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Hello brothers and sisters. I had been studying about Ashtar Command and light beings from other planets. Sometimes i do feel good and peaceful with all the informations but sometimes i feel soo much doubt. If you stop and see the world that we are living, there's so much of pain, unhappiness, anger, sadness, sickness and lies. The Galactic Federation of light said that they can't just come here now to help us, they can't help us because of our free will. But wait a minute, the dark cabal came here and did whatever they want, they are doing everything they want, they are having success with their New World Order agenda with Obama. They had been slavering humanity for so many centuries against our free will, and now nobody can't help us because our free will? come on... why the good side always have to give an excuse for everything when the dark side is doing all the demonic plans with humanity? Millions of people is dying not just because they choose to die, but thet are dying because the Dark cabal is killing them. It's so easy to say "they are dying because they choose to die" come on, did we choose the repitilians to feed on us and slave us? i guess not.
Sometimes i doubt on all the Ashtar things because of this. They keep saying good things but always the samething but we never see the results, we just see more bad things happening, things that comes from the Dark Cabal. Now i can see a lot of people waiting for ET Disclosure from out Government. It's unbeliveble that people already know the truths about our Government and now are hoping thay they will tell the truth. They will never tell the truth. They will create an agenda and tell more lies inside that agenda. Think, they have direct contacts with Grays, Repitilians that can turn human, and other races. what if all this UFO thing that is happening is not their agenda? They can tell us "ohh UFO really exist and they are going to help us" and then the grays and repitilians come as a savior, peaceful and love races haha with beautiful faces and bodies and a beautiful ship. And they are going to create a new government for us, give us new tech to help us and cure... and the humanity will be sooo happy haha come on. They can do this, and i think they are really doing this now. They can create a First Contact and lie more to us and continue to slave us. And the light beings won't save us because our free will? but the dark cabal can create all this and laugh.
If this is a war against the repitilians, they have to come for us and really help us, don't care about free will, people are dying against their free will. Sometimes i can't see us free, because all the excuses from the light beings and always the same messages. I was searching the web and i found that they are saying the same thing over and over for about 10yrs.
And one more thing, when people see an UFO, doesn't matter if it's white, blue, orange or whatever light, and they say that is GFL coming for us. Come on people, stop being fool. Our Govenment has a ship that can travel to the moon in minutes, and have lights and can be invisible. So now imagine the grays and repitilians that is far more advanced from us? they have ships that we can't imagine that exist. I don't want to cause a confusion but we have to think first before believing in everything we read. What if all this Ashtar things aren't from dark cabal agenda? who knows? well peace for everyone.

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I agree with you 200%. You right they always say they dont want to just come down because of free will.
I'm sick & tired of the excuses as well. The excuses are as follows: free will jeopardizing, our vibration isn't high enough to interact, we are not a peaceful society. imo, none of these are good enough. c'mon, we are ready for indisputable evidence of alien existence already. we can handle it. I'm hoping that they are just waiting for a specific date to make contact.
I don't believe anything on the web that says somebody said something. Maybe they keep saying the same thing because people are saying they say the same thing. If they wanted to tell us something they would tell us, they would not use the web as a means of communication. If they exist at all and they wanted us to know something they could find a better way that would leave no doube. I have never encountered one in a MOB experience or ever communicated with one when I have had flashes of other realities when meditating. This web site is the first time I have heard of all of this. That seems a little strange with all the metahysical and other related books I have read about alternate realities it was never mentioned, not to mention several visions I have had.
The goodness with this whole thing is that by the time they show up, we will be absolutely connected to the source of all that is, and which means that we will be all knowing. We will not wait to be fed lies or wait for reported news, but we will just know. This is my only precondition for first contact, that I be 12D where my own self knows all the truth. In that case, whoever visits or wants to be partners or wants a recaribration of our relationship with us, will find us well armed with knowledge, which as we have always said, is power. I don't want first contact if my information will still come from a second party. Cheers y'all.
Ive allways had this thought in the back of my mind. What if the cabal has figured out how to beam messages into our heads? Like channeling.
Everytime a channeler says Disclosure is soon, its actually the cabal telling it to them . and creating more time for them to carry out there plans. Cuase they know its people like us that can destroy them?
That is a good question. You should read the book "The obergon Chronicles" by Rayelan Allan. She talks about a lot of things going on right now as well as voice to skull technology used on new age channels. Check it out, she is credible.
From what I read from, the technology that someone mentioned was called "misty". It was supposedly a satellite that can beam messages directly into those people doing the new age channelings. If this is true, then these channellings are probably lies and more lies. It's hard to discern truth from lies anymore with all these information floating on the Internet. What is the truth? Is the human race always going to be on the short end of the stick? Although, I still hold hope that something will occur that will end the tremendous suffering of all humans on this beautiful planet and we will wake up and find out that it was just a bad dream after all.

Love and Light to all of you.


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