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March 1st .

Good morning to you up there! I am wondering if you are about for a chat and if so what words of wisdom you would care to offer?

Yes dear lady we are able to be with you this day. We thank you for your continual support regarding our mission to assist earth and those that reside therein.

Welcome. I reckon most in my position would do the same.

You would be surprised. Responsibilities are not always easy to adhere to, and yet what was agreed before your earthly life resumed once again, has been carried out by you and indeed many others as the uplifting of the TRUTH settles into its rightful place. Yet it is not over.

Nope… can’t hear the fat lady singing! …

? ?

Pray continue …

May we ask you a question?

Of course…

Considering all that has taken place upon your planet in the days of old, do you suggest that we appear in your near future, or would you propose that we wait for a few more of your years?

My immediate reaction was … let me go and get my flags and landing lights …., but if I am to be Truthful, I really don’t know. Of course there are many of us, many many of us, who are ready to welcome you, and yet, is it that there are still many who would be of great fear? But then, wouldn’t that always be the case? And … I mean … what on earth are you asking me for? Surely you have collected data that lets you know how we would react as a whole?

This is our dilemma dear lady. For we are unable to determine the reaction of such an appearance. We have painstakingly revised all information for it is without a hitch that we wish this undertaking to go ahead, and yet we are unable to account for how your world as a whole will react.

With all respect … unless you try you will never know. My thoughts( although I am not a political person AT ALL,) are that maybe now … if you dropped by for a cuppa … there wouldn’t be the threat to human life from those darker energies down here. Maybe it is safer now, what with the new president etc. I really don’t know. I sort of feel that when you show, you show, whether it be now or in four years time. Some will freak out … others will find heavenly bliss. And if your GOLDEN RAYS of energy that you bring with you shower upon us, wouldn’t that help calm those who have been indoctrinated with ideas that are not of TRUTH about you?

We are hoping this is the case. Yet, this is our one confusion. We cannot detect how the reaction on mass maybe, and we are apprehensive because of this. We would say that there have been great councils that continue to discuss these matters for our only desire is to show a better way for you … to show you the pathway to a Higher plane that allows your souls to be who they Truly are. We feel that the time is upon us where it is ‘NOW or NEVER”.

Why … or never?

Dear lady …

Whoa.. suddenly filled with tears … what are you about to say?

Those of you who are aware of our mission consider facts and figures and assume that once we arrive, then all will be well. It seems you of earth feel from what we can gather that our appearance will show the TRUTH for all to see and everyone will know once and for all of life’s existence elsewhere and you will all live happily ever after. From our studies this will not be so. For there will be great upheaval upon many levels when we allow the veil to be lifted. In a sense your world as you now know it will never again be the same. This we know as a certainty.

So why the NOW or NEVER.

Because of the world that is predicted of your 2012. This has been an exposed time when the transition would take you through to the NEW WORLD. For those who have chosen it. In order for this transition to be accomplished it is a necessary part of the plan that The Federation Of Light present themselves to those on earth. The New world is not one of separation. It is one of unity. Therefore it is essential that we become ONE and this cannot take place if many on your planet refuse to accept our existence. Do you see? Time as you know it, in a sense, is running out, if all is to go according to what is written. By presenting our ships in your skies there can be no doubt. Yet this is merely STAGE ONE of the great master plan. That would be our introduction to you … to ease you in to that acceptance. It then would be that stage two would come about … which would be the communication and interaction between souls of earth and souls of our ship. We mean this in a general sense as opposed to an elite few. Our intentions are for ALL of the human race to be given the same opportunities. We do not feel it correct to be ‘choosy’. For indeed we are all equal. This interaction would need to take place after an interim period of time after our initial unveiling. Step by step we desire to lead you forward on the path of your enlightenment.

Hence our predicament. Hence our statement. NOW OR NEVER. If this does not take place soon, if we continue to be hesitant, it may be that we ‘miss the boat’ so to speak. We are coming to conclusions that we must act NOW and deal with all consequences as they arise. For we too wonder if this in fact would be the scenario whenever we take the initiative to say our ‘BIG HELLO’.

I have to agree. Indeed it feels like the hugest thing that could ever occur on this little planet … better get my best china out and I’d make a cake if I could cook! I have to say though …. as you have already said …It certainly would change things for ever … are we ready for that change?… many are so afraid of change … and yet, if we can ALL accept as a race … as ONE , that this change is definitely for the betterment of our kind , I feel sure we would adapt far more readily than you may think. And as I am SURE you are aware, this little planet of ours is in great need of redemption (not sure if that is the appropriate word!) I KNOW in my soul that each and every one of us are made of far greater stuff than that which we are portraying at this time. Therefore I say …BRING IT ON … lets change ourselves and allow ourselves the opportunity to display the human race in the way we were originally designed. For am I right in thinking it is only because of free will that we stuffed it up in the first place?. Let’s make amends … time to get right back on track … and I feel very strongly as I write this, in answer to your question … YES WE ARE READY. WE ARE READY FOR THE CHANGE THAT WE LONG FOR ….. SO, COME ON DOWN!

We are able to pick up on your energy and it excites us. It is mutual exchange for we agree most whole heartedly. Thank you dear lady. We know that your enthusiasm is the voice of many. Many more than you are aware.

Shall I put the kettle on then … and don’t call me Polly!

Of course you understand that it would not be appropriate for dates to be given.

Don’t even go there!!!

Yet our excitement is renewed.

Ooh-wer! Getting teary again. One day, we will know each other face to face, and I will bow my head in reverence and recognition …. Then throw my arms around you and say ‘What kept you?” … then I’ll make the tea!

In Love and Light. …. And of course, thanks.

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Can you suggest a way of fixing our problems without a major event to get people thinking? It may well be all coming from her head, But that deosnt change the fact that, without a major event, mass protesting / riots, the elite's will always be in charge and will always holding us back.
You see i have to believe something like this will happen cause i don't think i could function if nothing at all happens.

Friendly NeighborhoodSkeptic said:
Here's an idea stop going on and on debating why the federation should show up and start thinking about the possibility that this is all coming from Blossom Goodchilds mind and all this crap is just her continuing to want to lead people on but always be prepared for an excuse as to why they never show up, which they never will.

If you really wanna put all your hopes into the idea that one day these magical aliens will show up and fix your life be my guest have fun being lead along your whole lives with the promise that "one day" it might happen but I highly recommend putting your hopes into things that know...actually real
Ian = Shark said:
Kerrie, hope you are fine.

I hope i bite my tongue, but i´m 99% sure this "channelings" are all Bull Snipper.

Also sure that your best friend and twin soul Blossom is getting the field ready to drop a next channel as follows:

Humans are not ready for us, we hope you all die well in 2012.

Love you and sorry!



Cheers bro, I tellya at times am on the edge of my wits on this issue. Then again I think if only it really was you even begin to fathom the implications? Gosh!!
Kerrie do you maybe know when she (Blossom Goodchild) will channeling again ? L&L to all
Ready! ... since I was born I guess... (giving thanks for being born at this decade)

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