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Experience All That You Are With AA Muriel & Melanie Beckler ... And ... A World In Rebirth By Ann Albers & The Angels

Experience All That You Are With AA Muriel & Melanie Beckler

Melanie's Message .....

Greetings from Archangel Muriel...

Know that woven through this message is a wave of emotional tranquility and calm.

A moment and peace and stillness opening up now to embrace you.

To soothe your very being and to remind you that all is well. That you are loved and that indeed in every moment, and in this moment here and now - All You Are - your highest light, deepest truth, expanded knowingness and wisdom are within you.

Know and remember now that Ascension is not becoming someone or something you're currently not. It is revealing more of the Truth of who you are. Opening and expanding your awareness to embrace the codes of consciousness.

The seeds of Truth and Vibrant Life are already here, already planted within you even now.

And yet there are layers of who you are more easily seen.

A hologram, a perspective, a collective belief that on the surface yes, it is real too. Is you... Is true...

But it is but the tip of the iceberg and beneath the mind, beyond the constructs of mind, there is so much more to who you already are.

Beyond confines of space and time. And so entering into this space...

Within this moment of still.

You are able to glimpse, know and feel...

A peace beyond feeling.

A wisdom profound.

Infinite love. Within and around.

Your open heart, your clear mind and willingness indeed opens you to the potential that always resides within the heart of the moment.

And so yes, here and now.


A simple Pause.
A breath.
A shift.
Beneath the surface perspective of your normal waking mind...

Is an inner wellspring of infinite love, radiant joy and bliss, expanded Truth, true and lasting Peace.

And so breathe... Be still... Cultivate inner peace and calm within.

In this moment here and now. Enter in.

Quiet your mind, open your heart to Love.

Go within... and receive the peace, harmony, wisdom and blessings broadcast from above and all around.

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With love and bright blessings,

For a free audio download of Melanie's message - click on this link:

Video - "I Am The Divine Self That I Am & That You Are ! By Matt Kahn"


Archangel Muriel's Message .....

At this time I invite you to join me in taking a deep, relaxing breath and now beginning to focus within. Quiet your mind, open your heart, and now feel your energy ground flowing down out the bottom of your feet, down through the layers of earth, down to the core of earth where you are able to connect with an incredible light therein.

Feel, see, experience this light at the core of the earth and know that you are one with it, you are a part of it, you are one with earth, with the light at the core of the earth, and with all that is. Breathe and relax as this light now begins to flow upwards, flowing up through your feet in through your body, up your spinal column, up out the top of your head. Go up with it, up into the light, to connect directly with divine frequency, with unconditional love, with the higher vibrations of the realms of spirit.

Lift and now feel your connection to the divine and to all that is. Feel your oneness with all that is. And from this space I now invite the highest, best, most loving possible channeling guide. Please come in with the healing frequency and message. I invite the highest, best, most loving channeling guide, please come in, connect, and channel through me now.

Greetings beloved one. I, Archangel Muriel, am present with you in this moment. Present with your team of guides and angels of healing, guidance, knowledge, and divine frequency. As you listen to these words, we each flow vibrations of peace and of elevated frequency into your proximity, into this very moment.

For understand that you individually and you collectively as humanity are entering into a new era in which new codes of divine information, new frequencies of truth and of your authentic expression as physical, spiritual beings are able to be accessed, felt, embraced, shared, and enjoyed by you and by all.

I connect with you individually now to say, indeed, you have the ability to access new information at this time. It is by allowing yourself the freedom to explore the realm within, to explore your inner sacred space, exploring your inner realm and remaining open to what you find that you gifts can manifest.

Allow yourself to translate what you find through your imagination and your intuitive gift and psychic senses, which is more detailed, more precise than that you are simply a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or more.

Your gift comes into focus in your own unique way, for you connect with the infinite light of the divine and through your imagination and through your ability to translate the infinite divine frequency into tangible thought, creative expression, physical, mental, and spiritual manifestation in a way which is uplifting, inspiring, and healing for you.

