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How do you tell your friends and family about this stuff?

When i try and tell my loved ones the truth all i get is negitivity and they think im on drugs or something lol. I have made some progress tho my cousin now is aware of the Illuminati.

-Do you guys try to explain this to your friends/family? If so what happens?
-Maybe im doing it wrong how should i show them the light?
Love and Light

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That's a very hard thing to do. When I first started doing research on all these things, I was so excited that I wanted to tell everyone but they just looked at me like I'm wacked. The information is too much for those that are not open minded and are very grounded in their beliefs. I've become discreet with the information and might throw slight hints here and there. If someone picks up on it then I will know that person either is interested or has some knowledge about these types of things.

Love and Light to you my brothers and sisters.

I was in the same boat not too long ago, and I just wanted to tell everybody, but was obviously confronted with so much doubt that I became a bit more discrete with it as Moe said. And like him I feel that spreading the light through literal verbal truths is hard. So I try to show them without referring to it directly. Kinda playing stupid if you will. And it sure does work. You seem to fiund more people who are interested in this stuff, when its given in a small bite that they then go off and research themselves. Good luck brother. I wish you well.
Hi all truth-knowers! :)

I resonate so much with Moe. LOL.
"I was so excited that I wanted to tell everyone but they just looked at me like I'm wacked" Hehe.

Giving it in small portions is good yes. But what i came over in a video is " When you know what you know and it to be TRUTH. Have NO fear." You know this is true, you know the madness. So why care what other thinks, they will find it out one way or the other anyway!!! :) And besides, you have us. We know. We hear you. I feel the same though... i do.
But never give up. Let them unleash their fears of the unknown. They're grounded in their beliefs as Moe stated.
They are in a massive fog of lies. A very thick fog. And if you got something really creditable to back up your words with, show it to them. This also works... ask them questions you know the answer to. And let them answer it first. Then correct them with posetive TRUTH!

-Love and Light-

My mom understands me. My dad is >.< ... he's totally locked, I don't know what to do... all what I say, he manages to understand it the wrong way D: ... he's so consumed by the system. He has to learn that not all is based on money.

How do I explain these events to my family? hmm, I just talk about them, about how I feel, without restrictions, everytime I have the opportunity and whenever there's silence on the table :3
I don't really mad if someone doesn't believe somethings, just a little bit upset. (sad = upset?? ). There are so many people still asleep.

(sorry for english mistakes)

Funny how we all have the same problem. I just came from a little get together at my grandmother's house. Sad to say, but a lot of my relatives are closed minded. They also seem to criticize eachother's ideas. It's like a competition to them. It gets me worked up sometimes and I feel that I become drained of my energy. When this happens, I think the only thing we can do for the moment is remind ourselves that we have to allow others to be who they are and quite simply, just do our best.

I pretty much have the same problem. And my partner is making jokes like: "shall I call a medic?" or "have you been taking dugs?", stuff like that. But as I saw the reactions on your question, many of us seem to encounter this 'problem'. Actually, it nearly came so far that I started to question the strong energetic feeling I had experienced on October 14 (because I can assure you guys, even though They didn't show as predicted, They were certainly doing things out there!), I felt like being madly in love that day, just out of the blue. But fortunately, when I started doubting some days later, I got that madly in love feeling again and now nobody ever again will make me doubt about Them, and the power of Truth, Light and Love. Sadly enough, the only person in the house that seems to understand the same feeling is my baby boy. So I have decided to not say anything about it anymore to my partner, but started to work behind the scene. And it seems to work. I take examples from the news e.g. and tell him that that is just completely insane, or wrong, and try to give him the other perspective, of how it could be better. This is working. He is with me, as long as I don't mention anything energy or "alien" related because then he gets very cautious again (somehow I don't like to use the word "alien" anymore, it seems a bit rude to Them, but that's just a feeling...). So my advice: do your work slowly. Concentrate your energy on the ones you really want to focus. Start with making them realise that our system just doesn't work anymore. Make them see other solutions/possibilities. If they understand things don't have to be the way they are right now, they have made a giant step forward. And whether they want to accept all the rest is up to their soul I guess. The only thing we can do is to open their eyes and hearts and "beam" them with our positive energy.

