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Hi, I am Petra from germany and I am involved in the spiritual area since I didn't receive satisfiing answers from philosophy and I asked myself of the sence of life every single day. So I read a hell of a lot of books and tried to hold a high level of awareness. Also I am very much excited to live in this time. This is not comparable to anything before and I am convinced that the ones who said yes, the ones who are still hold up their light high will make it. Namaste, Petra

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Kerrie said:
Philosophy has it's limits but is always a good thing to have an awareness of as a reference when embarking on spirituality which can be perceived from so many different perspectives, but yes we are at a time of expanded consciousness that will allow us to open our hearts and hear with clarity our truth.Welcome to SOE Love to you my friend

Hi Kerrie, yes, you are right. There was a point when I really wanted to know the view of higher dimensional beeings because they have an expanded point of view you aren't able to find by humans. LoL, Petra
besimi said:
so much love to you,lovely are in the best place ,here with lightworkers,like-minded people of love. have joined those ,who still hold their light high ,and will make are so welcome Home.namaste friend

Thank you so much, Besimi. Yes, it is very nice on this page and it feels very easy & relaxed to be with like minded people. This is quite rare in real life. Lol, Petra
clinton said:
nice to hear petra much love to you and your path towards enlightenment

The same to you, Clinton. And it is great to arrive here because it is not always easy going to walk the path of enlightment nor any other path. Therefor this page is enlightning itself because out there it's rough, most of the time. So, nice opposite for a change. Lol, Petra
Brad Johnson said:
Welcome to SoE, Petra. Wishing you all the love and light on your journey. And know many are here to help and support you along the way.

Take care of yourself.


Hi Brad, nice to hear from you again and thanks for your warm welcome. You know, I am glad you opened this space to us. To me it already feels like in the golden age already, it is very cosy and warm here. Hanging around with other souls who are giving a lot of caring for the others is the best training to create a similar future for all of us. Thanks a lot and many greetings from good old germany, Petra. Oh and by the way, respect for your video you adressed to the dark forces. You are a brave one. God bless you.

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