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Hello everyone!

Having a bit of leisure time, I just spent 2 days preparing what follows in order to share the results of my research with you, hoping that you will have the time and willingness to check it out.

But first, why this content related to the "feardemic" (pandemic of fear) we are all subjected to?

• Because the current omicronian wave is another boogeyman scarecrow peddled to terrorize populations and coerce people to submit themselves to yet more toxic injections that many awake thinkers have not hesitated for months to describe as instruments of a planned global genocide and for the establishment of a worldwide tyranny.

• Because information, based on scientific facts and rational analysis free from manipulations and conflicts of interest, is the best way we have to awaken our fellow human beings – or at least those who are willing to do so – to what is happening in broad daylight, which increasingly threatens our fundamental freedoms and inalienable human rights.

• And because out of love for our neighbor and out of respect for the principle of assistance to anyone in danger, it is unthinkable to remain silent in the face of all this, since silence gives consent.

In fact, from a spiritual point of view, I consider what we are experiencing as an exceptional opportunity, a scenario that we have collectively chosen and a trial test capable of pushing us beyond our various comfort zones conducive to evolutionary stagnation, as part of the gradual process of consciousness raising, after centuries of indoctrination to an endless string of illusory and fallacious beliefs. We needed this to learn to fully trust our intuition and to stop depending on other blind people to guide us toward the Light of the fulfillment of our stupendous Destiny – which I have examined from various angles in my three recent inspired texts: Back in the saddle (December 16), This is THE Moment (December 18) and Choosing Love over Fear (December 22).

This is why I believe that in reality we owe a debt of gratitude to all the actors playing the "bad guys" role in this great planetary theater where we have the privilege – and have chosen – to evolve during the present incarnation. They deserve our unconditional Love for having accepted the karmic consequences related to the thankless roles they play in this drama. Learning to feel such unconditional Love for them, in spite of our human instincts that might prompt us to do otherwise, is also a crucial part of the initiatory rite of passage we are going through as we transition to a civilization driven by Love, which I’m firmly convinced we are capable of.

This act of compassion and this choice to love towards those who manipulate and oppress us is the sturdy foundation on which our future will rest, the outlines of which are already perceptible in the field of potentialities and the timeline forming in the mind of souls capable of intuitive prescience. Our creative power is infinite. To fully grasp its scope, it is incumbent on us to steadfastly choose to feel the inexpressible Love radiating from the core of our souls and not to deviate from the Way it illuminates every step of the way in front of us.

To put it simply, the narrative of fear and anger towards others that has been instilled in us over the years, culminating in the current mental and psychological conditioning, can only grow stronger if we allow it to grab all of our attention and thus divert our heart from the creative power it holds. The invincible Force of Light emanating from it and enabling us to weave our own narrative of confidence in the intuitive wisdom guiding us can and will dispel as if by magic the cloud of lies obscuring the glorious power of Love dwelling in us. Such is our challenge. Such is our initiatory test which will lead to the victory of our liberation from millennia of illusions.

That being said, the revealing word of the exemplary souls presented below can help us to rise up, to awaken and to better feel, thanks to their example, the quality of lucid consciousness necessary and of incorruptible integrity marking the way towards this Liberation.


Jean Hudon

This email is archived as a pdf document at

The French version is at

If you have much catching up to do about the feardemic, here is a link to various articles, documents and comments that I have been compiling regularly for almost 2 years. The following pdf document contains  17,146 words and 278 links:

"We are part of a generational and chronological progression that is eons upon eons in the making. Encompassing myriad perspectives and experiences from immeasurable incarnations of individuals, cultures, and shared thoughtforms throughout time, we have come to identify more with our place in the social constructs than we do with our own innate being as a creator and author of our own story. We may have learned to adapt ourselves to circumstances and become what we thought others want us to be, now we awaken to our personal power and realize who we really are.

The wealth of our imagination is boundless and is the starting point of all great adventures. We have everything we need and want right within our own beingness. Our inner guidance is our greatest friend and is always present when we simply quiet our mind and flow from our heart. Tune within and align with the fullness of who you are and always were. You get to be the courageous and outrageous you that you are meant to be, where all things are possible and life is of your making. Being you is being love, you always were and always will be."

