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March 1st .

Good morning to you up there! I am wondering if you are about for a chat and if so what words of wisdom you would care to offer?

Yes dear lady we are able to be with you this day. We thank you for your continual support regarding our mission to assist earth and those that reside therein.

Welcome. I reckon most in my position would do the same.

You would be surprised. Responsibilities are not always easy to adhere to, and yet what was agreed before your earthly life resumed once again, has been carried out by you and indeed many others as the uplifting of the TRUTH settles into its rightful place. Yet it is not over.

Nope… can’t hear the fat lady singing! …

? ?

Pray continue …

May we ask you a question?

Of course…

Considering all that has taken place upon your planet in the days of old, do you suggest that we appear in your near future, or would you propose that we wait for a few more of your years?

My immediate reaction was … let me go and get my flags and landing lights …., but if I am to be Truthful, I really don’t know. Of course there are many of us, many many of us, who are ready to welcome you, and yet, is it that there are still many who would be of great fear? But then, wouldn’t that always be the case? And … I mean … what on earth are you asking me for? Surely you have collected data that lets you know how we would react as a whole?

This is our dilemma dear lady. For we are unable to determine the reaction of such an appearance. We have painstakingly revised all information for it is without a hitch that we wish this undertaking to go ahead, and yet we are unable to account for how your world as a whole will react.

With all respect … unless you try you will never know. My thoughts( although I am not a political person AT ALL,) are that maybe now … if you dropped by for a cuppa … there wouldn’t be the threat to human life from those darker energies down here. Maybe it is safer now, what with the new president etc. I really don’t know. I sort of feel that when you show, you show, whether it be now or in four years time. Some will freak out … others will find heavenly bliss. And if your GOLDEN RAYS of energy that you bring with you shower upon us, wouldn’t that help calm those who have been indoctrinated with ideas that are not of TRUTH about you?

We are hoping this is the case. Yet, this is our one confusion. We cannot detect how the reaction on mass maybe, and we are apprehensive because of this. We would say that there have been great councils that continue to discuss these matters for our only desire is to show a better way for you … to show you the pathway to a Higher plane that allows your souls to be who they Truly are. We feel that the time is upon us where it is ‘NOW or NEVER”.

Why … or never?

Dear lady …

Whoa.. suddenly filled with tears … what are you about to say?

Those of you who are aware of our mission consider facts and figures and assume that once we arrive, then all will be well. It seems you of earth feel from what we can gather that our appearance will show the TRUTH for all to see and everyone will know once and for all of life’s existence elsewhere and you will all live happily ever after. From our studies this will not be so. For there will be great upheaval upon many levels when we allow the veil to be lifted. In a sense your world as you now know it will never again be the same. This we know as a certainty.

So why the NOW or NEVER.

Because of the world that is predicted of your 2012. This has been an exposed time when the transition would take you through to the NEW WORLD. For those who have chosen it. In order for this transition to be accomplished it is a necessary part of the plan that The Federation Of Light present themselves to those on earth. The New world is not one of separation. It is one of unity. Therefore it is essential that we become ONE and this cannot take place if many on your planet refuse to accept our existence. Do you see? Time as you know it, in a sense, is running out, if all is to go according to what is written. By presenting our ships in your skies there can be no doubt. Yet this is merely STAGE ONE of the great master plan. That would be our introduction to you … to ease you in to that acceptance. It then would be that stage two would come about … which would be the communication and interaction between souls of earth and souls of our ship. We mean this in a general sense as opposed to an elite few. Our intentions are for ALL of the human race to be given the same opportunities. We do not feel it correct to be ‘choosy’. For indeed we are all equal. This interaction would need to take place after an interim period of time after our initial unveiling. Step by step we desire to lead you forward on the path of your enlightenment.

Hence our predicament. Hence our statement. NOW OR NEVER. If this does not take place soon, if we continue to be hesitant, it may be that we ‘miss the boat’ so to speak. We are coming to conclusions that we must act NOW and deal with all consequences as they arise. For we too wonder if this in fact would be the scenario whenever we take the initiative to say our ‘BIG HELLO’.

