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For the past 4 hours, i've just can't stop laughing in joy for no apparent reason, it feels like i've been smoking weed or something but i don't smoke weed or do any drugs, i just feel so high. Does anyone else get this way every now and then? I've finally stopped for now but i still feel high.

there is nothing i ate or taken to make me feel this way.

I now know what it was, i took one of those massage devices and put it on my chest, for some reason i just got so joyful. Maybe we could use those massage devices to stimulate our chakras, i don't believe they are dangerous in that way, but let me know what you all think.

I also feel so incredibly light beyond anyones comprehension even my own. My reality is so picking up speed, texture, color, and sound. Most of all i just don't care about any problems in my life or the future. I suppose it's all about enjoying this moment in time. That is what counts the most i believe.

I wish i could feel this way on a constant basis but i guess not yet, it comes and goes.

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All the best Aaron. Hope to get there too. That is the stuff 5D is made of, as in happy for no apparent reason, light and joyful, as if you had no problems. I think 5D has hit you man. If it keeps running in and out don't worry, it will become parmanent soon. There is that word again, soon...hmm.
Thanks Kihanvaking, I don't feel like i'm in 5d but i'm probably on my way. The other day i felt extremely frustrated on not knowing where i want to go in life, and figuring out how i can help others, and today i just feel very high on whatever it is. It's like i just don't care about any thing negative in the world or in my life, or the future. The Future is always on my mind, and worring about getting a job since i've been laid off for a couple of weeks now. I'm also getting pressured by my family, friends and neighbers to find a job and go to work. I'm at the point where i don't care about working, i do collect unemployment and i do volunteer at the hospital which i really enjoy alot. Of course in this world we have to make a profit so we can keep our living style in tact.

I'm so ready to leave 3d and leave this world one way or the other, not that i'm going to hurt myself. I've always have problems with money and finances and can never make the right choices to have a rich life of abundance. I've always tried to find something i could get into, like starting a business but i've always failed more than anyone can know. I feel so out of place here in this world.


anil said:
lol today was a good day for me b/c
a celebrity was on the alex jone's show today, and i've been talking to people about the elite and how the federal reserve is a fraud
I always find your posts interesting, and I admire your courage in sharing your experiences with us, Aaron. It is lovely to hear of someone actually living so 'close' to the 5th dimension that it flows into their 3d awareness, it is to be celebrated, well done.
If I may say, please don't regard your life here and now as particularly difficult. You know, my friend, if that is what you tell yourself, you will indeed feel more hopeless. You also know, I hope, that every breath we take and every ray of light we recieve, is a living abundance. Shit on money, it's dark rubbish and it does'nt define us, only sheeple believe in it.
Thanks again, Aaron
hahaha aaron, your post was a timely reminder
enjoy yourself!
Hey Aaron!....good to hear from you opinion in this is that you with that such device you mentioned stimulated you Chakra of Power that is located near your stomach area....and that is reason all your joyous feeling was expanded into your whole body.

Much love and light!

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