– Taken from Being You in 2022 by Harold W. Becker

* * * * * * *

First, below is a video excerpt from a 3-hour interview given by THE most credible scientist in the world to give his opinion on feardemic and who was banned from Twitter on December 30 without warning or explanation, after having been kicked twice from Linkedin a few months earlier. The full video interview is also available at

Let us mention, as he explains at the beginning of the interview, that he himself contracted the Covid twice and then accepted the Moderna vaccine to help counter the effect of the long Covid that he then had, and that he is anything but opposed to vaccines, having devoted much of his professional career to developing and promoting them. He is thoroughly familiar with the subject as well as with all the corporate, institutional and government stakeholders in this field.

I consider the public statements of this renowned scientist as a turning point in the 18-month global effort to dismantle for good the virus of this all-out false propaganda that humanity is enduring. Despite the media firepower engaged by the "evil" beings at the origin of this feardemic, I consider it plausible to believe that we will all succeed together, if we persevere and do not falter, to bring about the collapse of this house of cards, of this vast Lie, in order to free our brothers and sisters from the grip of this quasi hypnotic trance that has paralyzed the discernment ability of billions of humans conditioned to believe that the governments and the media do not lie and only want our good.

Dr. Robert Malone, MD The Joe Rogan Experience - December 31, 2021

Episode Description

Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the nine original mRNA vaccine patents, which were originally filed in 1989 (including both the idea of mRNA vaccines and the original proof of principle experiments) and RNA transfection. Dr. Malone, has close to 100 peer-reviewed publications which have been cited over 12,000 times. Since January 2020, Dr. Malone has been leading a large team focused on clinical research design, drug development, computer modeling and mechanisms of action of repurposed drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. Dr. Malone is the Medical Director of The Unity Project, a group of 300 organizations across the US standing against mandated COVID vaccines for children. He is also the President of the Global Covid Summit, an organization of over 16,000 doctors and scientists committed to speaking truth to power about COVID pandemic research and treatment.

This fantastic interview allows anyone willing to do so to question the dominant narrative and open their eyes to the staggering lies and global conspiracy designed to make up from beginning to end the global crisis that has been ongoing for nearly 2 years. Shortly after the 25th minute, he clearly accuses the US government of intentionally causing the death of half a million Americans by banning the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as soon as they were found to be effective in successfully treating the Covid-19. In the explanations he then gives, it is clear that it was Big Pharma who made a concerted effort with the government to block the use of these two proven drugs that are absolutely safe, contrary to the lies spewed by the pseudo health "authorities" and the media. He then talks about 140 reliable studies showing that natural immunity acquired from a Covid infection is clearly superior to the temporary artificial immunity provided by vaccines. He also speaks of the unparalleled scale of coordinated global media propaganda.

To get the context and follow-up to this interview, read...

Did banned mRNA vax inventor Robert W. Malone M.D. just break the Google algorithm?

If you are unwilling or unable to devote the time needed to at least partially listen to this extraordinary interview with Dr. Malone, you will be able to find many quotes from this interview along with relevant video clips in...

COVID, Ivermectin, And 'Mass Formation Psychosis': Dr. Robert Malone Gives Blistering Interview To Joe Rogan

To get an "official" point of view supporting the contrived narrative, listen to what an Ontario doctor said in an interview on January 4 with a CTV reporter in the following video - 'Hospitalizations halved': How Omicron measures up to Delta He still had some pretty good news. He explains that compared to the Delta variant, the number of hospital admissions with the Omicron variant is halved relative to the number of reported cases, the number of patients in intensive care is reduced by 4. Yet, with the significantly higher transmissibility of this new variant, in the end pressure on the health care system is likely to be similar to that of previous waves. However, as he explains, the logistical impossibility of testing all those possibly infected means that the true number of cases is underestimated. These "cases" include, as we know, a very high percentage of false positives, which no doctor wants to publicly acknowledge, either out of ignorance or in order not to lose their licence.

To a question from the reporter on the achievement of herd immunity, he offered an encouraging estimate. Either through "vaccination", with or without infection and through infection in unvaccinated people having developed a natural immunity (which is known to be considerably more robust and lasting than the illusory one provided by "vaccination ") more than 98% of the population should have some form of immunity against COVID at the end of this 5th wave, which should therefore (in theory) be the last to subject hospitals to higher-than-normal pressure, which, anyway, has been the case every winter for decades at the same period.

