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Last fall i use to wake up feeling sick to my stomac. Eat (before bed and/or morning), not eat (before bed and/or morning), 5 hours of sleep, 10 hours of sleep. I tried to diagnose it but nothing, It lasted September to November and went away on it's own. Doctors couldn't diagnose either. Funny thing is i would wake up in the morning feeling like crap and by mid-day it would usually be gone.

This summer it came back worse. June to late August. Went to the doctor again and ran some tests. All negatives. They prescribed me some pills as a precaution but i didn't take them. Like last fall it went away as fast as it started, and i haven't had a problem since. Until this morning. Hardly that bad but definately there. Clean bill of health, i just don't understand where it's coming from.

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sleepy amethyst said:
is it at the same time of year? could it be some thing youve ate ?

No, it's not the same time of the year and because it was over a few months it's definately not something i was eating.
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