In this you are able to serve all of humanity not in a manner which is limiting for you or even by which you are required to sacrifice. The true gift which you are able to give comes as a result of your ignited passion and authentic connection and experience of all that you are.

All that you are in terms of your awareness, of your link with all that is, a web of vast networks and connections extending out beyond you, connecting to all beings and places in time. In terms of this, yes, but we speak also in terms of your personal, individual capacity to create positive change in your own life through awakened passion and expression of the authentic spiritual being that you are, a spiritual being with an understanding of all that is, with an acceptance of the current realm of duality in which you live.

And from within this duality, the ability is yours to be able to positively contribute, not to eliminate that which is considered to be darkness or dense energy, but to learn to maintain a positive vibration for yourself so that you essentially rise above, so that you are transparent to negativity, density, darkness, or heavy vibrations of others.

Sending dense energy into the light has a role and a purpose and is recommended, but where you are going and what you are stepping into is simply being able to be present and aware and unaffected by the energies of others which are lower or heavier in their vibrational form.

Currently as you lift into new levels of light, of light vibrations, you can be slammed down, bombarded with lower vibrational frequencies, triggered by hidden buttons or detonators in your experience, tied to past challenges of your own, to past abuse or tension or struggles or regrets or grief. Know that it is ok, whatever you have experienced up until this point is ok. Indeed, it is divine, for it has brought you into this present space and time.

And so, you see, this is the lesson, not to change what has been but to simply accept and when you accept you can stop reliving the past, you can stop reliving the pain, stop anticipating further pain and struggle and challenge and simply being present, transparent in this now, allowing any possibility of struggle, of challenge, of tension to float by, to float through while you remain unaffected.

It is said and rings true that, indeed, humanity is motivated by pain or pleasure, by love or fear, by doubt or certainty, which are essentially all the same. Love or fear. And so as you move forward in your own life and with your awareness think not about what is good or bad or about what is light or dark, let yourself observe is this love? Is this moving me in the direction of more love, of increased love? Or is this moving me in the direction of fear?

Speaking in terms of thought, in terms of information, in terms of choices you make in response to situations panning out in the world around you, your imagination is a great asset and ally. When you use your imagination to plot out positives, this moves you in the direction of love. It is when you dread or anticipate challenges that you are unknowingly and unwillingly drawing yourself in the direction of increased fear, challenge, and struggle.

And so let go now, let go of fear, and your guardian angels and your guides and the benevolent beings of love and healing who are present with you in this time and space lift from your shoulders, from your back, from your mind, body, and spirit, patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and vibrations of fear, which are present in your form.

Let go as these fear based energies and constructs are essentially vacuumed out of your being, released from your spinal column, released from your mind, body, and spirit, released from this present space and time, released into the light, making way for unconditional love, for visions of what is possible when you walk a path of love.

For know that love, what you love, focusing on love, drawing more love onto you, is the path to activating your full, authentic potential and ability to translate divine frequencies, new spectrum's of energy, of color, of potential, for humanity translating these like codes into form, into thought, into expression.


Love awakens your ability to know and to experience these higher vibrational frequencies and to receive benefit from them in your own life, and to then share these gifts of the divine, translated by you, beloved one, into your own personal pleasure, love, expression, creation, and manifestations, for the highest and greatest good, for your benefit, and for the well being and harmony of all.

At this time let yourself breathe, open your heart, and enter in as your higher self, the spiritual being that you authentically are in spirit now begins to download into your mind, body, and spirit now.

The full light and frequency of your spirit, of your light body, of your personal power, your divine frequency, the part of you that is connected to the divine and connected to all that is downloads now into your present being.

Let yourself lift in vibration to meet and to make this merge. Let yourself bask in the unconditional love frequencies that you authentically are. Let yourself awaken to the truth and knowing of all that you are when you walk the path of love, when you unite with your authentic truth, when you love from the physical realm with awareness and powered through love of your full radiant, vibrant, beautiful vibrational essence and form.