I have to agree. Indeed it feels like the hugest thing that could ever occur on this little planet … better get my best china out and I’d make a cake if I could cook! I have to say though …. as you have already said …It certainly would change things for ever … are we ready for that change?… many are so afraid of change … and yet, if we can ALL accept as a race … as ONE , that this change is definitely for the betterment of our kind , I feel sure we would adapt far more readily than you may think. And as I am SURE you are aware, this little planet of ours is in great need of redemption (not sure if that is the appropriate word!) I KNOW in my soul that each and every one of us are made of far greater stuff than that which we are portraying at this time. Therefore I say …BRING IT ON … lets change ourselves and allow ourselves the opportunity to display the human race in the way we were originally designed. For am I right in thinking it is only because of free will that we stuffed it up in the first place?. Let’s make amends … time to get right back on track … and I feel very strongly as I write this, in answer to your question … YES WE ARE READY. WE ARE READY FOR THE CHANGE THAT WE LONG FOR ….. SO, COME ON DOWN!

We are able to pick up on your energy and it excites us. It is mutual exchange for we agree most whole heartedly. Thank you dear lady. We know that your enthusiasm is the voice of many. Many more than you are aware.

Shall I put the kettle on then … and don’t call me Polly!

Of course you understand that it would not be appropriate for dates to be given.

Don’t even go there!!!

Yet our excitement is renewed.

Ooh-wer! Getting teary again. One day, we will know each other face to face, and I will bow my head in reverence and recognition …. Then throw my arms around you and say ‘What kept you?” … then I’ll make the tea!

In Love and Light. …. And of course, thanks.

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Let our star brothers land, anytime they like! I invite them to come and sit in my garden, and enjoy the flowers, trees and other plants. Would they like a nice glass of cold water? There are benches to sit on and relax. Only, right now my garden is covered in snow! peace and light, Marie
Message to the federationof light.
DONT miss the boat! Dont dare miss the boat and condemn us to a life of mediocrity. Unfortunately i for some incredibly dumb reason decided to incarnate on this hunk of crap rock. I love the earth in general but i despise the corruption cuased by the little asshole fragments of sorce. Ever since i can remember Ive always looked up at the stars and wanted to go home. This is not my home! Ive always read my sci fi and envied how my life will never be close to that. Its maddening being stuck here. How the best i can hope for is to find love, and hopefully seed a few baby's then die. I was meant to live for more, we all were and we are being robbed of it, by corruption lies and greed.
I still go by the spiderman quote" With great power comes great responsibility".
All you have to do is say hey dudes we exist. Thats all. just showing up will be a huge service for humanity. Its ridiculous to not think there is life out there in the universe, but people still don't believe in it cause they are so dependent on the system to keep them safe they will believe any lie they throw at us. But these lies are getting sloppy, Everybody on some level knows politicians are no good. I dont know a person who doesn't. They've already forced another depression on us, and i dont know how long people will take it anymore. There has already been mass riots worldwide. Showing up will prove to us that they have been lying for over 70 years. And once that starts so does a chain reaction where the lies of the rich expose themselves and the power will return to the people.
You see you have the power to do immense good just by saying hello.

I'll tell you what if i was in the federation of light i woulda jacked one of your ships a LONG time ago and landed in the center park! And with a smile i would laugh at your non interference rule, And speed off through the stars. You'd have to catch me. Cause I for one believe that if its within your power to save a race, There is no dithering around, there is no questioning. There is litrally NOTHING, nothing more important that it. YOU DO IT, and you do it cause its the right thing to do!

