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Emotional Forecast for June 2018 By Matt Kahn...And...Creating Patterns of Truth In Your 4-body System By Natalie Glasson ... And ... the Language Of Energy & Feeling

Emotional Forecast for June 2018 By Matt Kahn

As we celebrate the welcoming of a new solstice, we enter into a new phase of our journey more emotionally cleansed than ever before. Maybe you feel more so wrung out than cleansed at the moment, but with time, you may come to see the brand new beginning that has opened for you. 

Perhaps ramping up over the past several months and hitting its crescendo this past weekend was a movement of energies that truly highlighted the theme of spring cleaning. Similar to the renewed space we feel in our homes when parting with things that no longer serve us, the past few months has acted like a mid-year life review for souls incarnated on Earth. 

As a result of this mid-year life review, it would be no surprise if you find yourself either opening up to brand new relationship possibilities or questioning the benefits of previously-established bonds.

Whether aware of it or not, this mid-year life review is where many souls meet with their team of spirit guides to determine whether their earthly self is ready to advance to the next chapter of expansion. Most importantly is deciding who are the people to move forward with that are the best-suited for your journey ahead. 

This is not as much as a pass or fail, as it is a decision of fierce compassion. While a child is eager to advance to higher grade levels, it would be cruel to place a child in a more advanced environment of learning than they are ready to face. 

Whether you are finding the strength to close old chapters, feeling the loss of ending relationships, sensing renewed hope for the welcoming of new bonds and opportunities, now is the time to focus on aligning with the light as consistently and deliberately as possible. 

The anchoring of light is the internal and external spreading of well-being, no matter the process of transformation you are in. Whether life feels like it’s falling apart, or finally coming back together again, in order to serve the light at full capacity, we cannot wait for outer circumstances to shift before we permit ourselves to shine. 

To help you align with the light with joy, simplicity, and ease, please consider the following tips:

  1. Light brightens in moments of gratitude. How many times a day can you pause and find something or someone to be grateful for? If unable to be grateful, simply pause 5-10 times a day and declare: “May all beings be blessed with gratitude and may it begin with me.” Whether you are able to find evidence in your own life or remain faithfully dedicated to offering this prayer, you are simultaneously raising your vibration to the frequency of grace while creating waves of energy that assist others in healing their heart. 
  2. Light is attracted to praise. Whenever we praise ourselves or others for the things done right, we are instructing the light to pour more of our spiritual essence into our physical bodies. The more our spiritual essence occupies space in our bodies, the more well-being we experience on all levels. Whether desiring resolve from a healing crisis, craving a fresh new start, or simply ready to bring old reoccurring dynamics of conditioning to an end, simply take time to praise yourself and others for what is right.

    Take the time to acknowledge the gifts others embody, even if it’s a gift of always triggering the deeper layers of healing that ensure you are progressing forward in your journey. Praise is a celebration that only occurs in the Here and now. Instead of projecting praise into the future once all the pieces of your plan have fallen into place, the energy of praise invites you to enter present moment time as someone who lets yourself and others know they possess a deeply fulfilling higher purpose in life that is unfolding with perfection just as we are. In order to detox from the patterning of our human conditioning and transcend the limited beliefs and view points of 3D consciousness, the energy of praise escorts us into the light of unity  through a 4th dimensional corridor of time, as we embrace moments where the gift of praise is given.
  3. The light supports expressions of honesty. While many energetically sensitive beings are afraid to be honest out of a fear of hurting another, as a result, they often live in disempowered patterns of codependency. When this occurs, they are unable to follow their hearts desires until other people are ok with their personal decisions. Opposite from a Narcissist, who only care about their wants, needs, and desires, even at the expense of others, those who are energetically-sensitive are so preoccupied with care-taking, they often live as faithful supporting characters in other people’s movie, instead of playing out the starting role in their life’s feature film. When you authentically follow your heart, you may in fact experience the hurt of others, as they are equally redirected toward their souls highest destiny.

Whether they interpret this redirection as a form of rejection is determined by how much of their core wound remains to be healed. Even when we feel guilty or shameful for how bad other people feel when speaking our truth or following our hearts, it only serves to unearth deeper layers of core wounding that each moment in time helps to clear.

Speaking your truth is not a judgment against another or a desire to spiritually correct anyone for any reason. It is an opportunity to become more in-tune with what is most meaningful for your life by evaluating the choices your heart urges you to make. Whether with fear or courageously aligned, each decision serves to move you beyond the conditioning of each core wound, so you may embody the light that awakens the world as one. 

