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Hi everyone,

I live at Nancy in France, and here the chemtrail activity has been enormous. I would say that here we have 10 or 12 chemtrails per day in such a little town!

But I'm intrigued because since 1 or 2 weeks, there are no chemtrails at all in the skyes!!
Are they finally over?
Is this another proof of the falling opressing structures?

I'd love to know about the situations in other cities around the world!

Namaste to all.

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Hi Carlo, I'm from west Poland. I wanted to post the same question as it seams that I haven't seen any chemtrails recently they are not even trying to make 'em), only a wide range of different types and colors of big beautiful clouds. In the past whole sky was 'sprayed' with the trails, well at least until I made my cloudbuster... which can handle such nasty trails in couple of minutes... :D But as I stated above, now I don't see any activity at all... they are not even trying...

well, then it seems that in Europe we are free, but the USA are still being sprayed...

any other experiences around the world??
We get chemtrails in Finland every singe day... and it has been like this for a long time! The government denies it and rumours tell it's not the Finns doing the spraying but the American airforces using Finnish air space for testing the chemicals... we'll see if its about the stop, hope so.

carlo said:
well, then it seems that in Europe we are free, but the USA are still being sprayed...

any other experiences around the world??
we still have chemtrails in england every day
well, bad news then...
I havent seen any lately in the day. They started spraying at night here in southern US. They think they're slick, thinking we wont notice. haha

there have always been chemtrails here in edmonton, canada
i see them still every day
In southern USA they have little to none during the day but at night we noticed the sky loaded thanks to the full moon we could see them good.
I thought they were over also; hadn't seen them for a few weeks, but the last two days the skies over Los Angeles were covered.
We are still being sprayed here in South West Washington State U S A. I am glad to hear that they have stopped for some.I do know that we the people of the world have to know that those officials who have been elected to represent the best interest and well being of their people have betrayed us and on election day they will get the boot.They are criminals in my opinion for allowing our skies and lungs to be filled with chemicals ..
I live in Finland too and very near the airport. I witness chemtrails daily.
only 3 LOL..

Kevin said:
I've seen 3 chem trails in the past two days in Southern NH

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