According to Quebec may soon require COVID-19 vaccine passports to access liquor and cannabis stores 21 new deaths have been attributed to Covid in Quebec on January 4 – a fairly low number that is comparable to seasonal influenza epidemics. For instance, according to 22 décès par jour causés par la grippe en janvier dernier ( the flu caused as many deaths during the same period in January 2015! But above all, this figure of 21 deaths is certainly inflated artificially, since as in most countries applying the directives of those responsible for the plan of the globalist elite to control the population of the globe, hospitals apparently have a significant monetary incentive to submit to a Covid test anyone who dies in hospital in order to add it to the false mortality statistics from Covid-19. According to Dr. Malone, US hospitals receive a bounty of around $ 3,000 for each death attributed to Covid, even though the death is actually due to a fatal head injury from gunshot wound or to a heart attack possibly caused by the "vaccination", etc. It should be remembered, however, that these tests with around 40 genetic amplification cycles detect tiny fragments of coronavirus, such as that of the common cold, and can therefore in no way be reliable in diagnosing a person as being really ill - an asymptomatic person is clearly NOT sick - and therefore the PCR test gives more than 90% false positives, which is why we should in fact speak of an epidemic of "cases" and not of true Covid diseases.

Here is another scientific proof that vaccination does NOT reduce mortality in any way...

Professor Norman Fenton brings to light the flaws in the system of mortality report between vaccinated and unvaccinated. In the end, data from the National Statistical Office (ONS) in Great Britain does not provide any reliable evidence that vaccines reduce all-cause mortality. Listen to the English video at…

Then here is a video that a friend brought to my attention, demonstrating what are some of the consequences of a hasty approval of pseudo "vaccines" that were not properly tested as to their medium and long term impacts before injecting them to billions of humans. This is clearly the worst medical error of all time – a premeditated "mistake" according to the authors of the Geneva Declaration adopted last November as part of the efforts of German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and others aiming to possibly bring to justice those responsible for this global genocidal crime, as well as all their accomplices, an action which for the time being remains improbable as long as these criminals have not been dislodged from their positions of power.

Video – Dr. Bhakdi Explains Basic Immunology
Dr. Bhakdi explains how and why the gene-based COVID-“vaccines” trigger the breakdown of immunological defenses against infectious agents that lie dormant (“sleeping”) in our bodies. These include many viruses such as Herpes zoster (shingles), Epstein-Barr-Virus (infectious mononucleosis), Cytomegaloviruses, bacteria – particularly tuberculosis – and parasites.
Moreover, our sentinel lymphocytes are vitally important in protecting us against tumors because they swiftly exterminate cancer cells that continually arise in our bodies. “Vaccine”- mediated destruction of these sentinel lymphocytes is going to have disastrous global consequences. Patients with dreaded “old” infections such as tuberculosis and with malignant tumors will flood the hospitals around the world.

Immunology 101: why intramuscular COVID-19 vaccination must fail

… Conclusion

All of the currently used COVID vaccines are applied by intramuscular injection, and they are therefore unable to prevent infection of the upper airways with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In fact, in their clinical trials, none of the manufacturers even attempted to demonstrate efficacy against infection or transmission in their clinical trials [18–21], and the total lack of efficacy in the real world has since been documented in a large study published by the CDC [22]. The vaccines can, however, lead to severe respiratory immune disease, including Th2-type immunopathology and autoimmunity. When factoring in the large number of adverse events that are being reported with the current vaccines and the low case fatality rate of COVID-19, which we have discussed elsewhere [23], it is clearly more scientific and more reasonable to strive for herd immunity by natural infection rather than vaccination.

Many other interesting articles at such as…

The Dangers of Booster Shots and COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’: Boosting Blood Clots and Leaky Vessels
What happens inside your body after injection with gene-based COVID-19 vaccines? How does this new ‘vaccination’ technology differ from usual vaccination methods, and why is that dangerous?

In this document, we answer all those questions and more, based on the latest and best available science. We explain how several papers in 2021 significantly advanced our understanding of SARS-CoV-2 immunity, and therefore the science and safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

Unfortunately, as the COVID-19 vaccination programme has followed a policy of ‘vaccinate first – research later’, our understanding of SARS-CoV-2 immunity has only recently caught up with the rushed vaccination schedule.
Given that no clinical trials involved more than two injections of any vaccine, it is important that doctors and patients understand where the latest science leaves us in terms of how the vaccines interact with the immune system, and the implications for booster shots.