May we be gentle with ourselves, forgiving of others, and respectful of a world taking a giant leap out of the dark ages of object consciousness and into new horizons of interconnected heart-centered intelligence. 

I am here loving you through each hardship, but as of today, may we wait no longer to get this party started. We are the light. We are born fueled by spiritual purpose and we now step forward to usher humanity into the grace of accelerated times. Some won’t be able to hold the frequency but they only venture as far in their journey as they were destined to go. 

No matter the circumstances of your journey up to this point, how brightly are you willing to shine — right here, right now? 

Our time has come. Love Revolution unite! 

All For Love, 
Matt Kahn

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Creating Patterns of Truth In Your 4-body System By Natalie Glasson

Lord Buddha

One of the greatest ambitions of a light worker is to be an embodiment of the truth of the Creator, radiating this sacred truth through each action and reaction upon the Earth.

To embody the truth of the Creator is not to be a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. Instead, it is to experience an intimate relationship with the Creator within your being, and to know and be familiar with the presence of the Creator transmitting through your being. The truth of the Creator is expansive, undefinable and fulfilling, it is an alignment with and an experience of all that is the Creator.

I, Lord Buddha, oversee the Planetary Level of the Creator’s Universe, ensuring that all achieve their spiritual and divine purposes upon the Earth. In this stage of ascension, I, Lord Buddha, wish to promote a cleansing and purification of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, (your four body system.)

The purpose of this cleansing is to create or reactivate energetic patterns and templates of truth within your cells, aura and entire being. When you awaken energetic templates and patterns of truth, you realign your entire being to the Creator and the Creator's perfection and perfect divine flow, thus allowing yourself to experience fulfilment.

This means that blockages, stagnant energies and limitations are released promoting experiences of liberation, acceptance of self, unconditional love for self and deep healing.

Sacred wisdom and remembrance of past lifetimes can also be the result of activating patterns of truth within your being. When you embody the truth of the Creator your reality becomes a reflection of your inner truth.

The energy I am transmitting at this time is a deep healing and cleansing vibration from the Planetary Level of a pure white colour with flecks of golden light. I wish to share with you some practices to support you in receiving my light, awakening patterns of truth within your being and experiencing your inner truth.

Cleansing and Acceptance of Your Four Body System

State each statement aloud. After each statement inhale breathing the energy from your Soul Star Chakra through into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, exhale into your Earth Star Chakra below your feet. Repeat the breath as many times as you feel guided to before you move onto the next statement.

 ‘My emotional body and entire being are now transforming, I am anchoring the energetic codes needed to aid my ascension. I am my truth in manifestation.’

‘My emotional body and entire being are in complete balance and alignment with my soul, soul group, and the Creator.’

‘I am my spiritual ascension, I am a master of my being, I now let go of all unneeded energies, blockages and limitations created by myself in my past, present, future and simultaneous lifetimes.’

‘My physical body is cleansed of all impurities; I allow my body to exist in its perfection supporting my ascension.’

‘My mental body is cleansed and purified by the most vibrant vibration of the Creator’s Consciousness. My mental body is a transmitter of the pure and sacred consciousness of the Creator.’

‘I welcome the sacred presence of my spiritual body, grounding the truth, sacred wisdom and profound love of my spiritual self into all that I Am on every level of my existence.’

‘I honour the purpose of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and call upon the support of the Universe of the Creator and Lord Buddha to ensure my four bodies can achieve all that is divinely guided to aid my health, wellbeing, vitality, happiness, and fulfilment.’

‘I realise my four body system as my companion for my current existence, I accept my four body system and dissolve all energies of rejection I may have created. Every part of my being exists as the purest vibration of harmony. ‘

Lord Buddha’s Star of Cleansing

Allow yourself to sit peacefully and breathe deeply 3 times.

I give my permission to Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos, to send your Star of Cleansing light into my being.

Imagine a pure white star descending through the top of your head to rest in your heart chakra.

Say out loud,

‘I ask Lord Buddha’s Star of Cleansing to integrate into my entire being.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light of a white colour with gold flecks to fill your entire being. Feel, sense or acknowledge a synthesis process taking place within your being.

‘And Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my physical body.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Breathe the energy of the star into your physical body

And Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my emotional body and emotions.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Breathe the energy of the star into your auric field and imagine it purified.

‘And Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my mental body and mind.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Breathe the energy of the star into your mind and imagine it purified.

‘And Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my spiritual body and spiritual reality.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being.  Breathe the energy of the star into your spiritual body and imagine it purified.

‘And Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my entire body and auric field.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Expand the white star until you are the white star and it encapsulates your entire being.