At this time feel your energy ground and center, returning your awareness to your physical body, anchoring the spiritual vibrations which you have tuned into into your physical body, into your center, into your present time, knowing that as you move forward, as you quiet your mind, as you open your heart to love, as you banish doubt and uncertainty from your mind in every conscious waking moment through returning to love.

Your gifts are able to blossom, you are able to make a difference, but, more than that, you are able to live in the balanced, inspired, awakened state of well being and love and health and vitality that you yearn for, that you are drawn towards, that helps you to feel fulfilled like you are making a difference and like you are really loving, you are really living, you are serving in a way that is inspiring to you, that makes you feel alive and loved and vibrant, and that benefits all.

Your power is awakened and as you consciously walk the path of love, it is all able to be accessed by you now in every moment with your conscious choice, through awareness evaluating your mental patterns and constructs of thought, asking is this moving me in the direction of increased love? If not, release the fear, for if you are not moving towards love you are moving towards fear.

Release the fear into the light and return to the heart centered place of awareness and of knowing that you are divine, that you are so loved, that you are connected directly to the divine, to the angelic realms, and to all that is.

Feel this now, experience this now, see this now, witness this now and return to this realization often, as often as you can. For when you witness your divinity, you blossom in the power of love, awakening the full extent of your gift to access the new, to embrace the change, and to make a difference for the highest and greatest good.

And so it is. I, Muriel, and your team of guides and angels flow a final surge of healing energy into your present space.

Dance in the light that is all around you. Celebrate the magnificence of this energy, for you are not separate. You are it. You are magnificent, brilliant, divine. Live this truth, live, love, for this serves, for this is. Goodbye for now.

Thank you, thank you.

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Peace, Healing, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in every moment,

Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Ascension Meditation of Crystalline Light ~ Channeled with the Archangels"

By Melanie Beckler -




Ascension Through Integration By Natalie Glasson &

Lord Krishna

I honour the divine within you,

I am Krishna. I am a manifestation of the Creator. I embody the Creator in my heart, soul, and actions.

I am the sun that shines so brightly onto your face. I am the sky, the wind, and the stars. I am the water, the land and soil. I am the Earth in all its bounty and beauty. I am the love, peace and harmony that exists on the Earth and in the Creator's spiritual world.

I am your soul in manifestation on the Earth. I am your movements when you dance, the noises of joy when you laugh and the ecstasy of your jubilations. I am your kind thoughts, your loving actions, and your devotion to the Creator in its purity. I am one with you, we exist as a whole. Nothing can separate our union for we are united in the name, soul, and light of the Creator.

My dear sweet children of the Light, I am integrated and united with every aspect of the Creator's kingdom, this is not because I am an ascended master but because I am my truth, in complete existence. You are united and integrated with every aspect of the Creator's soul and the universe, you are simply unable to comprehend this yet but a time will come when you will experience the love of every other aspect of the Creator's soul pour into your being and you will be in bliss.

The Influence of the Physical Body

Existing within your human body is almost like living within a cage; you are unable to escape while consciously awake. You can feel a connecting with others and to integrate your energy with the Creator’s soul, but there is an aspect of your being that is separated from the Creator due to your physical body.

This is not a hindrance; it is a precious and valuable experience that allows you to focus on the divine contained within your physical body, discovering, analysis and honouring your inner energy until it is such a major influence in your life.

The physical world may seem so dominant now for you, as separation between people is encouraged, fear of illness is widespread, and the fragility of the physical body promoted. Each person is being drawn into a viewpoint of themselves and their reality which is an illusion.

This of course is an invitation you do not have to accept and can instead dive into the truth of your being and the world surrounding you. To indulge in illusion is to waste valuable ascension and discovery time.

There is a need to discover a balance between the physical reality and your inner divine reality. This is where integration becomes the key. Integrating the sacred vibrations of your inner soul with the physical reality unfolding for you and all on the Earth now will create a clear vision and pathway for you to embody. Allowing you to remain balanced in mind, body and being, while living in illusion with the perspective of truth and clarity.

Video - "Experience The Levels & Dimensions Of Your Christ Consciousness" By Natalie Glasson -

The greatest illusion is separation.

The greatest truths can be discovered through the process of integration.

