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Is something similar happening to anyone else out here in the group??

It started with the affirmations being given to the Positive Light Beings to help me integrate to the fullest possible extent the abilities / prerequisites required prior to the shift .. I did this after reading the following from one of the blog posts..

Dear Ones, You have free will!! We cannot intervene where We are not requested, and We cannot do for You what You must learn to do for Yourselves. THAT IS YOUR LESSON here… We will help and assist in all ways possible, but cannot interfere with Your soul’s lesson. You are not calling out to Us nearly as often or as much as We would like. We cannot come in until We are requested, and You must give up any thoughts about Us being “bothered” by Your unqualified requests. There is no such thing at this point in time."

After I let the affirmation energy flow out through the Heart Chakra.. within a couple of hours I was running a fever of over 104 and a severe headache.. the fever seems to have been controlled to between 100 and 101 with the medication but nothing seems to work for the headaches!! I get these intermittent jabs of severe pain right above my ears and this goes away in a few seconds and hits back a few minutes later.. 

..initially I presumed it could have been a viral fever but just a few minutes ago I spoke to a couple of my friends and they seem to have similar headaches ... now thats quite a coincidence and one of them actually pointed out the 9th Mayan Wave Conscious Convergence... 

The name Conscious Convergence alludes to the Harmonic Convergence, a mind-opening gathering on August 17-18, 1987 (1 Imix and 2 Ik) and so it is important to point out the relationship between the two and why after so many years there is a second one, July 17-18, 2010 (13 Eb and 1 Ben)**. The important commonality between the two Convergences is that they both are (essentially) placed in time at a doubling of the 8th and 9th wave movements of the Mayan calendar and hence reflect energy shifts that herald the respective transformations of consciousness brought by these waves. Put in other terms: What the Harmonic Convergence meant to the quantum jump to the eighth wave the Conscious Convergence will mean to the quantum jump to the
ninth wave

we may see that the Conscious Convergence is not by itself the beginning of the ninth wave, which does not start until Mar 9, 2011. Rather this celebration initiates a wave, a pre-wave, that precedes and paves the ground for the ninth wave and directly leads into it. The Conscious Convergence is thus tremendously important as a point for creating the intention of unity consciousness even if this will only be fully developed later with the ninth wave.


The Conscious Convergence is meant to be a very inclusive event that can be embraced by everyone who intends the emergence of unity consciousness regardless of his or her views about the Mayan calendar or otherwise. It is about positively and constructively using a
window of opportunity and so participation in this only requires an insight that the consciousness shift must come out of the evolutionary processes that we are currently part of. Thus, a shift to unity consciousness is not something that will simply drop down on us from the sky at some date in the future, but can only evolve from the point where we are at the present moment. It is a basic tenet of the law of attraction that providence only moves when you are committed and so far the commitment for a transition to unity consciousness has not surfaced on a larger scale or even been proposed previously.

The view is that this is the last chance that human beings will have to truly align themselves with the cosmic plan. It is now or never and if you do not think that the Conscious Convergence has something to do with you you probably have not studied the Mayan calendar seriously enough. Hence, there can be no proxies for your participation in the transformation of the world as the calendar comes to an end. The final descent of Bolon Yookte, the Nine Waves (Nine Lords of Time or Nine Underworlds, or whatever name you prefer) is upon us and it is not without reason that the number nine is sacred in so many spiritual traditions. Nine is the destiny number of humanity and so it will be your own choice whether you want to be part of co-creating this destiny.

So, the Pre-Ninth Wave is starting from today... Just wanted to check on others out there if anyone is experiencing anything similar and if it could be due to this issue.. 

Namaste, RR

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It is seven o 'clock here in holland and this afternoon I had my first setback , my skull, around the area of the pinal gland is so much hurting it lays me down on the couch. And immediately I fall into a deep profound intoxication with fantastic pink and yellow and blue colors that come in, but it did not quite form a vortex , like I experienced before ...
At the moment I feel strongly for those who are stuck in the middle. It is just like my energy wants to lift them up ... hè hè ... and that fever feeling you quoted, well I had that coming this week several times. The weather overhere is about 32 degrees the last week , but I had times I thought I could explode, but it only last for several minutes ...And yesterday when I was doing my job, driver of a cab, I was in an area full of beautiful trees and nature, I was driving and tears came to my eyes, I was in AWE for so much beauty, like it was the first time I had ever seen so much beauty in nature...
Thanks for sharing. I don't know I this has anything to do with this but I also got headaches, but also weird and violent dreams, hearing voices in my dream but I don't understand them, and I seem to get flashback all the time to my past, but only happy thoughts and feelings.

Wish you light, love and happiness
i didnt get a headache, but on sunday 18 july morning, before i woke up, there was a small *BOOM* wind-like thing that slammed on the top of my head. My eyes were closed when I felt this. I thought it was the wind that was coming in from the window, but the wind didn't blow in the direction at the place my head was.....

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