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Full Moon & Solar-Gaia Circuit Meditations ... And ... Perspective: Our Choice - Storms Or Sunshine? By Ann Albers...And...Messages From Christine Day & The Pleiadians For October 2019

Full Moon & Solar-Gaia Circuit Meditations

October 13th change is happening with the BIG energy of the Full Moon in Aries... This is a fiery energy sparking a period of transformation. Are you ready for it?

Learn the Top 5 Things You Need to Know About this Full Moon energy here in this new energy reading!

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Recap of the 5 Things You Need to Know about this Full Moon energy:

1. How is your Soul urging you to grow this Full Moon? This could take the form of joyful new opportunities opening to you... But it could also be challenging situations coming to light and heavy emotions or past trauma coming up for release. Be gentle with yourself and love what arises to navigate through.

2. Fiery Energy that you can use to take initiative and take charge This is the time to make a plan and take a step. Channel any aggression or discomfort that comes up towards creating positive change in the world and in your life.

3. Opportunity to Claim Your Soul Gifts, Spiritual Tools and Power The next level of your soul gifts, and spiritual tools are within reach. You may be able to see in a way you couldn't before. Presence and awareness in the moment supports your gifts and fullness of your light in shining through.

4. Shake Up Continues Changes, unexpected developments, and shifts continue. Stay present and grounded and don't over identify with the challenges that may appear. Trust that this is all supporting you in bringing more love, light and joy into your life.

5. Opportunity to Expand Your Consciousness, Tune Into Greater BLISS, Lift Higher and Embody More of Your Divine Truth. New levels of living in love and mastery await on just the other side of fear and clearing old patterning and judgements so you can claim your mastery of Love.

Have a wonderful now and a Happy Full Moon! With love, light and gratitude, Melanie

Video - "Full Moon October 13th! 5 Things You Should Know About This Fiery Aries Full Moon Energy!" - By Melanie Beckler -

Steve Nobel 

Sensitive men and women naturally feel a connection to the moon. For thousands of years many have worked with the lunar cycles in magical ceremonies, in meditation and manifestation rituals. Lunar energies have been utilised for healing and manifesting white magic.

Lunar energies have also been used to fuel destructive and karmically binding forms of black magic. Moon magic of both kinds are very potent though there are dangers in working with lunar energies even for white magic. This is because lunar energies potentially opens us to deception and interference by lower astral and galactic energies, entities and fallen angels.

Unfortunately, the energies of the moon have become part of a frequency control structure that seeks to maintain the energetic integrity of the low-frequency control grid upon the collective consciousness of humanity. 

So the purpose of this meditation is to dissolve all negative energetic and magical links with the moon and realign with the Solar-Gaia Circuit of the Earth and Great Central Sun. (This meditation can be done during the day or in the evening and it can be done during any phase of the moon.)

Video - "Moon Matrix Reversal Meditation: Realigning Your Energy Bodies to the Solar-Gaia Circuit"

By Steve Nobel -


Perspective: Our Choice - Storms Or Sunshine? By Ann Albers & The Angels

The Angels Message .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Our channel has a little phrase this time of year, "Its pumpkin season!" In truth, there are so many seasons on your earth, all at once! In some places it is planting season. In others, it is the season for harvest. In still others, it is the season to prepare for a very cold winter to come. For some it is swimming season!

All over your globe, at the same time, but in different places, people are experiencing very different realities. In fact, even in the same house, the same job, or the same family, people experience vastly different realities.

Each one of you is a universe unto yourself, living in a reality you share with seven billion others but experiencing life uniquely through the lens of your own personal perception.

If you put ten people in the same exact situation you would have ten different perceptions, and therefore ten different experiences of "reality."

So, what does this mean to you? Simply this dear ones – You get to choose how you will experience the "raw material" of your life. You get to sing in the rain, soak in it, slip in it, or all of the above.

You can see an angry person as a hurting soul for whom you will pray, or as a wicked monster whom you will choose to hate. You can view your challenges from the perspective of a victimized and hurting human – as horrible evidence that life is out to get you. Alternately, you can see them from the perspective of your soul – as opportunities to grow and expand into greater love and personal power.

In every moment you feel less than joyful, ask yourself, "How might I better look at this situation? Can I try a different lens, a different perception of this reality? What thoughts would give me greater peace, love, and joy right now?" We're not saying you should "think positive" if you cannot. Simply ask yourself, "What thoughts might feel a little better now?"

You can inch your way up the vibrational scale, little by little even when you're not inclined to be positive.

