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Heart Awakening With Light from the Divine By Melanie Beckler ... And ... Embracing The Adventure... By Ann Albers ... And ... Walking Blessings From Our Heart Through Our Feet

Hey there, 
How are you feeling? 
As we prepare to enter the powerfully charged month of February... 
There is so much that continues to shift.
Old energies are being stirred up, World dramas are playing out...
And simultaneously, incredible light, peace, and love can be accessed within you!  
So what is the secret to staying present, and filled with light and love during turbulent times? 
The secret is practice.
And to be more specific, it's finding the tools and method of spiritual practice which works for you... 
So you can raise your vibration in an instant... 
Shift out of doubt, drama and negativity, snd tune into the infinite well of love and peace within... 
So you can consistently shine your light and radiate love regardless of what is happening in the external world around you. 

There's no one "right way" to do this... 

But in my experience, the most powerful thing has been awakening the light of my heart, connecting with the angels, and returning to the love and light within... 

Time and time again. 

Heart Awakening With Light from the Divine By Melanie Beckler

Heart Awakening

Today, I want to share with you one of the most important aspects of your ascension path – of tuning into the higher realms of light, love, and divine wisdom.

This a key part of your ascension, or spiritual path… It’s called heart illumination.

When I talk about heart illumination, I’m talking about your heart center that is at the center of your light body.

All parallel multidimensional aspects of your self are united in the present through your heart center.

Your heart center is at the center of your multidimensional self.

Your heart center is also the open doorway for you to tune into the higher vibrational realms, to the Angels, and to an incredibly expanded consciousness.

You Have Everything You Need Within You!

Tuning into the higher realms isn’t about lifting up and out of your body to enter into some other realm. It’s so easy to think that the answers lie in the external world, but really, they’re within your open heart.

You have access to so much expansive energy right in your open heart – trust me when I say that you have all that you need within you!

Now, get ready to dive in and experience heart illumination!

The Technique of Heart Illumination

Video: "Heart Light Illumination - Heart Awakening On The Ascension Path -

Heart Light Illumination ~ Heart Awakening on the Ascension Path

Heart Illumination with the Angels

To support you in this process, you’ll want to invite the assistance of each of your highest and most loving possible guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters.Here’s an example intention for you to use:

“Angels, guides, and Ascended Masters who can most serve, I invite you forward now to support me in fully awakening my heart light. Help me to open my heart and to illuminate my heart light to the highest vibrational level possible now. I ask this, according to Divine Will, for the highest and greatest good. And so it is.”

Now, focus your awareness on your heart center, the area in the center of your chest.

Focus your awareness inside of your heart and imagine this energy center glowing with golden crystalline light. Imagine this golden energy expanding out in every direction from your heart.

It’s a multidimensional torus of light expanding out.

Enter into the energy of your heart center, tune into the energy of your heart light, and with assistance from your guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters, let your heart be illuminated with the highest crystalline light.

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Ask your higher self now to help you step up the vibration of your physical body, so that you can experience and embody more of your heart illumination now.

Know that this is the mastery path – living life with an open heart. This means living life connected to your heart energy center, letting it grow and expand around you to strengthen your aura and to establish the ascension column of light.

This ascension column connects you to the infinite light of the divine below you and to the earth.

It flows around you in a torus of light, a multidimensional light body with your open heart at the center, glowing vibrantly with golden crystalline light.

Golden Heart Light Awakening

Heart Awakening & IlluminationYou may be confused – why am I saying that your heart center is glowing with golden crystalline light rather than green or pink which you may have seen in some of the traditional chakra diagrams?

I say this because golden energy is in alignment with the highest divine blueprint for the ascending humanity.

This is what your ascended self embodies and this is what you can embody now, letting your heart light glow with the highest vibration of golden crystalline consciousness. Bring this healing light of consciousness into your every cell, into your body, mind and spirit.

Tune into the light of your heart, and as you inhale, imagine it glowing bigger, brighter and more vibrantly.

As you exhale, imagine this golden energy circulating through your body, circulating through every cell, through your mind, body and spirit.

Inhale, glow brighter, exhale, and let this light flow through your being.


Heart Illumination Is So Powerful to Do!

You’re activating your heart light, awakening your higher heart center, and awakening the golden crystalline light of your heart.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Embracing The Adventure... By Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Life is a choice. It was a choice you made before you were born, and a choice you make every morning when you wake up and bravely enjoy another day on your school called Earth. You chose everything about this existence for the lessons it would provide your soul. You chose your families, your country of origin, key people you wished to meet. You chose your body, your health, so many things!

Then you surrendered into this existence you chose, hoping to remember your light, your essence and your lessons. You dove into the toughest classroom in the universe! It is there upon your earth that you can master love. If you can remember to love the light within yourself and others on earth – a planet where the illusions of separation seem so very real – then you have learned to love in a way that is deeper, stronger, and truer than anywhere else in the universe.

You are strong if you can walk on a clear sunny day but how much stronger you have to be to walk straight in a fierce wind. You are smart if you can figure out how to get somewhere on time, but how much more clever when you do so amidst obstacles. You are strong in your love if you can love when its easy but how much more you achieve when you can love your "enemy," as the saying goes.

Why would you want to learn to love at these levels, you ask? Why not remain comfortable in the heavens and be satisfied there? We would respond, that when, at long last, you remember that you are nothing less than one with love – and so are all others – then you will remain in the heavens or come back as an enlightened being for the sheer joy of experience and contribution.

