choose many more later! However, for at least a week, work with just one. You can pick, for example, abundance, joy, love, peace, wealth, well-being, health, inspiration, creativity, motivation, etc... Just choose the first thing that comes to mind.

Now imagine what that frequency might feel like when you breathe it in. Use your imagination. There's no right or wrong – just right-for-you. If you're visual you might imagine breathing in a color or a pattern. If you're auditory you might imagine breathing in sound. Whatever works for you, use it. We are playing with energies and they have many forms.

Next, repeat the exercise from #1, breathing slowly in and slower out, but while you are breathing in intend to take in this frequency that you want. Try this every day for a week. See what shifts in your thoughts, your feelings, or your life.

3. Let the Divine Breath for You

This is an exercise I've been doing for years in one of my classes. At first just breathe in slowly and deeply and out slowly and deeply as in exercise #1 above. After a few minutes, let your breathing become easy, natural, and relaxed. Try not to "make it happen" but rather just observe it. If you can observe long enough you will start to feel a presence greater than yourself that breathes through you, for you, and with you. Relax into this. Let the Divine Breathe you... Enjoy the bliss of sweet surrender.

Breath is the tool that we take with us wherever we go. We find it everywhere, and in every "when." We have it at work and at play, in traffic, or at dinner. We have it in situations we love and in situations we'd rather run from. It is "standard equipment" meant to help regulate our bodies, elevate or soothe our emotions, center our minds, and open our spirits to vast field of infinite possibility.

As the saying, and the song, goes, just breathe.

Love you all!

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Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for All of You this year, Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Archangel Sandolphon Transmission: Clearing & Revitalizing Your Etherical Body


The Importance Of Language & Thoughts By Natalie Glasson & The Arcturians

The Arcturians Message .....

We express our greetings to you upon a wave of the purest vibration of Arcturian truth. We greet you with the strength of our love and the power of our inner peace. In greeting you and all beings in this way we create a vibration within and around us that supports our existence in every moment.

You might ask yourself, "Do you create a vibration from within you and through your actions to support your existence upon the Earth? Do you realise you can support your existence and creations on the Earth through the vibration you choose to exist as?"

While the vibration of your soul cannot be altered and only elevated, your vibration on the Earth depends upon your choices, thoughts, and how you live in the physical reality. Thus, your vibration impacts and changes the reality you experience. You could liken your vibration to your energy, the atmosphere you create, or the qualities you exude. It can be the way you see yourself or the impression others receive.

We, the Arcturians, focus upon the purest vibration from the core of the Arcturian Soul Group, thus everything we are and do becomes an expression of this. Where do you choose or feel guided to place your focus in order to awaken the flow of vibration through you that serves you?

In taking time to contemplate where it is most appropriate for you to place your focus, you will welcome and become acquainted with the vibration of the Creator and your truth, which truly wishes to flow through you. Your mind may not be able to answer this question, your soul will guide you to new understandings of yourself. Then you can recognise and make choices that empower and serve your vibration. Thus, you become magnetic, powerful and a beacon of truth.

Everything you are is in your reality at some time or another.

If there are aspects of yourself you reject, hide or dismiss, so you will experience them in your reality at some point. If you take time to cleanse your mind, emotions, and soul, so you will encounter a powerful experience of everything flowing with ease in your reality.

There are limiting habits within you which seem unresolvable and yet you are simply not allowing yourself to see, sense or acknowledge a solution. There are aspects of your mind, emotions, and creations which you are blind to and there are energies, fears or anxieties which you hold onto so you can carry them with you. Everything will show up in your reality, so it is time to go within you to that which creates a disappointing and painful reality for you for it to be healed and released.

It is important to mention that all that is divine, love, peace, truth and the Creator within you will also show up in your reality. Sometimes it can be more challenging to recognise and project the magnificence you are because to do so requires more courage than recognising the limiting energies you are holding onto.

Courage is needed because when you recognise the divinity within your being and choose to be a shimmering example of it; following your intuition in every choice you make, you are taking responsibility for your creations and imprint in every moment of your life.

Rather than following the ideas, concepts, ways, and examples of others, you become fully accountable for your life and experiences, recognising that every step, word and thought impacts the divine plan of the Creator, the Universe of the Creator and especially the reality of the Earth. To live your life knowing this requires tremendous self-connection, trust, and unconditional love.

You can live a full and powerful life if you choose to. A life where you draw the wisdom of your soul to the surface to be your guide and expression. Please do not interpret our expression to you as a need to be perfect or even the perfection of the Creator in your reality.