Perhaps you can shift from feeling victimized into problem solving and seeing yourself as a competent and capable human being with the power of God behind you. Perhaps you can shift from feeling angry at someone else to being kind to yourself. Perhaps you can shift from sadness to hope, from feelings of betrayal to thoughts that God will never abandon you. You can always stretch a bit, with your perception and reach for a thought that feels a little better.

Dear ones, your perceptions about life – the lenses through which you view reality – will color your days beautiful or ugly, painful or pleasant, empowering or victimizing. You get to choose.

You may not easily be able to choose your first reaction to a situation because that is programmed and habitual, but you can choose your second, third, and so on... and in so doing you not only shift your thoughts, your feelings, and your energy, but in time you will shift your entire reality.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Full Moon October 13th! 5 Things You Should Know About This Firey Aries Full Moon Energy!" By Melanie Beckler -


Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

Recently, I went for a beautiful hike, happy to be alive, well, and out in nature again. Driving home the sky was stunning in its contrast. Grey, ominous storm clouds were swirling behind me and torrential rain was pouring from the heavens. Sunny blue skies and beautiful puffy white clouds were in the direction I was going. I smiled and thought it was a beautiful metaphor for my life!

Working with angels has taught me that we always have choice. We can focus on either the storms or the beauty in our lives.

Take my recent adventure with the mouth infection. I initially felt that it was a horrible interruption in my otherwise very happy life! It was a scary, painful, nasty, unwelcome event.

However, I work with angels! I live in a reality where truth is hard to escape and the sun of God's love shines brightly, even in the storms of my life. I knew I brought this on with a kamikaze style desire for quick growth! In fact, my exact prayer three days before was, "Dear God, if anything is blocking me from channeling your love and healing then get it out by the roots!" Really. (Believe me, I'm now repeating "joyful/gentle, joyful/gentle, joyful/gentle" with any prayer for growth now!!)

There in the midst of one of my really unpleasant storms, I saw the light. I saw the beauty of the time spent connecting deeply with God. I saw the grace being offered me as I faced my fears. I got loved, gifted, guided, and assisted... even by my wonderful dentist whose conservative approach gave me time to heal naturally and prevent a root canal!

So many times in my life, the angels have showed me how to shift my thoughts to feel better, to see life in a sunnier way, and to be in a space which allows for greater help and guidance.

When a friend dumped a load of anger on me a few decades ago and I was hurt and seething mad, they pointed out that I had prayed for this person to share their feelings with me, and although in a very unpleasant way, this individual was finally starting to "clear their pipes." Well then... It was true, although at the time I wasn't quite ready for that amount of sunshine!

Sometimes it's easy to hear the heavenly perspective, and sometimes not. Sometimes I want truth. Other times I have wanted to be a spiritual child, throw a tantrum, and get sympathy. The angels do hold me, hug me, acknowledge the challenges in this school called earth. They've loved me when I needed to rant and rave, but then they went right back to offering me thoughts and perspectives that felt better as soon as I was ready!

Over the years, I've come to dearly appreciate this wisdom. When I don't feel good, I stop and look at the thoughts that are creating the bad feelings. I try to shift them little by little towards thoughts that feel better.

Here are some pointers to help shift your thoughts to the sunnier side of life...

1. Start to notice thoughts that don't make you feel good

It is all too common to think that the outer world makes us feel good and bad, but in truth it is our reaction to it – the thoughts we think in response – that make us feel bad or good.

Pay attention to your thoughts for just a few hours. Notice which ones make you feel good and which ones make you feel bad. Awareness is the key before we can change.

2. Experiment with thoughts that feel better

If you were shopping for pants and you tried on a pair that was too tight, you wouldn't buy them, wear them, and suffer! You'd peel them off and try to find a better pair. However, somehow we were all trained to suffer through thoughts that "don't fit" our soul!

The moment you notice a thought that doesn't make you feel good, "Try on" a different one. Stop worrying about whether or not the thoughts are TRUE, and instead create ones that FEEL BETTER.

True thoughts that feel bad are just as worthless as fancy designer jeans that don't fit!

For example, maybe someone was a jerk to you. You might be thinking to yourself, "I can't believe they said that! I can't believe the audacity! I can't believe they'd think that was OK..." and so forth.

These thoughts may be valid, but they don't make you feel good! Try on a different thought, "Well they certainly aren't evolved and may not be able to do better, but at least I have a choice about whether or not I go back for more! I'm growing in self-love! I don't need to be around people who can't be kind." That feels a little better.

If you're in a more evolved frame of mind, you might shift to "Father forgive them they know not what they do." Suddenly you see their behavior had nothing to do with you and you feel relieved that you didn't deserve it. You feel bigger than the fight, and more loving. You feel more like you.

