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Do you feel Obama should or should not reinvestigate 9/11 ? ?

I myself believe that a real leader or president out of justice and truth would have on the first day would not even to hesitate about and immesiate independant investigation in search for the truth .Any president who truly represented the people would have put the real truth as a must as priority !.This is why I I know Obama is not concerned about the people he pretends to work for and thats my opinion

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Obama has only shown himself to be nothing but a liar. We have yet to see him do one thing to benefit the common people. He has expanded the patriot act, expanded the fraudulent war on terror to include Yemen, writes unconstitutional executive orders & uses signing statements to bypass Congress. Hell, he might not even be a US citizen. He should be impeached IMO. His whole presidency has been a fraud. Yeah, he should investigate 911, but looking at his past record it seems unlikely that he will.
I have only seen great speeches all his actions have all been about controling more and more of your life and every one knows that any president who submits a bill that if passes would make it illegal to grow a organic garben all seeds could only be from approved venders all the food that was grown and harvested would have to be labeled and yet Obama is so into change for taking your ability to choose he knows every damn reason the United States invaded Iraq was all lies not one reason we had used to go there was true ANY REAL PRESIDENT FOR THE PEOPLE WOULD GET US OUT OF THERE IMMEDIATELY Obama is a Con man taking orders from the Rothchilds in my opinion .
This one told the truth. He was going to do something about it. He knew that by doing this would put his life in great danger. He made his choice becaues he loved his country and its people. Many thanks to a great man named: John F. Kennedy.
I've come to learn that every major decision or event that happens in the world has more to it than we are presented with. Although Obama has definitely let us down when it comes to promises he's made, theres no way to be certain what side he is really playing for. Even as president of the USA, he is far from the most powerful person who actually makes the decisions that affect the whole. Even if Obama did want to re open the investigation on 9/11, there are too many people and groups in higher positions of power to keep him from doing this. Theres no way to be sure of what side he is really on. He could be very well working to take them down from the inside, carefully and one piece at a time. Only time will tell, but he sure could use some positive vibes aimed his way. No matter what happens, too many people know whats up with the big picture for them to succeed with their agenda now. It's all a matter of time until critical mass hits and enough people start talking, and unite. One of the most important and easiest things we can do is to get people talking about these issues, so that they start searching for answers themselves. This is the year we get this stuff out in the open! 2012 is happening as we speak, stop sitting around- unity, love, creativity, abundance!!! It's all available to us all, take action and make it happen!
obama already knows full well the truth about what happened that day. He knows that if the truth were mainstreme and widespread and everyone believed it, he and the bastards that tell him what to do will stumble into a world of hurt so bad that they would wish they were in the towers themselves when they collapsed.
Simone, I like your idea :-)

Just posted Lynne McTaggart's "Living with Intention" (audio book) CD1 (2/9) and Bill Tiller's vid on "How Intentions affect the world".

In Joy and Enjoy :-)

Simone said:
We can send him some good vibrations, maybe things will really change for a change.

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