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Now, of course as the idea of the changes within you goes on and on, there will be according to this process of interaction more and more opportunities to interact in different ways. Some of this is already begun. Some of you already know that there are interactions that take place in your dream life, in your dream reality, between different beings and yourselves. And thus then when you wake up you can incorporate that information into your daily waking lives. But there will also, relatively rapidly in terms of your history, come a time in a near future when you will begin to interact more and more openly with many of us, when we will begin to interact more and more openly with many of you. We have of course heard from you the question over and over and over and over and over and over again "Why don't you just land, and get it over with?"


Now, again, please, please, please.. no offense, we love you. But would you want to land in an insane isle where all the inmates had guns? So, just to illustrate the point thematically
or even melodramatically, since we know many humans love 'melodrama'. The idea
is simply that it's not appropriate not only for us, it's not appropriate for
you for the following reasons. As we have now begun to explain, there are
different states that you may be in, and a different state of vibration is
representative of a different state of psychology, and when you are still
experiencing the idea where there might be belief systems that are buried
within you, that you might be afraid to look at, that you are not ready to
integrate, interacting with a civilization that is more highly integrated would
be like taking a very slow turning gear and a very high speed gear and jamming
them together before they have a chance to synchronize. Our vibration would
overwhelm you to the point that it would force the issues you are not ready to
look at to the surface of your consciousness and in many cases actually cause a
psychotic shock. That wouldn't be very beneficial for our communication in


Now we know many of you say "Oh no no no, I'm ready, I'm ready, land tomorrow, land your ship tomorrow I'm ready to walk on board and say 'howdy'". Alright, however many times
people have asked us this, and in the 23 of your years that we have been
communicating with you in this way, we have agreed on 3 different occasions to
actually go ahead and do that. We've told the person where to go, when to be
there, and that we would land our ship and meet them. In every single case, no
matter how sure they were that they were they ready, as soon as they perceived
that they started to see something coming down and landing, every single one of
them ran. Scared out of their wits. Again not because of they were scared of
us, because they were scared of what was coming up within them. And it was
overwhelming them and in that sense they couldn't deal with it, panicked and


It is a real energy vibration and what you are experiencing of our energy in this because we are obviously giving off a percentage of our energy through the channels body, and in that
sense out in to the room, immersing you in it as we are then picking up on the
vibrations of all of you, what you are experiencing of our energy now is about
1/10 of 1% of what we are. The idea is to understand that this must be done
gently, so that you meet us half way, at least. So that you really understand
what you are getting involved in, because you must understand, what you are
coming into contact with is an entire galactic society.  And much of the
idea of how it functions is nothing like a lot of your science fiction. It
functions in a very different way, using synchronicity in ways you have
absolutely no idea of, to allow itself to expand and grow and interact with
other beings that have experiences that you would find daunting at this
particular point.


So bit by bit you become an honorary member, and then initiate member, and bit by bit you learn the ropes and you begin to interact with more and more beings and in time you are in a
sense given an assignment, and the assignment one of the first assignments on
that level your planet will be given, is to begin to interact with another
civilization that's coming up the ladder in their evolutionary consciousness
process, and you in a sense will then eventually to them be as we are to you,
you will be their UFOs. And you will cause buzz in their society. And you will
observe them and help them and learn from them as they learn from you.


That's a ways down the line as terms of time as you count it, but as things are going along right now, it is our perception of the energy reading we are taking right now, that somewhere
between your year of 2033-2037 you will become true members of the association.
On a begin level. But by that time, somewhere after 2015 to 2017 as we read
your collective energy now, one way or another, through a variety of means,
your entire planet at that point will be aware of the fact, and I mean AWARE
of the fact that other civilizations exist. There will be no question any
longer after those years, that other civilizations besides your own exist.
There will be a few more strong sightings and interactions after that point,
that will drive the point home. And it will cause you to really rethink what's
going on in yourself to the degree that by your year of 2025 you will have
established enough of the change within yourselves that it will begin to
accelerate the process towards the 2033-2037 mark of becoming an initiate
member in our particular alliance of worlds.

Now, again it's all up to you. Remember there's no such thing as a prediction of 'the' future. There is only a sensing of the energy that exists at the moment the prediction is made. If that
energy does not change direction or momentum, it will come to pass, if it does,
it won't. But there is no such thing as a prediction of the future. No psychic
ever predicts 'the' future, there are an infinite numbers of probable reality
futures, a psychic is picking up on the idea of the vibration that is strongest
at the moment the prediction is made in the present. A Psychic is reading the
present more fully, not the future. But if that energy does not change, the
prediction comes to pass. But often a prediction will actually add energy in
such a way, as to render itself obsolete. Because when you hear a prediction
that is representative of a reality that you don't prefer, then you change the
energy and you yourselves render the prediction obsolete. Doesn't mean the
prediction was wrong, meant you render it obsolete, by being made aware of
where the energy was at the moment the prediction was made, and if you don't
like it, you can change it. That's how you use psychic ability, is expanding
your awareness of what's going on more fully here and now so you can really
chart the course you really wish to chart.

Now, one thing we can obviously say to you would, a relatively high degree of conviction and certainty, is; if we were not going to ultimately interact with you in a
blatant and open manner, we probably wouldn't be having this conversations at
all. So the fact that we are having this communication now even in this way, is
an indicator that it's highly likely, highly likely, that in the time frame I
have just laid out for you, you will within that timeframe experience more and
more and more solid contact with us and other civilizations, although we will
not be the first ones you will make official contact with physically. No, I
won't tell you who it is. However, as I said, the first step is that somewhere
around your year of 2015 to 2017 and I'm not saying it's because there will be
landings everywhere, but somewhere around that time, your entire civilization
relatively speaking will be absolutely aware that it will be a fact that other
civilizations exist.


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