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Off Blossom Goodchilds blog
I received this from Sheldon Moore and happy to post it . thanks Sheldon.

On January 19, 2009 at 8 PM Pacific Standard time, I ask the world to participate in a grand experiment. Go outside and light a candle and hope for a world full of love, compassion, and kindness. Let the first candles start in New Zealand at 8PM and a wave of hope will slowly travel around the globe. Visualize a world where the air is clean and the water is pure again. Visualize a world full of hope and understanding. Collectively our thoughts are powerful enough to create whatever we want now. Radiate love to your neighbors, friends, and all the people of earth and beyond. Start paying respect to mother earth and send love towards her as she is a living organism. We have abused her for far too long. The oxygen content was over 25% at one time and it is no around 18%. When it reaches below 15% you will die, so this is why we are getting help from above. Ask the forces of light to come into our world and to help bring the golden age into reality. This is what heaven wants for all of us. Until we stop killing each other and watching our fellow humans starve to death, we will never ascend.

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post this at the events :)
what is pacific standard time?? I live in central europe so whats my time? :) any help?

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