I ask for the assistance of my guides, soul, soul group, Lord Buddha and the Creator to help me dissolve and let go of all pain from the past, and all fears and limitations held within my four body system; and to support me in mastering my four body system and recognizing the beauty and intentions of my entire being. Help me to love my entire being unconditionally, and to listen to my entire being with love each day.

And affirm while breathing in the divine energy from each of the following:

‘I am a magnificent being of pure light; I honour, love and respect myself, my truth, and my light.

I vow to love myself unconditionally from this moment forth, and to love my body, knowing that my body is a sacred chamber that holds my truth and soul.

I trust myself and know that I am a powerful being of light. I know that the love in my heart is abundant and dissolves all fears.

 I allow myself to listen to and cherish my four body system, receiving the necessary messages that support my physical and spiritual existence on the Earth.

My four body system is a valuable and treasured aspect of my being, which I now recognise fully.

My entire being is now fully aligned with my soul. The guidance of my soul emanates with power, vitality, and grace through me, supporting my actions, reactions and existence upon the Earth.

With the energetic shifts and transformation made within my being, I now ask Lord Buddha to make me aware of the energetic patterns and templates of truth which have been activated within my four body system. It is through the cleansing light and my acceptance of my four body system that my patterns of truth have activated, vibrating throughout my being. I now allow myself to experience the truth of the Creator fully.’

Sit in the light of the star for as long as you wish. When you feel the process is complete imagine Lord Buddha’s Star of Cleansing flowing out through your feet down into the Earth. Send the vibration of gratitude throughout your entire being to fortify the cleansing work you have achieved.

In truth always,

Lord Buddha

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Transforming Reversed Energies Effortlessly

Beloved ones, as you reclaim your hearts as the focus of your energies and your perception, then you reclaim a whole new language that is the language of flow and feeling, that speaks to you directly of the communion of all life. It gives you feedback and guidance holographically with continual awareness of this astounding, incandescent energy field, ever in continual movement and deepest all-encompassing communion with Me, this field of life and communion of Love that you are.

Your heart is the source of this experience and brings to you an awareness that is more than omni-dimensional. It is beyond the comprehension of the mind in every way but it is so alive in this place where we meet and where we are one. That place is your heart, your center. It is the matrix of your life energetically.

While words can never describe these experiences, the perceptions of your heart make it effortless. So as you come into this time of transformation, expect miracles and wonder. The heart makes it easy. Through the heart you are freedom en-conscious-ed and through the heart you are the ecstasy of Love. In your heart you are ever and always exchanging the pure energy of Creation with Me in an ever increasing dynamic that is ever circular but ever increasing. It is that which feeds and supports you, that which brings you life that is unending and gives to you your ability to be the co-creative heart of God I Am.

So as you shift into your heart, you begin to feel the feedback of the entire hologram that knows itself within you and every atom that feeds life forth to you in each electron and that brings to you the full communication with astounding clarity with every increment of the movement of the energies of life.

This is the language you are feeling now. Your heart becomes ever more receptive as it opens into the field of this dancing life and the beauty of the endless Love with which it entwines. It is the language with which you feel the truth of who you are and with which you comprehend your relationship with life. This deepens now and sings to you of movement impeccably.

You already understand that duality is that which contains the reversal of the energies of Love. This life I Am that is meant to be ever flowing, moving outwards through the Twin Flame heart of God you are, becomes turned backward in upon itself, seeking to get instead of give and damping down the freedom and the endless flow of life, consciousness and Love that is the field of life in which we co-create.

When you wait upon your heart and let it speak to you in this language of movement and feeling, you will perfectly accord when there is something in you that is a backwards flowing vortex, an area where the energies of God have been reversed. In this new arena of heart perception, as you hold this vortex in your heart’s field and in our ever-deepening communion, embrace it with Love as a part of you and thus a part of Me that is ready to once again know itself as the pure energies of Creation… As you feel this heart communion, dear ones, you will feel those energies release, energies of Love that had been held, reversed right here, hesitation, despair…and any other part of the reversal, of the truth of Love that is meant to be the world.

Because your heart acknowledges every energy change and plays for you ever shift in resonance, you will feel the energy that is released when that which has been held apart from Love, from Me, is restored. That rush of life, of Light and joy will lift you ever closer to the pinnacle and give to you excitement and more life, the energy to free more of the reversal and to hold impeccably the vibration of the heart of God. Never once being pulled back in to the vibrational field of the world of duality.