Or, if you're feeling positively enlightened try, "Dear God bless their hurting soul for I know only pain can cause such unkindness. Free me from judgment and uplift their soul." Love feels amazing, if you can get to that point.

You can't fake it, however. Do your best. The trick is to make sure you choose thoughts that make YOU feel better.

It isn't about them, or the outer world. You are learning to master your inner world :)

3. Consciously look for, or share, the good in life

Be a "good detector!"

Set your inner radar to look for things that are beautiful, uplifting, kind, etc. Seriously seek them out. When you're in line at the grocery store, look for people who look kind. Smile at others. Ignore the scowling souls.

Look for beauty wherever you are. Someone designed and lovingly put thought into absolutely everything in our material world other than nature! The one GREAT LOVE designed nature! Ponder the love behind all you see, and look for the beauty.

then, if you're truly in the right mood, BE a beacon of light, goodness, truth, beauty, and inspiration! If you're not, don't judge yourself. Instead Practice seeing it and seeking it!

"Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened. "

We are, in a way, the parents to our inner children. We are the lovers to the parts of ourselves that are in need of validation and care. We are the divine expression of love to any hurting parts and pieces of our spirit within.

We are nothing less than love trying to remember and enjoy itself in a myriad of different forms, and we get back to that truth, one better-feeling thought at a time.

Love you all!

Visit Ann's Message Archives -

Video - "Soul/Star, Earth/Star Meditation" By Steve Nobel -



Messages From Christine Day & The Pleiadians

For October 2019

Christine's Message .....

Hello,  There is a golden haze all around our land with the leaves beginning to change color as the colder weather of fall comes in. It feels as though this golden light is mirroring the pure energies of God Light that now is embracing all of us.

I am excited and exhilarated by the currents of unfolding light that are penetrating our planet and continue to be transmitted from the Sun’s rays, carrying the powerful essence of purity since the shift in mid September.

After this dynamic energetic opening on the 14th September I do hope you are doing well, that you are assimilating this energy consciously through your Heart space. That you are continuing to stay focused on letting go within the newly opened energetic framework here on Earth, and committed to aligning to deeper more expanded moments within your Heart space.

There is so much taking place within our newly constructed framework here on the planet. These new energies allow every one of us to realign through to the Higher Realm components of our sacred aspects. At the same time we are being propelled into an unknown setting, unrecognizable to most of us, and yet this is our destiny, this is what we have said, ‘Yes’ to experience now.

I wish to remind you, and remind myself that all is in hand, even if we have no understanding of what is exactly taking place. We are each being held, supported throughout this transitioning phase.

The Pleiadians are telling me there are further expanded shifts coming throughout October, leading into the end of the year. They say there will be a building of intensity leading into the New Year and we must stay focused on our Hearts, allowing our own transformation and transmutation to continue. Letting go and letting go!

We can expect an accelerated change around the illusion of time as we have known previously. This is because the multidimensional environment of Earth is opening, so there is a ‘falling away’ of veils, which have been previously been held in place by the illusion. There is a crumbling of illusion that we are witnessing throughout the planet, this country and our own lives. Continue to witness this while you engage within the stability of your own Heart.

Know that you can depend upon the vastness of stability within your own Heart. Your Heart connection will support you through all the various shifts that will occur between now and New Year.

We are united through our Hearts. I hold each one of you and transmit the love outwards to all of you as we continue to meet within the sacred space of our Heart.

Love and blessings


Video - "Pleiadian Broadcast October 2019" -


The Pleiadian's Message .....

Beloved Ones we greet you,  There is much to be revealed to you this month. As you choose to reconnect within the vastness of your own Heart, understanding and clarity will be given to you.

This is your time for the self-empowerment of divine love to be released through you. This love transmits naturally from your Heart into your physical cells, to create a transmutation of your own unique light to nourish your cells.

Your sacred nature embodies love and as you choose to actively engage within your Heart there is a deep metamorphic process that is taking place within your cells. This is your time to take moments to activate this unfolding within you. This is a self-birthing process of you unfolding by reactivating the Love within.

Be willing to let go and allow the changes to unfold within your life. Consciously celebrate and own your life no matter how it appears within the illusion.

Gratitude for what is in your life brings to you receivership of a higher blessing. This is the time for Blessings to be returned to you. Open up and let go by celebrating your path and engaging deeply with all that you have created for yourself at this juncture.

Do not regret your experiences that you have created. Simply be a witness to all that you have experienced and now open into all that is about to be revealed to you on your path.

We witness you.


The Pleiadians

Video - "Ascension Grid Activation 2019~2020" By Solara An-Ra

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