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Hey everyone. I seem to be going through something new, something i wonder if you know about or have experienced. It seems at night, im always up late cos im a student but especially between 2am till i go bed, i seem to hear a pretty much constant high pitch frequency. Its barly noticable cos its right at the top of my audible range, but its there...
I think the best way to describe it is like the sound of a high pitch pest repellent. i thought it might be my computer, but i hear it in bed when its off.
A few weeks ago i mentioned that i started seeing energy flows or something with my eyes closed at night so i was wondering if this is maybe related. I don't think this is a bad thing i would just like to know more about it i guess. your help is always loved :)

Thx :)

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Hi Bishop

To my understanding what is happening to you is that your higherself want to communicate with you and that`s because you hear that kind of sound. Me too, i have had many days that i have listened this kind of sound. But, as you have said is not bad at all , is just your inner divine self trying to communicate with you.
i hear them alot actually
and usually when i do, it's like i'm downloading new info, and oddly enough, it makes me feel ok if i have something troubling on my mind, but thats just me as far as i know
I here it to 3-4 times a week it depends. It's always in my left ear it has never been in my right. When it comes it gets really loud but it doesn't last very long in fact it just happen to me about 15 to 20 min ago, then i found your post.

Well i don't know how to interpret the communication if it is from your higher self. I just hope it is a good sign instead of a bad sign.
Oh yeah I have been experiencing that for about ten years and guess what it gets louder the further along you have it . Its annoying for a while but eventually it just seems natural...good luck though its part of your ascension process...namaste
I get it all the time. Its probably just ringing in your ears. Tinitus or however you spell it
I've been hearing high pitched frequencies in both ears for the past 28 years, non stop. But in my case, it's caused by tinitus ;)
i have a theory... when babies are born they are always taken away from parents to "make sure they are really OK" but i think 'they' might implant something that reacts to that frequency? i dont know... maybe it has something to do with all of the immunizations... i dont really know it just something i have thought for years... but mostly based on paranoia lol
i have been hearing that 'noise' since as long as i can remember, childhood i guess.
it might be HAARP, who knows?
it might be tinitus... who knows?
i just know that it is very rare to meet people who have never experienced a high pitch "eeeeeeeeee" noise in their ears that pretty much comes out of left field when you least expect it and slowly fades.
someone once told me it was like when someone thinks about you when you are thinking about them, but i think thats a mixed response involving several myths.
either way my friend, i think you can conquer it
love and light
peace forever
I have had it going on know for well over two years know,it was realy annoying at first but know I have accepted it as part of the change that needs to happen to take me up to the higher dimensions .
ive got 2 possibilities to explain this, and one is the GWEN/ELF/cell towers that are situated in most countries around the world and certain low frequencies they emit could cause a ringing in your ears.

another is it could be your pineal gland turning on at night, as ive read it has a slight buzzing sound when it turns on, and it usually turns on at night when its dark which seems like a more viable option.
i think people have or are starting to get tinitus, and unfortunately they are looking for something else.
who knows, i hope you guys are right, but if its the gfol, can you please stop, it bugs me after a while, bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz
It's true that the amplitude of the power converters in certain devices produce sound well within the audible level of humans. I personally can 'hear' when a television or other device is switched on (and I'm not talking about the sound related to the programming, for all you smart ones out there ;)) and quite a few other things I can pick up as either a buzzing or a high pitch. This quite sadly includes my computer, which is the noisiest beast I've ever come across ;)

john jones said:
I can hear stuff like light bulbs burning, electrical devices that should be silent... like clock radios.MAKES A HIGH PITCH SQUEALING.... Some hear it some dont.....but i will say that since i have been digging into my spirituality, I hear it alot more...Our world is sooo noisy...... !
I feel it could be white noise, every now and then i'll hear voices to just come out of no where, not saying anything to me but i'll hear a couple of words and then they are gone. It's gotta be white noise or the noise you hear before you hear white noise and i have heard at night and not during the day and just in the left ear.

It's pretty weird but it's fine though it doesn't bother me at all, except i would love to know where those voices come from every now and then.

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