Your being may wish to be perfect, however, perfection is unobtainable. The perfection of the Creator is already within you, it is the innocence and sacred flow of your essence, soul, and energy. It has nothing to do with being exact or flawless.

It is time for you to discover your own blazing light, your own pathway, and your inner values, to do so is to be an expression of the Creator. We, the Arcturians wish to encourage you to contemplate our expression and sharing to you, so you may align with the healing vibration we are sharing designed to realign you with your truth, while also restoring your inner power.

Video - "Judy Satori - New Awakenings - Expand The Divine Love & Joy That You Are !

The Empowerment of Creation

The Creator’s energy of creation is building momentum on the Earth and throughout the Universe of the Creator. Your soul, and all souls are preparing to manifest from the light shifts that generate transitions and the formation of what may seem like a new world. Inner awakenings, harmonious living, peace, reconciliation, and unity will be visible within all creations. Each person’s ability to create, manifest and experience that which is within them in their outer reality will be amplified. Having a sense of what you/ your soul wishes to create for yourself and the world has never been more important.

Everything you are is manifesting as the reality you experience; this is becoming more and more real with every moment.  

With this in mind, we, the Arcturians, wish to bring your attention to the language, words and thoughts you use every day. The choices you make in all three support the manifestation of your experiences in your life.

In order to benefit from the empowerment of your creative energy taking place, there is a need to align your language, words, and thoughts with your true meaning. Listen to the statements you make/ create about yourself, your life and others.

Ask yourself, "What do the statements you make and the phrases you use say about yourself? Are they born from habit, or from someone else’s thoughts and words you have adopted? Do you mean what you are saying? Are you saying one thing and meaning something else? Does your language fully describe your intention, purpose, and meaning?"

Your language, the words you use and the thoughts you create are now more than ever your tool for manifestation and creating the ascension of the Earth. It is important all three are as clear and precise as possible, expressing your inner meaning. This doesn’t mean that you must only create positive and loving thoughts. It is acceptable to have a negative thought or to make a limiting statement.

The key is to realise that your language, thoughts, and words must be in alignment with the feelings, purpose, and intentions within you.

Remember that every word and thought has the power and capacity to program your subconscious mind, which is the source of most of your experiences. Do you actually mean what you say and do you want what you say to come true?

Examples: You’re such a nuisance. I would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on. I am a drama queen. I have been hurt too many times. You drive me crazy. You are disgusting. I am so stupid. I always have bad luck. I am too old for that. I can’t trust anyone. That child is so naughty. I am fat. Life is hard. No one cares.

Sometimes something is said with affection. However, if you took away the affection, the wording is judgemental or hurtful. This is when your inner meaning isn’t aligned with the words or thoughts you are creating.  Alignment is needed within every part of your being and life.

It is time to cleanse and heal your language, for the creation of your new world depends upon it. Let all aspects of your being be aligned. Speak from the truth within you and ensure you truly mean everything you say. Each word is creating your reality step by step.

Our words are to encourage a deeper discover into your being and the power you hold over your life and creations.

In loving gratitude for all you are,


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Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Light, Peace, Forgiveness, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for All of You, Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Solara An-Ra's Triple Heart Portal Ascension Meditation"


Finding Divine Love & Wisdom Within You By Shanta Gabriel & Archangel Gabriel

This message from Archangel Gabriel is encouraging you to go within yourself for answers that you are seeking, even if that feels frustrating.

The Gabriel Message Card For This Week:

The Teachers You Seek are Love and Wisdom. They are Within You.

Message From Shanta .....
There have been times when I received this card and wanted to shout, That's easy for you to say, I'm asking for help here!

Most days, I can take a breath and remember that this card is really expressing my highest Truth and I need to make the effort to take time to connect more deeply with my heart. After I feel more balanced, I can usually find that still place within that enables me to ask the right questions, which is often one of the reasons I don't have the answers I am seeking.

Over the years I have appreciated working with many different teachers on the physical level. I needed them to show me a new way of perceiving at important times in my life.
All the great teachers I have known have made themselves obsolete by giving me the tools of consciousness that I needed to become more resourceful. However, much of the time I just wanted them to tell me what I needed to know and help me live my life. Giving away my power was common.

Just to be clear, I need inspiration on a daily basis. And sometimes I receive this spiritual food from teachers who are in a physical body. I find taking classes very nourishing and stimulating at times, and they can jump-start my spirit just when I most need it.
I only seem to get into trouble when I lose my sovereignty by believing everything another person says, or thinking they have THE answers for my life.