We explain here that booster shots are uniquely dangerous, in a way that is unprecedented in the history of vaccines. That is because repeatedly boosting the immune response will repeatedly boost the intensity of self-to-self attack.

Also worthy of your attention…

New Studies Show That The COVID Vaccines Damage Your Immune System, Likely Permanently (January 3, 2022)
The vaccines are making it more likely you'll be infected with Omicron 90 days after you are fully vaccinated. To keep vaccine effectiveness high against omicron, vaccination every 30 days is needed.

Worried about Omicron? Guess what? After 90 days, the vaccine they gave you is going to make you MORE likely to get infected from Omicron, not less. The longer you stay on the vaccine treadmill, the harder to get off in the future and the easier you’ll make it for the virus.

In short, we’ve been lied to about the vaccine. It is protecting you less and less over time. While you may get a benefit for earlier variants, the benefit for other variants (and likely other diseases) is going to be negative. In short, you are getting a short term benefit against Delta, but at the expense of a degradation of your overall immunity to everything else.
These vaccines may help you win the war against a variant that may soon be rare, but the price you pay is that you make your immunity to everything else worse. It’s a dumb tradeoff (especially since early treatments work so well). But the people making the laws won’t believe any of the science referenced in this article, so it will continue.

… This paper means we will need to inject people every 30 days if we want to “protect” them. Based on the harm that the vaccines do to our immune system, it’s likely that the needed interval will shorten with each booster.

If people don’t get boosted as required, they will be MORE vulnerable to Delta and Omicron than if they weren’t vaccinated. That’s what NEGATIVE vaccine efficacy means. It doesn’t mean the protection wears off (like we were told). It means the OPPOSITE of what you were told: it means the vaccines helps the virus to infect you (by suppressing your immune system, probably permanently each time we are injected according to Dr. Ryan Cole). It means we were lied to.

People are dying, but not the ones you think for the reasons you think (January 3, 2022)
While the mainstream media, at least in 2020, tracked deaths with the fanaticism of an insurance company, they've always lacked accuracy.  That's why it matters when a major American insurance company, which is in the business of accurate data about deaths, announces that Americans in the 18–64 age bracket are dying in unprecedented numbers.  The same data suggest that these aren't COVID deaths, which makes them much more sinister.OneAmerica is a major insurance company located in Indianapolis with annual revenue of around $2 billion and total assets of around $74 billion.  This is not a fly-by-night internet "insurance" company. 

OneAmerica is the real deal, selling both individual and group life insurance, and it has data and actuarial tables that go back 145 years.  It's also a progressive company that boasts about "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" right on its home page.  In other words, it's not some "scary" right-wing reactionary firm.

During a news conference last week, OneAmerica's CEO, Scott Davison, had a startling announcement — working-age Americans are dying in unprecedented numbers:

"We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business — not just at OneAmerica," the company's CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. "The data is consistent across every player in that business."

Davison said the increase in deaths represents "huge, huge numbers," and that's it's not elderly people who are dying, but "primarily working-age people 18 to 64" who are the employees of companies that have group life insurance plans through OneAmerica.

"And what we saw just in third quarter, we're seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic," he said.

"Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic," he said. "So 40% is just unheard of."

… In other words, more Americans are dying since the vaccine than ever before.  That last paragraph may be the beginning of a huge upcoming bolus of evidence showing that the anti-jabbers were right all along: the injection that rejoices under the misnomer of a "vaccination" is, instead, a life-taker, not a life-saver.

The two years of COVID mismanagement may also mean that myriad other health conditions are causing these deaths.  Those people whose chronic or fatal conditions (e.g., heart disease, cancer) went untreated with lockdowns may finally have succumbed.  We may also be seeing the terrible assault on immune systems, not from jabs, but from depression, economic stress, substance abuse, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight, and lack of human contact. SNIP

Mass Formation Psychosis - Billions Of People Affected By This & Don't Realize It Dr. Robert Malone - January 4, 2022
What he offers as a solution at the end of this above 13-minute audio clip of a lecture by Dr. Malone is absolutely remarkable. It is necessary, he suggests, to create local support groups to help each other in the awakening and healing process which will make it possible to break the hypnotic trance in which the majority of people are immersed.

