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Space Aliens have very big, dark eyes.
Cats have very big, dark eyes and Cats can wink. Cats are superior.

Space Aliens like to chase trucks with their UFOs.
Cats like to watch Space Aliens chase trucks with their UFOs, then take a nap. Cats are superior.

Space Aliens are little and sometimes cute.
Cats are little, are always cute, and can purr. Cats are superior.

Space Aliens like to learn about humans by watching TV.
Cats ignore TV. Cats are superior.

Space Aliens like to capture human beings and take them on UFO rides.
Cats like to "adopt" humans and get them to give them food and treats. Cats are superior.

Space Aliens eat people. Life insurance is expensive.
Cats eat tuna fish. Tuna fish is cheaper than life insurance. Cats are superior.

Space Aliens don't really make crop circles. They just take the credit.
Cats make crop circles by chasing their tails in corn fields. They're indifferent to the credit. Cats are superior.

Governments deny the existence of Space Aliens or UFOs.
Governments, no matter how hard they try, can't deny the existence of cats. Cats are superior to Space Aliens.

Space Aliens are said to be telepathic, but no one knows what they are trying to convey.
Cats are notoriously psychic. They sit in front of closed doors, and humans come and open them without thinking. Cats are superior.

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Hey Pug,Deal with it,we RULE!

Cats are Superior-signed Kitten.

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