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I wish the GFOL would give us a sign, one that the whole world would see. Not to make me more of a believer, but the rest of the world. It would give mankind time to discuss them, ask questions, and once and for all lay to rest the question " Is there anyone else out there?"

Many people will have a hard time grasping it all, Religions all around the globe will be challenged. Mostly it will make people think, open their minds, and hopefully embrace the Love and the Light that this earth needs.

Do you think it would be a good idea or a bad one? Your thoughts...............Thanks Mosher

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Hey QLove, thanks for the feedback and I completely and totally understand what you're saying. None of my statements are for me personally.

I guess I base my feelings on the majority of the people I have interacted with over the last 20-30 years. Many are close-minded, locked in a hopeless belief system. The realization that a man with a white beard and magic wand didn't zap them into existence would NEVER occur to them. Mention Jesus and ET in the same sentence and you're banished to eternal damnation.

When the time is right, and only the Ascended Masters and benevolent ET's know when that is, I think dealing with the reality of our true orgins is something that must be addressed.

For me, I'm plugging along doing my meditations, clearing my chakras and just loving the world and loving life. I'm as happy as I can possibly be!

Peace and Love!!!!
Definitely is about time. I am sure lots of people by now know the theory of aliens so even if there will be a shock but it wont be too big one. I am just trying to think positively here and root out all negativity.

I watched a movie today which i so much recommend. The Day Earth Stood Still. For people who wants to wake up, this movie will help them def. I just smiled in the end and i know the person who did the movie are light workers or some sort.

It just showed us that LOVE is all we need to sort out our world. Very very nice movie and it came at a right time. Guys go and watch it and see what u think.

Love and Light to our brothers and sisters in space and to the Earth
Shark said:
Agreed with Andy...
My 132 interdementional self says:

OMG i use the spiderman quote just about every time this subject comes up haha. They always have their excuses. Im just listning to their advice now, and never their predictions

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