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I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing your body feeling so light. It's not from losing weight which i'm not heavy set and i do weigh 210 pounds but i don't look like it and i definitely don't feel like it. I started to really getting light around the summer time, and now it's like sometimes i feel like i'm floating. It's such a wonderful feeling, If i get any lighter than what i am now i'll be flying. Well if this means i'm Ascending that means we all will be able to Fly at least. We won't need vehicles anymore to travel. Our new light bodys will be the vehicle of travel. I've heard we will have all sorts of abilities like teleporting, telekensis, flying, telepathy, and also possibly Time Travel.

I'm sure hope i can make it, Because i would love to fly and i do that alot in my dreams.


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Awesome!! I only get that feeling when I manage to truly get relaxed and silent during meditation. Hope I can experience the same thing soon!! And if time travel is possible; well, then I definately want to see the dinosaurs (from a safe distance), William Wallace, Columbus, and all the way to the very beginning of the All.
Dear Aaron.

I'm happy to hear that you are feeling lighter. Perhaps not in a physical sense, but in a metaphorical to philosophical sense. I've personally always felt as if gravity only had a very flimsy hold on our bodies, and during my childhood I was even afraid that there might come a time when down suddenly became up.

You mention flying a lot in your dreams. This is a very positive sign, since that is your dream self exploring the landscape of dream you have just created yourself, entirely free of bonds or constraints. Flying, in a dream, is to take another step closer to freedom in reality.

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