My dear children, value every moment of your time within a physical body, integrate your divine soul and sacred energies into your physical body and reality as this is your true purpose on the Earth.

You must love yourself to eliminate these boundaries. As you open to the energy of your soul and embody love the restrictions of your physical body and reality will disperse. This does not mean that your body will disappear but that it will rise in energy vibration, allowing you to exist with greater integration and vastness in a physical body.

When you connect with your inner divine energies you are able to reach out and share your love and light with those around you, increasing your expansive energy and unity of your light with other aspects of the Creator's light. With this progression, you will gradually learn to become integrated with every aspect of the Creator's soul, becoming the Creator and the beauty of the mighty soul of the Creator on the Earth, and throughout the universe.


‘Lord Krishna, I invite the divinity of my being to connect with all aspects of your being, physical body and reality now. I expand my divine energies into my entire being and into the world around me.

I share my love and light openly and generously with those around me. The expansion of my light magnifies and amplifies, manifesting unity with all aspects of the Creator’s light.

With this progression I can see, sense, and acknowledge my natural integration with every aspect of the Creator’s soul. I acknowledge and explore myself now as the beauty of the Creator incarnate on the Earth. It is through integration I ascend, recognising the truth of the Creator within my being and the world around me. Thank you and so it is. ‘

Integration is to ascend and to become enlightened. When you expand your soul and integrate it with the aspects of the Creator's soul you become sensitive and aware of everything that occurs on the Earth and the inner planes.

Your awareness and sensitivity expand across the Earth because you are integrated with all. You can assist and guide many from the spiritual planes because you are an aspect of every soul incarnation on the Earth and in existence on the spiritual planes.

This, my dear children, is the way that we can be by your side every day guiding you forth. We are ascended masters, divine light beings of the Creator and an aspect of your soul. When you invoke our guidance and advice, we can assist you with ease.

The process and practice of integration is one that brings forth major ascension shifts and awakening. Integration is essential now on the Earth as it will not only open your inner divine world to you, but also your spiritual skills, abilities and enlightenment will be revealed.

Integration with the Creator and your soul, expanding these energies into your reality and the world will enable you to strengthen your energies, balance your being, awakening your inner enlightenment, become aware of the truth within and around you, as well as, grounding you into a new way of being.

Integration is to accept the presence of divinity within your being and to emanate it into your being and world. Evaluating your connection and oneness with all souls, therefore becoming the truth of the Creator incarnate upon the Earth.

Time and your physical body are your only restrictions on the Earth, but they aid you in discovering the sacred jewel and golden droplet of enlightenment you are. Once this is understood then you can accept yourself as a vast and expansive energy of the Creator that is integrated with every living soul not just on the Earth but in spirit form as well.

This comprehension allows you to realise there is an aspect of your soul within every person that you meet and greet. You are one with the Earth and the universe. You are the Creator in manifestation on the Earth, and let it be. This comprehension is now grounding fully into the Earth, allow it to awaken and become active within your own being.

I share with you the bounty of love that stems from my soul. I honour the divine within you; I respect and love you unconditionally. May you now honour the divine within your soul and love yourself unconditionally.

Allow the waves of Krishna's energy to immerse your being.

I am Krishna

More Lord Krishna -

To watch the video of Natalie's message, or get a free audio download of her message - click on this link:

Video - "The Horus-Falcon Transmission - Becoming A Light Warrior Of The Great Central Sun" By Steve Nobel -



A World In Rebirth By Ann Albers & The Angels

The Angel's Message .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe. Be patient with yourselves and one another. You are in a state of re-birthing upon your planet earth and birth is not a process that can be easily rushed. It must come in its own time. The human race is going through intense contractions right now – one moment feeling very hopeful that things are progressing and that you can see the light at the tunnel, and in the next feeling stuck, frustrated, and stagnant.

We celebrate the joyous anticipation so many of you feel. You are indeed moving into a kinder and more connected world, a world in which more people acknowledge the value of every human being, a world in which you crave touch, kindness, and where you have learned that you can indeed "hug" one's soul even if not hugging a body. So many of you are focused upon this reality and even better. That is a blessing to your entire human race.

