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I Am Divine Prosperity Affirmations - Listen To Receive!

By Melanie Beckler

 Blessings ✨🙏

I mentioned in a recent email, about the power of using I Am affirmations as a tool for keeping your vibe up and staying centered.

The words "I Am" holds immense power.

The I Am Presence is the Divine Spark within you, the part of your consciousness that is connected to the Universal.

It is the part of you that is eternal and unchanging, free from fear, and in total unity with the Divine.

Whenever you say "I Am," you naturally shift your consciousness and awareness toward the perspective of your I Am Presence.


The moment you say "I Am", you activate and empower whatever words come after.


This means that the words you choose speak after saying "I Am" can empower you to reprogram negative thoughts and claim your power to consciously create.


By using the power of "I Am," you can infuse your consciousness with the qualities of the Divine you are now choosing to claim and call forth:

I Am That!

I love using I Am affirmations and just made a new video for you with Affirmations for Prosperity.

I looked up the etymology of prosperity today, which essentially means "doing well" ... "to be successful, thrive, and advance in any good thing."

Prosperity is not defined by money alone; it also encompasses time, love, success, joy, comfort, beauty, and wisdom.

Breathe, relax, and as you listen to and repeat these prosperity affirmations, allow yourself to feel gratitude for the abundance and prosperity which is already happening, and is now in the process of miraculously manifesting in your life.
With love and bright blessings,



Video - I Am Prosperity Affirmations - Listen To Receive





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