Think of the greater good! So what if some people cant accept it, That is just a lesson they will have to learn. And you know you have us. ALL OF US! if you were to announce yourself, every single lightworker on the planet will be spreading the good news. You have 900 of us here from all around the globe. You have millions over the world. Even the people who just believe, you have all of them on your side. If you were to show up, We would not let you down because all of us are longing for more than a 9 to 5 day!
Why dont you come before more people die in riots, or more people get killed for oil so the rich can have their fancy cigars. before more people die of curable diseases that have been suppressed, before we kill our planet because they have got us suckling off the tit of black gold! Would really miss the boat just cause some people wont be happy of your arrival!
We are ready :) i can't wait to see you!!! Thanks Kerrie for the post L&L
Hurry up already.. :) Waiting very impatiently!!! LOL!!!

Humanity is waiting including me NOW OR NEVER 2009!!! L&L to all
Please don't miss the boat! A lot of us are ready and you showing yourself in our skies will be incredibly beneficial to humanity. At least now you are more free to do so, with President Obama.

Please don't miss this chance, Federation of Light!

Indeed the messages have changed in tone and intent. Where before we heard of the Federation as a self-assured, aloof and infallible beings with a sure fired plan that would brook no setback or failure, we now see a collective of beings that has met Earth... the hard way.

Try to imagine, and I've been saying this for a while, a race of beings that has /never/ experienced duality in their collective memories, where actions such as landing or introducing themselves to a new race are so very straightforward that they normally don't give it more than a second thought, suddenly encounter a world that is both light and dark at the same time. Every plan you ever made in the context of your own thinking, your own reality, suddenly has to be thrown out, and you'd be required to think in an entirely new frame of mind. Suddenly this is no longer a case of showing up and enlightening a planet, it becomes a mutual learning experience. And in these cases, you need someone who knows the lay of the land, a 'native guide' as it were.

Quite frankly, humanity will never be ready for this. Because in our limited way of thinking, we cannot ever be ready for something which has always been denied or feared. There will never be a time when each and every member of the human race will be totally open and accepting of a world altering event such as this. But there will be plenty, enough in my opinion, that will look up at the skies, smile and give a sigh of relief.

Our world suffers because we always look inward, because we squabble over what we have on this beautiful yet small planet, without ever considering that there might be others out there. That is the reason any pacifist or peace worker would need to accept the GFOL showing up.

Our economy can never work as long as money goes around the world in a closed circuit. If there is nothing to trade with from the outside, the model of investment and reward that we have so carefully sculpted must /always/ fall eventually. That is the reason a banker or capitalist would need to accept the GFOL showing up.

Our world is too small for the ambition of some, those who seek to affect lives on a grander, more grandiose scale. The squabbles are always the same, the lines drawn in the sand centuries ago are still there and haven't moved much. That is the reason a politician would see for the GFOL to show up, and quite frankly it's a reason that disgusts me.

Vaddix spoke of the non interference rule. Likened to the 'prime directive', there is always one loophole in a rule like that. While it is, indeed, unethical to meddle in a society and turn it topsy-turvy simply because you can, it is at the same time unethical to have the ability to save them from themselves but sit back and do nothing. This, my friends, is the ultimate question of duality the GFOL is struggling with right now. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

But let me solve that for them. The one caveat, the one loophole in this non-interference, is that you cannot ignore a plea for help. It is unethical to simply show up and turn the world around, but consider this a request for assistance. This makes it likewise unethical now to do nothing.

As a repeat, the GFOL may consider this a request for help and assistance. We don't need them to come in and hold our hand while they solve the world's problems, but without their physical presence, we will never get that 'nudge' that will steer us away from this destructive path.

We don't need them to come and save us, we will do that ourselves. What we do need is to have a shining example for the rest of humanity, to show them it is possible to be so much more.

And /that/ is my reason for requesting that they enter our atmosphere or land as soon as it is convenient for them. Ready or not, it's what humanity needs right now.
Dear Federation of Light,

I, Audrey, call upon the help and wisdom of my guide so that he safely brings the following words, feelings and thoughts to the ones calling themselves "Federation of Light" -- the ones we name extraterrestrial, old souls, Earth Gardeners, etc.