We also understand and are sending love to so very many of you who are feeling the very human frustrations that are arise from feeling stuck – stuck at home, stuck out of work, stuck with people you'd rather not be stuck with, stuck without a solution as to how you might manage your present conditions. The feelings of stagnation are as prevalent now as the feelings of peace, love, and kindness. Thus, the contractions.

If you are in joyous anticipation of a more beautiful, higher dimensional world, stay in that space! You are creating it, not only for the world, but for yourselves as well.

If you are feeling irate, stagnant, or stuck, start by giving yourself a hug and speaking to the child within that feels helpless, afraid, or is just simply throwing a tantrum. Love this part of your soul that is irate or fearful. Talk to this inner self as if they are very real, for in truth their energy is affecting you, and not in a way that feels comfortable or happy. 

Remind this inner child that there is always growth, even if there is no movement. There are always solutions even if you can't see them yet. There is always a Divine Presence and angels available to assist you if you sit, breath, receive, and believe. You are where you are for a reason. You are there to love some part of you that requires your attention now.

Rather than shifting blame, or running to addictive behaviors, whatever they might be – busy-ness, anger, sugar... sit with your unhappy feelings and be with them and love them as you would love an unhappy child. For in truth the child within you does want love, and has most likely for some time. Now is your opportunity to heal.

Dear ones, you may feel a combination of both sets of emotions – hopeful one moment, and impatient or discouraged the next. It is OK! Birth is not always an easy process. Birth involves a bit of struggle for most... but birth can also be the greatest teacher of surrender.

Surrender to your own feelings, and love yourself. Surrender to the new world being born, because there are some things you cannot change by force.

In surrendering to the Divine Self and the energies of the Divine 5th Dimensional world being birthed, you will find your divine heart of Love... you will begin to change your inner world... and in so doing, you will imagine the "newborn" human race, and your "newborn" life into being.

The past few months have been life-altering for many of you. So rather than going "back to normal" we would ask you to consider "going forward into a new reality." Ask yourself, "What reality do I wish to move forward into?

"Normal," for many, was an emotionally isolated reality in which texting replaced talking and really conversation. "Normal" for many was stressed, hurried, and out of balance. "Normal" for many meant living in a sort of numb and complacent reality where the daily goals activities became more important than the heart's dreams.

We know this isn't true for all of you. Nonetheless we encourage each and every one of you to ask yourselves, "Do I want to go back to normal or forward into a reality that is kinder, more loving, and more balanced; a reality that involves deeper connections, more meaningful conversations, and time spent in silence periodically, checking in with my heart to make sure I haven't forgotten my own desires?"

Do you want to go "back to normal" or "forward" into a reality where you value the quiet helpers in your society? Do you want to go "back to normal" or "forward" into a reality in which taking time to breathe and reconnect with your own feelings is an important part of your schedule? Do you want to return to a planet choked with pollution, or forward into a reality where those who can and choose to work from home cut down and therefore contribute to the planet's well-being.

Move forward, dear ones, after having taken the time to ask yourselves, "What reality do I wish to move forward into? Who do I wish to be moving forward? What reality do I dream for my world and my family of human beings?" The questions will bring forth answers from your soul – answers that can shift the course of your existence into a higher and happier reality.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "The Unseen Friends Transmission: Opening to the Spirit Worlds" By Steve Nobel


Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure you have seen the "contractions" as the angels call them. There are so many people doing so much good in the world right now. Then there are the angry tantrum throwers you see raging recklessly on the road. There are kind protesters standing apart with signs, simply voicing their opinions and dialogging intelligently, and then there are those whom Darwin's natural selection might weed off the planet because they disregard their own well being and that of others.

It is an interesting mix of light and dark, hope and frustration. It is to be expected. After a few months of having lives disrupted, people tend to respond in one of two ways: they adapt and grow, or they resist the birthing, prolonging and extending the pain and hurt.