In other words, the shift to the heart now brings to you the ability to transform every stream of life, every increment of energy and every wave of misplaced Love without needing to fuel the separation from Me by placing focus on the illusion. It rather gives you access through the heart to the transformation that is possible in every moment effortlessly.

You will feel instantly the shift as the backwards swirling energies in whatever areas of life in the world that you’ve made your own with everyone that you reclaim and return to Me, your resonance climbs higher. Your energy field becomes more limitless and you become more sensitive to the waves of Love and to your mission of reclaiming all for Me.

So much of the language of the Real of Love is movement. It is the flow of energy and the language of vibration that is spoken in shifts in the dance of Light and Love so intricate and yet so omni-dimensional that it is completely beyond the ability of the mind, the ego. The personality self that creates the world is completely beyond the ability of that apparatus to even bring it into focus at all, let alone to comprehend it.

So as you leap, beloved ones, into My arms and allow Me to open your heart’s beliefs, the first thing that you will see is this universal language of vibration that will be so clear to you that it is as if you are an instrument in My hands, perfectly tuned, that I may play for you the vibrational song of ever-increasing Love and sing for you the song of gratitude sung by truly countless voices in the whole of Love.

As we step beyond the boundaries of language, trust your heart, dear ones, to guide you and let your heart be aware that you are ready to be alive in this communion with your Creator. That means being alive to every nuance of life everywhere, that when you come into contact within yourself with these vortexes of energies still flowing with the old world, you instantly are the heart of God embracing with Love that which had been held separate, but now is welcomed home.

Thus does the story, the parable that Jeshua told of the prodigal son or prodigal daughter not only apply to that which you perceive as people. It also applies to every bit of energy alive in the living whole. Especially those energies that have held themselves as separate but are ready now at last to be welcomed home. You are the heart of God I Am standing forth as My welcoming committee and each one comes into your heart to find its blessing, its absolution from believing itself separate even for a moment from the flow of life and the giving of Love.

Instantly it is embraced and welcomed home to the living whole that is the All of God and thus you realize, as you become holographically conscious, that that which is brought home in you comes home in everyone and comes home in My heart at last to the full acceptance of life as only Light and Love.

Let it start simply, beloved ones. Let it be for you deeply personal because as I just said, it is all One and every molecule is present everywhere and perfectly known by the living wholeness. Therefore, let your heart accord the energies as you live your life and let it show you by the shift in your feelings, by that little crunch in the solar plexus which is what registers the backward flowing energies which you can notice whenever you feel that feeling. You can almost feel the energies of life turning in upon themselves.

When you are in your heart, you feel the great expansiveness and feel connected with the River of Life and Love as it rushes through the heart, the center and touches all of life in honor. So your heart will attune you to the moment when you feel those energies within the energy field that your heart entrains, that you may instantly bring those energies home at last, just like that prodigal son or daughter that they may be celebrated, recognized and recognize themselves as endless, free and limitless, as the beloved of God.

As they do, the energy held within that backward vortex of the reversal of Love is freed, often in an ecstatic burst that makes you realize how much you had invested in keeping the old world in place. With every vortex of the reversal of Love, the reversal of life, with each one that you bring home and is acknowledged, you become ever more able to be and live as the unlimited heart, as the co-creator with Me.

Naturally you stand in the flow of perfect life. You are available as Love’s clear and open conduit that in the world in all the forms of its symbolic language, you shall rejoice and receive all of it. All My gifts of life come to you and thus shall the life you express in the world in service be a life of stunning beauty and endless gratitude, made manifest as perfect joy as well as health, as the flow of Light in all that you shall name it – you need only reach out your hand and attune your heart and it is there for you as the heart’s expression of the limitless flow of life.

The limitless flow of life through the open heart, without reversal or misperception is to live life as the shining field of Light and Love that becomes the symbol of a pure God life -- beings of sparkling luminous beauty beyond the limited life which is named as human. You may live in a world that is a paradise and it is yours to choose, to step right into as you shift to your heart.

Do you feel this powerful vibration of limitless Light, of joy and only Love knocking on the door of your heart and waiting for your heart to fully open? Will you say “Yes” and become the conduit of a life of Love and a world of endless beauty and magnificent abundance for all?

Listen to your heart and you will know its truth, and every old expression of reversed energy that you grant freedom will bring to you more and more of this ability to be the open heart of God unimpeded through which the symbols of life in the world are made manifest and then given the “Yes” by the Love we are together.

You are alive in a time of such excitement. Let it sweep you up and bring you easily into the realms of such new possibilities that only the heart can show them to you and only the heart can express the joy and gratitude.

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