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 I Dont Get It Theres So Much Information Out There Im The Type To See Read All Points Of View I Have My Own Truth But Im Confused Heres My Problem



 The LightShips We See Arent What They Seem To Be Supposedly Those Are The Fallen Angels Appearing As LightShips Bending The Laws Of Time And Space But Those Ships Comes From Ashtar Command Right? I Recently Read The Bible My Family Is Mostly Christian Im The Only One Thats Not Clinged To It But The Faith They HAve IN Jesus Is Unbelievable So I Decided To See For Myself Yes Certain Parts Says Even The Devil Will Appear As An Angel Of Light Yes Teaching False Doctrines Seperating Our Faith From Christ And Mostly All The Time I Hear Thats The New age Believers Yes I Am One OF Those I AM Proud To Be

"Beware The Bearers Of False Light" I Keep Those Words Close

I HEar This i Hear That I Cant Make Out The truth So Much Things And Facts That Contradicts One Another NEw Age Deception IS it a Strong Fact OR Are People Putting Things Together Thats Not true That Seems true Believe in Christ HAve Faith In Christ Yes I See Both Sides New Age Believe IN Biengs They Cannot Really Know Much About Except What THey Tell US And They Give Us Histories and Information That Hasnt Been recorded And Bible Those Are Ancient Books I HEar Ashtar Command Or GFoL Are Decieving Biengs Who One Day Will Come To Beam Up Biengs To another Planet While The Earth Goes Thru ITs Stages OF Transformation Right And The Bible Talks About Rapture Idkkkkkkkkk  If People Understand What Im Trying To Figure Out Please Help Me =(

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Confused is good Giovanni. Those that have convinced themselves that everything ET is Satanic are avoiding realities, those that smugly sit in Love and Light awaiting Ascension are equally avoiding realities.
Wonderful insight from all you guys. Patrick struck a chord though.  Confusion is good. It means you havent attached yourself to a certain belief and you are still open. No one knows it all and if they say they do they have stopped learning. We learn and figure out things as we go. Align your heart with the higher order of things. When the time comes, you will know what to do. Some things have to be that way. If have detail knowledge of the future, we would second guess our selves and make different choices.
Have you heard of false flag alien attack Giovanni? This may be what your referring to, as our governments have already replicated ufo technology.

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