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There is site called which he has videos that are guided meditations that are extremely powerful and helpful, There are i believe 5 videos they aren't very long a couple of minutes each, I also have a web blog called which i give info on a multitude of topics from 2012, Ascension, crystal singing bowls, nwo, 911, ufo's, Et's, election, politics, ways to save earth, Spiritual tools, Illuminati, Documentory movies and solfeggio frequencies. I love Brad's Website but i have loads of information, resources, link, movies, and music all in one blog. It's a Blog that is very easy to read and learn. I do have an audio clip that plays once you arrive so you can pause that if you like, but it explains the shift, the upgrades we are getting, 2012, and the Ascension.

So I'm not selling anything on there, except for the ads i have on there from google. Everything i put on there is free for everybody. I have the videos for Ascension help in one of my posts if you can find it on the side panel, click on Ascension.

Ofcourse i'm not totally awakened yet, and i still have my addictions, and problems but i'm in the process now. Like i've been feeling lighter and lighter every day like i can float away. My chakras have been going crazy, my third eye has not opened yet but it does feel like it's going to explode anyday now. Sometimes i feel so much heat and cold in and around my head, it's getting very annoying, but i'm handling it. Meditation has always been dificult for me but that is because i have a hard time sitting still and relaxing. but i'm now learning to relax more. So maybe i'm really at a turning point to really grow spiritually and to really open up to my power.

I'm new on this forum, but i hope this really Helps you all.

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Thank you, thats very helpful :)
Much love
Yeah i have the Salfeggio Frequencies already on my Ipod as well on my blog

Joseph a.k.a. BLUE :) said:
Hi Aaron

An Idea for you: Download section where people can get the salfeggio freqs and other stuff to listen etc.
Hey Aaron

Thanks for sharing the I too have difficulties concentrating, every thing I do (ever since I was little) comes with bursts of energy :) So a guided meditation usually works better for me... although I am beginning to find a way just to "let go". I am glad to read you are experiencing the same thing :)
Yeah they do help, they are on my blog somewhere, and on Brad's Website for download, so i suggest going to his, but With the Solfeggio Frequencies i have Multiple ones on there from youtube, but you can't download them, unless you can download the youtube videos. Which is very possible, IF you use IE 8, you can get Real player 11 or i think it's 10 you can download youtube videos with one click. It gives you a download link on the video.

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