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Christmas Spirit

Greetings to my beautiful Online Family. I don't know about any of you, but for me 2023 has been a year of colossal changes in my life, especially since last February when I retired. For the first time in my life, not having to work full time, I had the time to devote to my spiritual practices and unfold my Divine Service work in joining the Heavenly Host and Lightworkers throughout our world in helping the Healing & Soul Elevation of humanity and Mother Earth and all of her beings...and this has truly been wonderful for me, helping me experience levels of Divine Love & Joy & Bliss that I had never experienced before.
Spending time every day in mindfulness meditation and breathwork, Tai Chi & QiGong exercises, affirmations, & best of all - joining the Lightworkers here and around the planet in extending the Violet Flames and God's Crystalline Rainbow Light that are raising every person's vibrations and helping every person begin to experience God's Presence within each person's heart; helping each person heal themselves and begin to experience their Soul's Unconditional Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, & Bliss.
I see the Divine Energies in 2024 helping all of us exponentially grow in our Soul's Elevation and manifestation of our Soul's Purpose for each of us. And even though there will be a lot of changes and upheaval happening on earth, each of us has the inherent Divine Power to spend some time every day to do our Lightwork, to go within ourselves, transcend our everyday thoughts and mental activity, ground ourselves on Mother Earth, and invite our Soul and our Divine Guides to merge with us guide us in our individual spiritual paths that will help us all be anchored in our Soul's unending and ever-expanding Love & Peace that will help each of us ride the waves of change smoothly.
So I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and send to each of you God's Infinite Blessings with the Divine Energies of Love, Healing, Peace, Joy, Abundance, and Bliss that will be ever-expanding for those accepting these Divine Blessings.
Video - Let Your Sacred Heart Always Guide You -

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