i told my mom i could see people who were not there...and she totally freaked out. LOL.
my dad was pretty cool with it, he's kinda spiritual, with interests in crystals and tai chi, so he recommended me a place to meditate. he told me to ignore these 'black' sightings.

friends of my age, 20-25, they think i'm in a cult or something. LOL
when you thought your peers would understand, it can be quite upsetting to realise that they don't. however, like most people here, i do give hints. ;)
Its hard to force your beliefs on anyone.
My family are all aware of my beliefs, some agree, some ridicule & think im a nut case :)
just follow your heart & spread the word
When I started awakening about 4 months ago, I was like a Bull in a china Shop!!.. Well that didn't last long!!!

I think we are all in the same boat really....... Life for those who haven't woken up is really hard at the moment and really we are the lucky ones because we know what's going on. Each of us has to do this journey on our own terms, Free Will is very powerful and you cannot just blurt out to family and friends in a fit of excitement that "The Sky is now Purple!!" Plainly to them the sky is NOT purple!! I have found it is best to have a firm grasp of WHY.... Evidence... Belief is all very well and good but we humans have many beliefs and no one is the same and not everyone is going to agree with you.

The best way to get around this is to "Be like a candle" don't burn others with your hot flame but draw them in gently to the warmth of the glow of the flame.... no-one wants to be left out in the dark but some just don't realise they are in the dark and you have to let them SEE for themselves....
Gently Gently Catchy Monkey is the phrase that comes to mind...

Be consistent, be totally honest about your thoughts and feelings, show on the inside and outside that you are coming from LOVE not EGO.

Make it familiar and easy to understand then it's not such a culture shock to others.. Let them know how you felt when you first began this research.... many do not have the time to look because we are financially in a bad place right now.

The first thing I did was turn OFF the News........... the fear it spreads will not help your cause.

It has taken many, many rows, insurmountable ridicule, buckets of tears and misunderstandings in our house for my family to accept what I am saying without having me sectioned under the mental health act!!. My partner is has fought with his soul and we were on course to go our separate ways but our LOVE for each other is what eventually made him understand that I am not mad, have not joined a cult and we are not all going to die in 3 yrs ( this was his biggest stumbling block) slowly but slowly my 13 yr old lad is now asking questions too. Of course our two girls aged 8 and 9 are very special in their own right and almost know what is happening, it is weird.. The other 3 take no notice and carry on being screen lickers...

Rome was not built in a day, lay firm foundations and be a bright shining light where others are drawn to you and see your honestly and sincerity.

Zeitgeist, all of them is what eventually made the difference to my partner, you have to make the time to relearn everything from scratch and we are up against a lot of stumbling blocks.

Good luck to you and everyone else

Love, Light and Laughter
Torz xxxxxxxxxxx
Excellent Idea, I shall have a look later... Thansk, and do you have a link??

Daina said:
I introduced my family to the Mayan Calender. Ian Lungold presents a fascinating seminar (its on youtube) and it explains the lead up to ascension and what to expect.
This was way easier than trying to explain it from a spiritual point of view.

When I first became aware of things, I was so excited and full of it all, I wanted to tell everyone, but I was just met with rolling eyes and "OH, she's just being weird again" I have tried to tone it down a bit ;)

I mention little bits, and only where it seems relavant. I have one friend who kind of gets it, and is interested at least..but my husband, sadly, doesnt want to know about any it, hes so far from it all..but I shall never give up on him

Much love xxxx
Same here. I find it better to just love them more,but this may help. The Gods Of Eden by William Bramley Great book,and try out "What the beep do we know" its on dvd. Google them.

have a safe day......

The Love You Withhold Is the Pain you carry Allways....

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