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This is something that i have a hard time with, i have a Cat i named Angel She sometimes likes to bother me while i meditate. I could just set her on the outside of my bed room and she will only have half the apartment, which i live in a One Bedroom apartment. I did try that but she just went nuts, and she doesn't like being cut off from half of my apartment, so she makes all kinds of noises and scratches when i did.

It's not too much of a big deal but she breaks my meditation quite a bit. I suppose having multiple pets would be extremely difficult to meditate. She just loves so much attention from me since i don't have any other pets and she is just alone with me.

Another thing she does is when i'm sitting at the computer at times, she jumps right up on my chair and on my back really fast but jumps to the coffee table. It startles me because she just does it out of the blue, and i get a few scratches on my back. Overall she's very calm and loving, but she is just a pain sometimes even though i have so much love for her. The funny thing is i don't mind the Scratches i just don't like her surprising me and making me jump and or be startled at times.

Anyone else have some troubles with they're pets?

Peace be with you all.

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First of all, make sure your cat isn't bothering you because she needs something.

Here's something to keep in mind: Thai monks sometimes have no choice but to meditate amongst swarms of mosquitos. The monks meditate past the distraction and after a while, the mosquitos lose interest in biting the monks. My advice would be to be thankful that it's your cat and not swarms of mosquitos that are contributing to your enlightenment.
hahaahah...the kitty loves you very much :D...Much love to you br@ !
Dear Aaron and dear Cancapscorp ..Here's a tip for you and your cat ...

hello my name is Marina and i have the same problem with my cats, i do reiki and my cat will stare in the air and start Meawing like crazy , if i am meditating in the last room of my apartment or doing reiki to myself my cat will run to my room to interupt what i am doing i think they can see the Masters of reiki on the air or they can see your soul when you are going to another dimension or astral travel i think they are concern about you safety i just pet my cat and tell her that it is ok that i am ok the she settle down and let me continue. i hope this will help you, if i put my cat out of my room she will pound on my door like crazy , soo i let her came and when she is worry i interrupt my meditation and i pet her and reasure her that i am ok, i pet her until she almost fall asleep, then i continue, meditating, when i am at the computer the same thing i think she sense when i am exited or tense about what i am reading, cats can almost read your mind, well this is what i think personally.
well no more for now
Peace love and harmony be with you
We are only as free as our most enslaved animals, not very free at all...

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