When you stop looking at yourself and life as flawed – when you see the beauty and perfection of it all – then life becomes heaven! The storms do not cease, but you walk strong and steady amidst them. The obstacles are not removed, but they no longer appear to be obstacles. Life becomes a dance of love.

We wish this joy for each and every one of you - the joy of knowing that no matter what happens on earth you can embrace it like a child. You can run into the wind and find your strength. You can move easily around the obstacles in life and be proud of your cleverness. Like a child, you can love even when those around you cannot, and you can be proud of your ability to do so.

For it is indeed, in being like a child that you enter, or rather find yourself, in the kingdom of heaven.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Angels

The past few years the angels have challenged me to notice where I see life as "hard" – things as simple as grumbling when I dropped a fork, or crying over a physical challenge. They didn't do this to be cruel or nitpicky. They did it to remind me that life will become much easier when we stop focusing on how “hard” it is now!

In our willingness to embrace life’s challenges as a child does – with curiosity and innocence – the challenges cease to be problems. So, every time something happened that I didn’t like, I’d remind myself, “Life isn’t hard! Life is an adventure!” I found myself getting clever again, finding answers, and tapping into the God-given help we all have... for myself as easily as I do for others :)

When we're not busy resisting life, we're open to the help from heaven so we can enjoy life even more!

I have talked to many people who can’t wait to die. They think of death as an escape, not realizing that we take ourselves with! Whatever thinking we embrace on earth, we bring with us, and if it's not so good, eventually our souls will long to come back to earth and do better! "Like kids with a video game," the angels say, "we want to come back and master our own illusions and wrong thinking." It is hard to imagine, but when you get in heaven the desire to love is SO strong and so overpowering, it will draw you right back to earth, even if you wait a few hundred years in heaven, unless you learn to love yourself exactly as you are! 

I happen to like earth... a lot! I’ve been to heaven and back. It is love and beauty beyond reason, but earth is a magnificent playground for the soul with so much diversity! Here God portions his love into a gazillion forms and we get to witness the wonder of it all! It hasn’t always been easy, but the more I embrace life rather than resist it, and the more I embrace myself rather than resist me, the more resilient and joyful I become. 

These past few months have been inwardly tough, as life and the angels have helped me see every area in my soul where I've felt unlovable. It wasn't easy to look at. Its so much easier to blame life, others, my past, but I took responsibility for my own creation. I chose to love even those who had been unloving, to not ignore those who have ignored me, to love myself even when no one else seemed to be there to do it. I knew I had achieved quite a victory in my soul and I felt really good about it. 

Apparently, I graduated. 

I woke up a few Friday's ago, with an indescribable peace and a strong understanding that I could choose to "go home"now. I felt the tug and pull and peace of heaven. I knew that if I stayed it would mean more intense growth, but also joy and a life of contribution. It was my choice. I saw clearly, that if I chose, I would leave swiftly and painlessly in a car accident. There was no fear or drama – only sweet peace and a choice to be made.

I chose to live. I stayed inside the following day rather than driving up north. The following weekend, an event I was going to attend in Sedona was canceled due to inclement weather. I would have been on icy roads... We do have choice, whether we are aware or not... and life is a beautiful adventure as regardless of how it looks.

Here are a few tips to remember that life doesn’t have to be hard this week

1. Make peace with the fact that life is always interrupting “your life!”

That sounds funny, but we have our plans, and life seems to interrupt them all the time! We intend to leave the house on time but someone calls. We sit to answer a few emails and end up being distracted for an hour. We have plans to rest, but something spills or the kids, spouse, friends, parents, need something. We ran out of soap and have to run to the store…

Life interrupts “our life” all the time! To find true joy we have to stop thinking our “real lives” are going to happen someday when everything is perfect, when we have the perfect bank account, the perfect partner, the perfect health, etc.

Far better to realize that life is happening now, and choose to be with it on its own termsFace the day like a child on a grand adventure. Who cares if we don’t always get our way, if we choose to be happy now.

It's a funny thing but if you choose to be happy now, more joy comes later... and more easily. Don’t wait for life to stop interrupting “your life.”

Live now. Love now.

2. Look at life as an adventure

We can look at life as hard, or we can look at it as an adventure. When I’m in a space of truth, and I drop a dish or spill milk, I enjoy it thoroughly! When I've been bloated like a walrus, I stick my tummy out like a child and marvel at it. Children show off their “boo boos” and broken legs. They love watching things spill and making a mess. They observe drama with a curiosity born of innocence.

We can do this too! Imagine you are a child, just observing human life without judgment. See if you can go through a whole day with only a sense of wonder and curiosity for all you see.

3. When things don’t go your way, assume you are loved!

Its so easy to assume we’ve done something wrong, or that we’re not loved when things don’t go our way! We sometimes act like kids screaming for a cookie, the angels say, when the feast is coming!

Assume you are loved no matter what... and see how that shifts your reality.

Life is an adventure. Sometimes it looks as we want. Sometimes it doesn’t. Nonetheless, with an open mind and heart, we can enjoy the adventure, find joy in the present, and in so doing open ourselves up to attract more ease, grace, joy, and love than any amount of struggle and effort will ever bring.

Have a blessed week!

I love you all!


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