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g-day. i found a video on youtube when i found a video about ashtar. he spoke of the age of Aquarius....i know very little about this but all i know is we moving in from the age of pieces to Aquarius. I want my world for which i care greatly to stop this.......corruption,violence. i'm only just left school but it seems all my life us humans have waged war on ourselves only to bring upon more suffering.

i'm hoping to get to know you guys a little better and hope you could help me learning more about this.

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just a question about this dropping of the veil.i'd like to learn more about this
More hello's from Australia:)

Kerrie said:
G'day mate good to have a fellow Aussi here. We are indeed leaving behind the age of pieces and being controled through fear and entering the age of Aquarius the age of love of self and others where we will own our power as the true beautiful beings that we are.Be the love and the peace you want to see in the world thats how powerful you are.

We are spreading around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
HI..I am an AUSSIE too..
its so good to see so many aussies on another site ( there wasn't that many like here.
G'Day Marsdo,

I'm from Sydney, NSW, Australia.

I too know what you mean, throughout our history (the earth's history I mean) there has been much bloodshed and many live's needlessy ended in the name of war (though the people don't just die and disappear, they only change energy form).

It hurts me deep down as I know taking another life in any circumstance affects everyone, even the person who does it. We are all part of the oneness, why would we do something that affects the whole energy in such a way? It's like doing something to deliberately hurt yourself, that's the way I see it and feel it anyway.

Anyway, enough of the depressing thoughts, let's put our energy towards world peace and less violence towards each other, because essentially we are all the same, we are the one.

Peace, love & harmony to my brothers and sisters


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