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If you have read clinton's channeling of the earth herself on the blog posts section, the earth is currently in terrible distress from negative waves being emitted en masse by the dark cabal through speakers, beacons, and the invention that fell into the wrong hands, HAARP.

A way to alleviate her distress is by the emission of Solfeggio frequencies on a global scale.

This is the job of humans on earth, and we aren't getting any extra help. We have to save our own home!

Ideas are very welcome here. Let's all do this together.


What is HAARP and how it sounds:

Solfeggio frequencies:

Orgonite Cloudbusters and how to amplify its powers to a global scale

Meditation that may allow us to emit the S. frequencies or loving frequencies to the whole earth

Any plausible invention that can beam audio, or frequencies on a global scale.

We Need All The Help And Ideas We Can Get!

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I do agree with you Ullan!

But please do let me know if someone has channeled that we need to do this in case you come across something. My intuition is still unclear about this.. so I need help from you guys if we need to do it and when and how..


Ullan said:
crystalclear2313 said:
Wow can wait to get started with this...
I would like to know if any channelers have gotten any messages in regards of doing this?

Rather than a clear message, I'm getting dreams and feelings about this topic. But the intent of the feeling is rather clear, and this is what it is advising me:

'Don't play with what you don't yet understand'. The powerful word here is 'yet'. While I think it's an excellent idea to look into scalar antennae and perhaps even think of the best places to position them, going ahead with transmission would be a very bad idea indeed unless we know exactly what is going to happen. If not, this entire setup would be going the same way as HAARP.
I have found some patience with this. I am very excited still of the possibility, I just want to make sure that we know exactly what we're doing. As Ullan says there is room for us to become more educated with this and I definitely agree we need too. I've been putting out the question in regard to this, but I'm still developing my own abilities and trust. So I'm very comfortable to go with the flow on this topic.

love to you all
Here's an Idea have a live broadcast of the frequencies at a certain time period where everyone with laptops and speakers can set them outside in the wilderness, with of course wifi on for the live broadcast online. If you have a boom box set that outside with your made cd or a Iboombox stereo with an ipod set that outside, if we all do this on a set date at certain time all over the world, and if atleast a million people do this. Imagine the impact it would have. So maybe Brad can set up a date and time to set this all up.

Now if you have a Laptop use some speakers to connect with or use your laptop speakers. I don't have a laptop but a desktop so i would have to use my boombox with my ipod out at the same time.

Then this is, perhaps, the way to test before we begin this on a greater scale.

Set up three greenhouses with plants. To one, you would play the Solfeggio frequencies constantly. To the other, play random music. The last one would grow uninterrupted and unpolluted by the other music.

After the plants have matured, the results should be clear. Anyone willing to take this on?
As Ullan said, and I have done as well on this matter, DO BE CAREFULL

I repeat what I was forced to state here by my guide:
I would advice just to be careful. I am not very familiar with Solfeggio Frequencies, and I believe many of us don't fully understand its power. But there is this feeling I have... a sort of a warning signal... we can only use it if we fully control it. Atlantis went into destruction due to the act of persons who were not fully trained in using special power techniques, but started experimenting with it anyway against the will and knowing of their teachers; It started a giant war. I have learned to listen to the heart, and it is screaming out loud now that extreme caution is needed here. How about the channelings, any input yet?
I think the plant experimanet should be the basis of our diecision. You know theres a site where you can actually hear the frequencies given off by HAARP. In stead of heavy metal. play the haarp freq to one of the plants.
My thinking is we need at least a little bit of research before we go down the path of playing selfeggio frequencies through the scalar antennas. We don't know what it will do. We need to see the affects on plant life as well as humans. We should see if animals are adversely affected by it too. I don't mean we need to go crazy in confirming everything, but we need compassion for both all life and compassion to not potentially mislead anyone. Currently I only have my subjective evidence using the scalar antenna that I have. If we can get conclusive evidence that playing selfeggio frequiences through scalar antennas is helpful then lets defintiely go for it! Would be happy to share my design with everyone. Building it by hand is rather time consuming. Just to get my initial prototype was 1 week of solid work.

Below is a picture of the very first prototype I ever did. Not pretty, but it worked well enough to raise one's level of consciousness. The second prototype I made is more elegant and portable.

Heard loud & clear TedO. After reading your post the pain in the pit of my stomach is acute. I do not want to challenge any universal law. Looking back at my whole reaction to this I clearly see the absolute involvement of my ego. Just looking for another quick fix. Controlled by the ego altogether. And also just realizing how I've underestimated the power of oneness with the Earth to heal. I so needed to hear all the things you said. This is an eye opener for me of great magnitute. I honest to God feel like I've just been pulled back from taking a plunging step into a great precipice.

I have to say at this time, I won't take part in this endeavour. This has struck the truth within me like a bolt of lightening.

In gratitudee and love of oneness. Thank you TedO for the wake up call.
Hi TedO & Dana,

I've had my apprehensions about releasing the actual designs to making this and thats the reason why its not posted here yet and I don't intend to if all of us don't feel that this is needed.

and my intuition about releasing these for everyone to make is asking me to hold back and its pretty strong.. so thats the reason why I asked you all if it should be! and if it came from a collective that it should be released I wanted to, but looks like a lot of people have apprehensions like what I have about releasing these.


and i'm not joking this time.

what would you do if you had 1 more year to live as 3 dimensional beings?
I concur with Dana Tedo and you.No matter how well meaning,it feels as an"in your face"demand,and as you point out a violation of FW.Let's share our own Vibrations and frequencies with the world,and let the 100 monkeys(361 of them are now registered here at Saviors)do the rest.Zeal can be a road to ego & fanaticism.peoples hearts mean well but we all need to bring out our innate wisdom.Let the incoming cosmic rays & Mother Earth(HAARP Tech ain't no match),"drive the Ascension car",Do we really think Earth needs "expeditious intervention"If your heart is telling you yes,then do it privately and on a smaller scale like putting an Orgonite"Holy Handgrenade"next to a cell tower.She needs and wants our cooperation but not intervention.Sacred Solfegg meditations work better when you open your own Free Will to their assistance.thanks for your insights Tedo.h88
Alright people I have another idea! and my Intuition / higher consciousness says it will work!

why dont we use ourselves as transmitters to the nature and earth to transmit these frequencies! we would make better transmitters without violating anyone's free will ! as we already know that we can ground the negative energies we hold this way and this has worked for me numerous number of times... we should be able to transmit the positive energies in the same way!!!

Once you reach the end of the Frequencies and feel the calmness ask your higher conscience to make you act as a transmitter of these frequencies to the nature and earth ONLY & without violating anybody's free will, through your Base or Root Chakra to heal the Earth and Nature to their pristine condition.

THIS WILL HAVE TO WORK!!! why didnt this strike us before?? I guess we were stuck in the 3-dimensional way of doing things is all I can say!


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