Finally, see also…

Warsaw Declaration against the New Totalitarianism

Warsaw, 16 November 2021

Gathered in Poland’s capital in November 2021, we issue a solemn and urgent declaration to the world. It is clear to us that mankind is now facing the greatest challenges in the course of its history. Powerful corporations, especially those operating in the digital industry, banking and pharmaceuticals have embarked upon a great reconstruction of the world, wreaking unprecedented destruction on the health, property and lives of billions of people. With the intention of expanding their influence and wealth, globalist interest groups driven by the ideology of sanitarism have initiated criminal activities aiming at creating complete global chaos and, in its wake, major social unrest, economic problems and deadly wars.

It is widely known today that their remedy for this state of affairs is strict political and financial control over the world, orchestrated at the highest levels under the guise of health concerns, economic stability and safety. On an unparalleled scale, the globalist-controlled governments have joined the struggle against their own nations thus becoming the local taskmasters of criminal global pressure groups. Governmental authorities have largely monopolised the media and unleashed a coercive apparatus, brutally violating fundamental human rights and liberties via lies, terror and fear. The ensuing deleterious effects like excess deaths, devastation of economic activity or hampered access to health care facilities can be witnessed today. Of major concern is also the widespread invasion of patients’ privacy coupled with the breaching of doctor-patient confidentiality. At the same time, there are even more serious dangers looming on the horizon. We still do not know the long-term effects of the medical experiments imposed by pharmaceutical companies. We do not know the extent of the damage brought on by artificial restriction of economic activity and interpersonal relations.

From Poland’s capital, which suffered the consequences of the two totalitarian systems of the 20th century, in the face of impending and unprecedented subjugation, we call all people of good will to unite and rise above divisions.  

Human life cannot be subjected to any ideology which jeopardises personal dignity, the truth and the natural law. Thus we make an appeal to the effect that the concern for these values will determine the assessment of all the related undertakings and their consequences.

Dignity is man’s inner, innate and natural trait irrespective of social or historical context. Therefore, no person can be treated as a puppet to be manipulated or as a means to an end – the one desired by totalitarian ideologies. The dignity of a human being is also a source of fundamental, inalienable rights such as the right to self-defence, the right to freedom and to property, the right to the truth and to work…. Subsequently, on no account can human life become subordinate to limitations, manipulation and exploitation. It also needs to be stressed that the omnipresent deceit spread not only in the media, but also in scientific communities call for a return to the truth, understood as the conformity between cognition and reality. Challenging and lengthy as the process may indeed be, no one should be exempt from the obligation to seek the objective truth.
Disinformation and pseudo-science (also on a global scale) is now something that ought to inspire not only deep fear, but condemnation as well. This is because relativism inevitably leads to subjugation and totalitarianism. We also believe that it should be imperative for all legal provisions to respect natural law – that which imparts a moral dimension to all acts and serves the actual good of each human being. In turn, the norms of positive law which are contrary to the requirements of natural law are not morally binding. Unjust statutory law should be thus called into question by means of civil disobedience and even deemed to be non-binding. The right to disobey legal provisions is part of man’s legal rights with respect to the authorities.

Just as it is our duty to resist the authorities which make use of their prerogatives, it is also necessary to combat all types of dictatorship. Not only do we protest against every instance of harassment, but also against the tyrannical and anonymous power that is today in charge of the world of finances, of the media, of police surveillance and of politics. The dignity of every person, the truth and natural law cannot fall victim to this new form of totalitarianism. Let us rally in support of our most precious human values. Let us be united, courageous and active. We can only win!

List of signatories of the Warsaw Declaration

Sorted by the signatures on the declaration in Polish:

Grzegorz Braun – Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland, President of the Confederation of the Polish Crown.

Viviane Fischer – Lawyer.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Lawyer.

Prof. Dr. Ryszard Zajączkowski – lecturer at the Catholic University of Lublin.

Roman Fritz – Vice President of the Confederation of the Polish Crown.

Beata Marchewicz – Coordinator of the German delegation and translator of the German language.

Adam Kania – Coordinator of the Nuremberg 2.0 project.
Paweł Wołoszczuk – Confederation of the Polish Crown.

Sławomir Sala – Confederation of the Polish Crown.

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