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A couple of days ago I went outside to look at the stars cos it was a clear evening/night for the first time in ages. I was looking at a really bright star when suddenly I saw something flash beside it. Then there were several flashes going off around it. I was like "wow!" and then I thought I was just seeing things cos my eyes were going funny. So I looked away to readjust my eyes and when I looked back at the sky I saw loads of flashes going off all over the place!

I put it down to the fact that I had just woken up (having fallen asleep for a few hours in the evening) and my eyes were still adjusting. And that because I had been staring at this bright star, it was causing the flashes. A bit like when you look at a bright light and then you keep seeing blotches wherever you look.

But I thought I'd post this just in case anyone thinks it was more than just my eyes seeing things?

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Flashes... you mean like some sort of lightning? or beams? If the star is appearing to shimmer, that is normal distortion caused by the distance and cosmic waste. But things flashing from it? Waw, must be awesome!
I've seen something similar to this off and on in the last few weeks.

Stars flashing green, bright flashes of light near brighter stars and 'dancing' stars to name just a few. Also several moving lights that do their best to imitate an aircraft descending to the airport, but with nav and strobe lights matching no known configuration.

In fact, I saw that last example just yesterday...
recently ive been seeing long streaks of light arcing across the sky.
Where I am in the UK, Yorkshire I have seen dancing stars, flashing stars (lots very recently) that have been changing from green, blue and red and also a star that seemed to have lots of little lights coming from it, that was on Tuesday.
I always see something up in the sky only at night time, but this star is not only really bright like 3 times brighter than most stars, it is also multi colored light. It could be a satalite but i don't feel it is. It could be a mother light ship far off in the distance. IT's really beautiful to look at even if it may be a satalite


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