Most of those teachers who have acted as guides and way-showers for me demonstrated what it looked like to live consciously and shared the tools and techniques that helped them reach that state. Some of these tools were helpful and some were not. It was important for me to learn to feel my inner resonance when the teachings applied to me.

When I started working with Archangel Gabriel in 1990, it was a new experience to receive my own guidance. It took a long time for me to learn to trust myself.
Archangel Gabriel was very clear that my Higher Self was the most important connection I could create. He taught me that this more enlightened part of myself was aware of my Soul's purpose; that it acted as a gatekeeper to my consciousness, filtering information and guidance so that I was receiving from those sources that were in my highest good.

This new link to my Higher Self was the transformative tool I had been looking for. It took time, however, to create a connection I could trust.  Asking for what I needed was part of the key to receiving, as it turned out, and learning to listen.

We all need outside teachers along the way, and I know that my inner guidance has brought me into contact with just the right people at the right time.
And there are other ways that we are awakened. After I ask for assistance, I often have blessed moments when something bubbles up inside me and I feel inspired to inner Wisdom, especially when I am in Nature.
There are times when a book will fall open to the answer I was looking for. Sometimes a conversation with a friend will point me in the right direction, or I will listen to a teleconference that really inspires me. Synchronicity is one of my best teachers right now, and it lets me know I am not alone and my guidance system is working very well.

We are blessed to have so many beautiful way-showers, teachers and healers on the Earth to point the way for us. We are also learning to be very discerning and aware of the inner guidance resonating in our own hearts to let us know what is appropriate for our Soul's experience at this time.

Within us is a voice that knows what is Truth for us, and the more we trust ourselves, the more powerful this inner voice becomes. It is like a muscle that becomes stronger the more we use it. With the empowered Light frequencies available on the Earth now, we have an even greater connection to our Soul and the guidance it is offering. There is Truth and Wisdom within us and we are becoming the teachers, leaders and way-showers demonstrating wisdom and love in our world.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for your ever-present guidance within my life, and for opening the channels to my Highest Self so I can receive wisdom more gracefully. I am so grateful that I am not alone, and your inspiration is there for me, when I take time to listen to my heart.

Thank you for the discernment to know what is appropriate for me at all times, and the resonance I feel within when the guidance is right for me to follow. May I be a clear channel for Love and Wisdom within my being, and radiate that to the world, now and always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
Video - "Expand God's Love Within Your Heart By Melanie Beckler"
Archangel Gabriel's Message .....
You have within you all the love and wisdom you need to be whole and live in a holy way in the world. Each time you seek outside yourself for these qualities, you find a little more of your confidence and self-esteem slipping away.  
This is not to say that you should not seek advice from others. But when this advice is received, there must be a time of reflection before you act on it. When advice is appropriate for you to act on, there will be a sense of resonance within you, a little feeling of rightness, if not a wholehearted Yes! 

Sensitivity to this resonance can be developed. Pray to know what is in your highest good beyond a shadow of a doubt, and be willing to act when this knowing is clear. This is taking responsibility for your life, and will pay off in large future dividends as you begin to know the truth within yourself, and act accordingly.  
Looking to others for your truth throws your whole body out of balance. Energy moves into the head as you strain to listen only with the mind and not the heart or your gut. The old sayings about gut-level knowing is extremely valuable. This way of knowing goes beyond common sense, to an uncommon sense of what is right for you. No one else can tell you what is right for you. Pray to know your own Truth.

This is a time of change on the planet. Many are finding that the old ways no longer work. Businesses are struggling; so are families, relationships, and governments. It seems the challenges are so large that the answers are unclear. We can know that if we were enlightened enough in any situation, we would see that there is always an inspired and creative solution. We can affirm and pray for this in the world, as well as within our own lives.
All that goes on in our outer world is often a reflection of our inner world. So when we begin trusting our own answers within, these small steps will lead to leaping bounds in our lives. We have spoken of the resonance available within when others speak to you of what they believe is correct action for you to take. This same inner knowing is the mechanism to be used when you look to your own inner guidance.
Take the time to stop and breathe, before acting. The breath holds the connection to Divine Guidance. Experience this feeling now, as your energy field expands along with your body when you breathe deeply. Feel your feet connecting to the earth and notice the Pillar of Golden Light bringing energy from above your head to below your feet. As you do this, you become a Bridge from Heaven to Earth.
Now you are ready to listen to the loving Truth and Wisdom within you, and remember your message from Archangel Gabriel for today:

The teachers you seek are Love and Wisdom.
They are within you.


Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
January 12, 2020
Video - "Transforming The Past Meditation" By Steve Nobel -

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