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It seems like there is not a lot of activity in this forum since the most active thread was posted on December 2009, lol, but nonetheless I would just like to introduce myself here.

My real name is Ana, but my last name is made up simply because I think it sounds prettier. I am a student from Mexico, and an apprentice in all sorts of things - in fact I LOVE science and metaphysics, and read like CRAZY because I'm always desperate to learn something new!! In particular, I wish to gain mastery in Theta Healing (it is a healing modality like Reiki, but it's just faster AND more effective). I want to be really good at healing so I can help a lot of people, and possibly teach others how to do the same as well so that the people around me do not depend on me.

I also draw art but my site has not been updated very much. You can check it out here: , or add me on Facebook:

I hope I get to know some of you better because I am under the impression that this community is full of wonderful, positive people. Just what I was looking for. ^^

Much love ♥

Ana Dollïka

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Hola Ana,
Bienvenida, there is allot of good people here so should feel right at home :P..

PS I am from Mexico too, but I live in the US. Love and Light
Hola Anna!!!! You sound very much like me, I am studying Metaphysical Science and want to become a Sound Healer, I read a lot too and always want to learn more things.
Welcome to SOE!!!!!
Glad te have You with us Ana :):):) lovely friend.

Welcome!...enjoy your stay!
Welcome sweet soul Ana
What a beautiful drawing, specially the anger and the freiheit ones they are really magnificent ...
You are a true talent Mynna :)
Hi Ana,

Nice to meet you here , this is indeed a wonderful meeting place with lovely people. I want to heal to, but not people, but the earth. The earth needs healing too. You can also find me on deviant art on : You have also lovely drawings.

I am just learning to listen to the trees and the plants and feel their energy and it is an amazing feeling. When I was young I had this feeling twice , feeling one with earth, with the trees and the plants and the animals and the water, with every single drop of water , every leaf of the was such an amazing feeling.

Wish you lots of love, light and laughter
Welcome Ana! i hope you find what you are looking for here, but altogether we are glad to have you join us. We always welcome more open minded, spiritual, and artistic beings as yourself. I am one in the same. As are many here. Much Love! :)
Hey Ana. Welcome. Hope you like it here. i find that some of the deepest discussions i have are with the members here. They just get me. They will get you too. You'll fit in fine here.

I like your drawings:) Im on DA too. Dont update much either. don't have time:( Im AKAOJ on there. Just added you to my watch list, I like "Does it still not hurt?"

What is it you study and apprentice in?
Hi Ana! Welcome to SoE!
Your manga drawings are really, really good!

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