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Well as you know I have been "out" of the site for like a year or so... As I got to talk to you all again I felt there are some of the "old" group that well... those were "drama times" and my skills in a few areas showed me feelings that are still there... I want to call to the old group, not to talk about what happened in the past but to let you all know Im proud and happy we all grew so much... and that I trully love you all... You guys have been such amazing teachers in all ways, and I now can see that what was presented in those times was a lesson as well... I have missed you with all my heart, you are trully important for my growth, for what I am now, you are a part of me, a very important part of me =)

So now feel free to use this place here to let that old feelings go, to love the fact that those times were needed for what we are now =)

I love you guys!


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Don't remember what happened, since it has been a long time but I am glad to see you guys back!!!
:):):) yep ! were those times ,indeed before.
But we never have anymore,those drama times Antonella :):):).
...been going long time, ...we just don't give energy to dramas like that,for long time.'s been cool to be here . Love Dear friend.
Im guessing your referring to the whole oct 14th 08 times eh? Everything was nuts.
We love you too. Welcome back.
=D Thank you guys
Glad to see you back and posting.. and I totally agree about the lesson part and I hope the other ones part of the issue also realized the same and moved on..
Thank you for this discussion, i know you were had issues with Brad and some guys as well, but its good to know that you are back and hope all of us treat with harmony and bring us as one global family that we truly are.

In lak'ech.
welcome back sister
I love you so very much Christelle my giggling sister...

christelle said:
welcome back sister
No words its simply awesome to have you here again ;)
LW Ive missed you brother

Light Warrior said:
No words its simply awesome to have you here again ;)
Welcome back :) x

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