First of all, I would like to acknowledge that it IS now or never.

If you guys keep on waiting for the ultimate right moment, things on Earth will remain stagnant and we as a human beings will miss this one-in-a-lifetime chance to ascend. I chose to awaken myself, but now I ask you to help awaken the others by showing that you exist as a real FIRST CONTACT -- don't let the world remain in ignorance and under the Illuminati's hold. We're all equal and WE ALL deserve to at least KNOW we have a choice in what's coming.

People are lost, lost in images of doctrine, in imagined apocalypse where only certain souls will be saved and the rest will die and go down the pits of hell. That is living in FEAR. When you show yourselves, you will give these people a wake-up call, a new HOPE, and that indeed religion was all a big scam in order to keep fear and control alive.

Now is the time, we are ready. We are waiting. We aren't avid fans of Star Trek and Star Wars for nothing! In the depths of our souls, lie a knowing that this WILL manifest into our future. We are souls of light, souls that are tired of the constant crimes caused by our born amnesia and duality. Amnesia may have been useful to certain at some point, but now enough is enough, we are evolving PAST that. We need to REMEMBER our past lives, in order to better understand our mission here and develop our innate abilities to control our 3D bodies into a harmonious life.

I've been waiting for a LONG time, ever since I was a teenager I dreamed of traveling through the stars and discovering the endless wonders of the universe. Star Trek and sci-fi books soothed my aching soul; this inner calling that I belong among the stars, that there is more to this life on Earth then working and money. We haven't been treated as equals by the Illuminati, we have been used and tormented but never have we lost our spark, our hope and our love.

Duality, in 3D, will always remain what it is: hardship, struggle and fear. I for myself, feel worn and tired of it.

Humans have an incredible ability for change and adaptation when given the loving encouragement, it took but a few months to shift my awareness appropriately and change my whole outlook. Give us the TRUTH of our history and what's been really happening, so that we can be informed... THAT'S when we'll change. Help us connect with our true self. With the help of hypnosis and past-life regression, give us the choice to REMEMBER.

We are all equal when it comes to our soul. You are beings with great understanding and wisdom, please share some of it with us.

Federation of Light, yes, come over for a visit -- a lot more of us are ready than believed. Give us tangible proof to rely our little 3D minds upon at first, only then can our hearts open to the truth (we live in a 3D world, remember!).

Show us the path and we'll follow you to the ends of the Universe.

Love and light and yours truly,


P.S. By the way things are going with the economy and the coming collapse of the dollar this year, humanity is on the verge of either: suffering incredible injustice for years to come (I really really don't want that) OR with your help, opening up the path to a better future where all souls on this planet can ascend and evolve past the 3D (I would be willing to give my spot to someone else -- that is, if I even HAVE one reserved for me, haha!) In short, I'd rather humanity be given the opportunity to advance in love then to suffer in fear.

Please, Federation of Light, give us a chance... just one. We'll not let you down, I promise!
I also feel, deep in my heart, that the time is NOW. If not, I fear it will be too late for humanity and for our wonderful, beautiful Mother Earth. (please Vaddix, don't call our magnificent planet a "hunk of crap rock"! It really hurst me!)
been waiting 39 years, cant wait much longer, it has to be NOW.....
selfish I may be, but the masses will NEVER be ready, so why wait, once you show then they will have no choice but to accept
Dammit! show your selves already!!!! We are ready!!

For those who are unready, or even fear full, it is our job to help them and comfort them when they come down. this is our job, THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE!
I'm growing tired of waiting for "humanity to be ready" ... of course the masses will never be ready, the worse the economic crisis gets the more people are just stressing over that and definitely don't have enough time to be worrying about aliens showing up or ascension and what have you. Just do it and get it over with, we'll all be fine. The UFO Disclosure is slowly happening as i see "alien life may exist around us already" and various news articles all over the place. I'll leave the porch light on for you guys. :)

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