I have also felt the frustrations of many who are simply having a very scary and difficult time, having been furloughed or laid off, sick, or not sure how they'll sustain themselves, or their families.

As always, angels being angels, they remind everyone that "You can move mountains if you had the faith the size of a mustard seed." I've seen so many miracles for so many people – and myself – over the years, I know this to be true.

I look forward to the future when we take the masks off and see each other smiles once again, but I know even with physical masks on, we have been removing the masks from our souls. We have been making eye contact, really looking at the people around us. May we maintain that intimacy as we move forward, truly seeing one another as our very own family.

I look forward to the future when we never again take for granted medical personnel, delivery people, store clerks, and all those who held us up while the world was down. May we all realize that rich or poor, prestigious or quietly serving, we all play a valuable and integral part of the human dance.

I look forward to a future where employers that once doubted people could work from home allow those who can and wish to do it, and thus reduce overhead, increase profits, and have happier employees.

I look forward to a future in which families walk and talk and experience the "real" world in nature more often; one in which nature herself is valued more highly by all and kept clean and pristine for generations to come.

I look forward to a future in which we cherish and give thanks for the freedoms we have, and never again take a thing or a person for granted.

I look forward to a future in which we value life, one another, and our simple pleasures. May we never again take a roll of toilet paper for granted, or the role of another fellow human being in our lives.

May we realize we can make the best of any situation no matter how dire.

May we remember always that in the face of a darkness that swept the earth, we found a greater light.

So if you are doing well, enjoy this time. If you are in a scary, angry, or frustrated space, be kind to yourself first, because, as the angels say, some part of you is desperately in need of love.

Here are some pointers to deal with uncertainty in a positive and constructive way:

1. Love yourself first

If you are angry, scared, frustrated, or just not feeling comfortable, give yourself a hug. Seriously - wrap your arms around you. Imagine as you do so you are hugging a younger version of yourself who is angry, scared, frustrated, or uncomfortable. There is a lot of science out there that demonstrates simple touch – even your own – is calming.

 No matter what happens, something good will come out of this." The more you say it, the more you'll believe it. Something good always comes out of tough situations if you allow for it.

2. Give up the need to control the external world

This may sound obvious but getting mad about things you can't change is not productive. It is what the angels lovingly call, a "Tantrum." It doesn't usually feel too great, and it doesn't shift reality.

When you feel the need to have a tantrum – to rant and vent, try to do it in a healthy way. Journal, vehemently vacuum, throw rocks (safely in nature where no one else is around!), sing loudly, breathe intensely (while seated or laying down), or play intense music and dance your upset away. Alternately you can write a complaint letter to God and shred it, call in your angels and have a great rant in private, make art, write intense poetry, create loud music, or just shake it off physically.

The bottom line is that you need to move the energy out of your system so you can then come from a more peaceful and powerful place in your psyche and soul.

3. Start to Master your Inner world

Once calm, breathe slowly and deeply. You already know what you want, so ask yourself a different question, "Who would I be if I had what I wanted right now?" 

Can you try to imagine what that person would feel like? How would they speak? How would they behave? What would the energy feel like. Imagine you are that person in the future. What would your future self advise you to do now... just imagine. "Who do you want to be moving forward? What do you want to move forward into? 

You are starting to connect with a better future reality, and the better-future-you that lives within it. Be that person now and you'll receive all sorts of insight and guidance to match the energy.

It isn't the easiest time on earth for many. It is blessed time for others. Wherever you find yourself in the equation, know that change is inevitable and the contractions between hope and frustration may come fast and furiously as we go through these labor pangs. Nonetheless, in the end, we will all emerge in a better and higher vibrational world.

Surrender to self. Surrender to light. Surrender to love.

Love you all!

PS - if you need an extra dose of love I'm doing free live streamed gazes on Sunday. If you don't have Facebook you can still watch. Some apps allow you to not log in and watch live. Others will allow you to see the replays if you don't log in.

Visit Ann's message Archives -

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Peace, Healing, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect For Each of You,

Steven Hutchinson


Video - "Wings Of Isis Transmission" By Steve Nobel -


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