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Apologies if this in the correct category...question about people in spirit.

Hello Group


I am finding it hard to find definitive answers to whether a spirit has a body or not


I find it hard to imagine my friend as a ball of energy, and to equate that with him retaining

his personality and characteristics.


If  when we die we see our loved ones and they look much younger ..then that suggests they do have a body?


Many books say they appear younger, but they do have bodies.


any ideas folks or even your personal experience.


Here is a great site btw..





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Great link, Thank You Jane

I do not know ...  I wonder many times how we gonna manifest  the awareness of the Ethereal  World around us, I feel  them around me,  I feel there energies lately  more and more I smell nice perfume of flowers on certain places in my livingroom, when I'm laying in bed and do my breathing for to come in the flow  for my meditation ...  I feel someone is breathing a cool  breeze of air on my nose ... it is all in all a wonderful  experience wich fulfill Me with the deepest Satisfaction ..

and your question about the ball of energy, in my understanding everything around us is energy, but there are many many low energies in every aspect of life  and through You,( ofcourse living in the Light :)  showing others  the way of love and respect towards all living things ..  You elevate others whom reside in little awareness into your own level of energy ..
 I never had contact with people on the other side of the veil .. I have guides, but I do not know who they are ..  which is ultimately not important who's my guides? It is important to understand that the resonance of your existence, and everything in this earthly life you do OR think   ... brings out an  echo to your Other  ( Higher) Selfs in other Dimensions ...

And a younger body, OH YEAH, that is all true.. in the fifth dimension the power of creation is a fact ...

In Lak'ech (^L^)

interesting post.

Its my belief that when you are in the spirit world, you do appear as a health young adult version of what is basically yourself on earth :)

A Spirit is pure consciousness which has separated from the Universal Consciousness (God / Creator) & has been given free will to create its own will with limitations based on dimensions and to understand & create newer understandings within the Creation. This individuated Consciousness is essentially on an evolutionary path where it finally at the end of its evolutionary understanding merges with the Universal Consciousness and could possibly go on to create its own universe due to the experiential understanding it has gained through its evolution.


To put in simple terms this individuated Consciousness has the complete set of theoritical understanding but lacks in practical experience and hence the Evolution through dimensions is required to gain this Practical Hands on understanding of the intricacies of the workings of the Creation to go on and hopefully become a creator of another universe after its full cycle of Evolution.


A Soul is the Vehicle that is used by the Spirit to enter the Third Dimentional Solid world we perceive.


The Personality and Characteristics you see around in the present reality are what have been acquired in their Third Dimensional Incarnation/s due to the people and the experiences they have encountered for their specifically chosen experience before incarnation. The True Nature of their Spirit is that of the Creator and not the Aquired Experiential Characteristics based on the mind learnt.


The Body we relate to is Just a Garment We Wear for this Particular Incarnation and is based on / related to the Experiences we chose to go through before the Incarnation.


Hope this helps in furthering your understanding of the dynamics of where we come from and why we are here..




Your physical body is a combination of non solid materials. I see you, becuase i see a frequency of light called a photon, i hear you because you generate a frequency wave of audio, I can feel you becuase your matter is made up of atoms vibrating at a specific frequency wave. All we are is a frequency wave. All we are is consciousness. In fact there is so much space between atoms that we are more nothing than we are something, yet we exist anyway.

So do you really have a body, or do you just perceive one?
On another note i had a dream once where i was a bio-electric sentient plasma.

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