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Don't get me wrong but i love them very much Except they are still very Materialistic and Negative at a few times. I tried to held myself back from talking about the things i've already learned but i had to tell my nephew about the Zeitgeist film and that he has a more open mind than any of them but he get's caught up in Materialism, Tv, Video games, ipods so as soon as he started listening to me, his mother which is my sister is so far in the system that she didn't even want him to begin to hear it. She won't even listen to a word of anything beyond her own Belief system and materialism. My Brother in law is not Religious or anything but he is very Materialistic as well.

My nephew and Niece Both got Ipods and they were still upset because they only got a few Presents I had to tell them that you have to be more thankful for what you have, most children in this world don't even know what an ipod is and they don't even get one gift.

Now i do have an Ipod myself but i have the solfeggio Frequiencies, Crystal singing Bowls, some of Brad's Videos and some other meditation music, and nature music. I'm not attached to my ipod though and don't really need it but it does come in handy for a spiritual tool.

Anyhow To get back to the Story whenever i go over there, all i hear is yelling and screaming and fighting on Christmas eve and Christmas Day. There isn't one hour goes by that they're father isn't yelling or cursing at them. My sister is a loving soul but she is so caught up in the system it's going to be a huge breakdown for her when she really learns the truth. I thought atleast by now that all this love spreading around the world they would atleast be a little more careing and loving. Apparently not, i know i'm not fully awakened yet and i'm becoming more fully conscious everyday but it is not easy being around negative people for the holidays, and doing the best to be calm and Present. I'm a very sensitive person so sometimes i can feel other people's Emotions especially my family's alot more.

So i go to my Sister in Laws and just more negativity, it wasn't too bad but there was still a little. Also they are very Materialistic as well. I've given up alot of my Materialistic items but i still have my big Tv which i'm trying to sell, and i just bought that just Last year. I havn't turned it on in like 4 months i do still watch some movies, mainly on my computer but it's tough getting off of those.

I love my family dearly but when i came home i felt such calmness and peacefulness. Now i know why i've been staying away from them for a while. All i can say is the masses are going to have a really huge awakening and they are just going to Break down, or try they're hardest not to believe the truth and it's going to really put a dagger in they're Belief systems.

I don't know if the masses are ready for Disclosure, Enlightenment, Peace, the economic collapse, and A gigantic Change. I know i'll be affected some but they are really going to have to shape up sooner or later.

Yes my Sister works for a Bank and deals with money. She is very Religious though and close minded.

I had a little bit of an open mind so learning the Truth wasn't hard for me, I already seen a Ufo a couple of years back and i knew we were never alone, and that effect me from staying out of Religion, and looking for answers from very Incredible Spiritual Teachers. Which helped me to look for answers from within which i'm still looking from within for those answers From within.

This was even harder than Thanksgiving. I did get through the holiday and i just been as loving as i can be, even though i tried to be quiet about certain things. Having a materialistic family except for my Mother is not easy. My mother is a very loving person even though she is Religious, so is my sister but she is so stressful and lets so little things bother her.

If anyone had trouble being around they're Family members you can post on here as well. I'm sure alot of us have.

Thank you for Reading and Listening

Much love to you all


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I feel for you Aaron but I had some similar situations over the last few days. My family is very spiritual and not connected to any particular religion, so that isn't much of an issue but when I tried to mention a couple of things about changing to a resource based economy, I got a lot of negative comments. Mostly, everyone said it will never work with a materialistic society.

Also, when I mentioned our galatic friends being our space brothers and sisters, I was asked not to mention this again. It's nuts.

I do sometimes have a hard time relaying some of the information because it comes from channelled sources. I do believe most of the sources to be valid but I would rather quote factual sources and not the issues that come from channels. In reality, I suppose there is really no way to check this information until it actually happens; or doesn't.

Hope others didn't have negative experiences.

Blessings and Love
I know i have a little judgement but i'm reading Eckart Tolle's book Stillness Speaks and i have been more conscious lately and working toward that, but i havn't transcend that ego, maybe since they are a reflection of me since that is true. My Ego arose out through them as well. It seems when i get around others i forget about every moment is now and i become unconscious, I don't know how to be present and speak in the now moment yet. I'm sure that is when i transcend the ego and it is a deceiving Ego. It was christmas time and i really wanted to spend time with them. I got through it without letting out my ego too much and with out judging. Like you said Kerrie it's a very difficult challenge for me, I'll keep studying Eckart Tolle's Books and hopefully i'll be more aware next time. Then again that's looking in the future that's where i get caught up with is the past and future.

Anyway thank you so much Kerrie
Dear Aaron, I had a great celebration with my family. 5 Adults, 7 children, (short by 5 others with other plans) minor scraps and bruises lol with a bit of rough housing. A few years back I never thought I'd see the day again where my family would even see each other for christmas, let alone get along. There was mega amounts of judgement and blame going on all up and down the scale. People weren't talking, and this wasn't just a few weeks of this, it was several years and I felt stuck squarely in the middle. I'd get the rant from both sides... He did this, she said that, I think he's inherently evil, she's going senial. It was the full spectrum of disfunctional lol.And it broke my heart. It's always darkest before the dawn. And I agree with you, because it happened to me on a personal level, and it happened to my family as a whole, but we all just completely broke from the pressure of the dark things that were eating our souls and the expectations & judgements all but dissapeared. We still deal with a few little things here and there, but on the whole and because between me and my sister we've been feeding it love like mad, our family is becoming more consciously aware of how our thoughts control our lives. Easily between us we support each other and if something starts going sideways, there's more then just one or two of us trying to bring it back into the light... It's more like five or six of us lol... so we're beginning to have strength in numbers. So have faith and just be there for them when they need you and forget about what they're attached to and accept them fully for who they are... with all the bells and whistles. It will happen :) Much love and peace to you... Dana

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