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Anchor Your Inner Divine Brilliance By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Are You Choosing To Have Peace Or Chaos In Your Life ... And ...Shine, Shine, Shine With The Energy of Love By Lea Chapin

Anchor Your Inner Divine Brilliance By Natalie Glasson & Ascended Master Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha's Message .....

The purpose of my mission, Lord Buddha, within the Ascension process and program is to help awaken hidden cells of truth, wisdom, and knowingness in connection to your relationship with the Creator. As Planetary Logos, it is my purpose to alert you to the vibrations within you waiting to unfold and blossom.

My wish is to realign you with yourself as a divine essence, and this can only take place within you. It is important to realise you are the holy temple through which the Creator emerges. The links, connections and inspiration you access and experience within your being are the most essential, powerful and important aspect of your reality.

You could imagine yourself as a cell rebuilding itself with a blueprint or plan to follow to create divine perfection. You don’t need to be rebuilt, you are already all that is the Creator, it is your awareness of this in the physical planes, the Earth, that needs to be activated or reformed.

You are a jewel already brilliant, realising the brilliance there is to unfold.

When you are unaware of your brilliance, you can often attract or create experiences or situations which are far from fulfilling, and this is because you have yet to realise your inner brilliance. It is not something which can be achieved within the mind, it is an awakening and unfolding that takes place within, akin to a light bulb that gradually becomes brighter.

To recognise your divine brilliance with your mind will only lead you to engage on a deeper level with the ego, resulting in false understandings and expressions. To engage truthfully with your inner divine brilliance there is a need to connect through your heart or higher heart chakra, or soul star chakra (above your head).

In doing so, you will allow yourself to connect free from the influence of beliefs, emotional wounds and fears. Instead you will leave behind any influences from your experiences on the Earth and engage from a higher consciousness. This higher consciousness will result in a clearing within mind, body and emotions to view with ease and truth the essence of brilliance pulsating and vibrating within you.

It can often be that once you allow yourself to connect with your inner divine brilliance without engaging your mind, all that was created by you which hindered and blocked your full living on the Earth, dissolves. A peace and stillness are created within you which draws you deeper into your inner divine brilliance.

You begin to recognise an inner guidance, an inner stillness and an inner vitality that seems to shine brightly into your surroundings with very little effort. It is the inner flow of delicious Creator qualities which becomes so hypnotic and empowering to follow.

Thus, your inner divine brilliance emerges, and more importantly you begin to recognise, sense, acknowledge and even understand your inner divine brilliance. It becomes a comforting, inspirational presence which you recognise as your truth.

When you begin to associate who you are and your presence on the Earth with the flowing inner divine brilliance of your being, then you are anchoring life in its purest form and as its purest experiences, for yourself in your current embodiment. You become an anchor of life.

Life Is Not Always As You See It

Video - "Anchor The Purest Life By Lord Buddha" -

With divine brilliance flowing from your being, your awareness unfolding to the presence of divine brilliance within you, and recognition of yourself beyond ego as an expression of divine brilliance - so you anchor life at its purest.

To offer an example of the insight I am sharing, imagine a jewel brilliantly shining and yet it is surrounded by dirt. The dirt represents the blockages, limitations and fears you may experience and may create from. The jewel is somewhat concealed by the dirt. If the dirt was to be cleansed creating a clear space for the jewel to exist within, its ability to be its truth would be empowered.

If you allow yourself to engage within your inner divine brilliance you would allow your inner jewel to shine, the blockages and fears that cause upset and a lack of fulfilment in your life would dissolve with very little effort and you would experience the purity of life. Thus, anchoring the vibration of life of the highest frequency into your being and reality. You would begin to live your life as the Creator intended; fully!

It is important to realise that there are many levels of experiencing life and you determine within you how you experience life and what you experience. Another way of explaining is, there are numerous levels of conscious awareness of the Earth and life existing within you, and you can choose which level you wish to operate from.

If I asked you to describe life now, what would you say?

Can you recognise the different levels of conscious awareness of life you engage with from within your being?

Can you recognise that often the way you interpret life is from the awareness you are accessing within you?

You may view your life and even the lives of others from the same awareness which could be a mixture of lack, love, wonder, fear and distrust. Imagine you accessed an awareness within you of love, acceptance and honesty.

This would imprint into how you see yourself, how you see the Earth and your life/reality. The energy you anchor and express from the Creator would be influenced and of a high frequency. You would continue to anchor a purer energy and experience of life which would continue to unfold and heighten.

This means that the reality and life you recognise now is not all that there is or all it seems to be. Your physical reality would shift and transform immensely. Many speak of experiencing heaven on the Earth. This is precisely what I, Lord Buddha, am speaking of. It is through anchoring and accessing higher vibrations of life, recognising life as an energy, that you will view and experience what for you will be heaven on Earth.

Realign Within Before You Take Action Outside Of Yourself

My insight regarding the presence of your inner divine brilliance and how this can be accessed through your heart, higher heart or soul star chakra. The information that through your inner brilliance you access a new conscious awareness of yourself and life, therefore anchor a higher vibration of life and awareness of life.

Thus, recognising your life anew, holds the purpose of encouraging you to realise that a realignment within you is required before action is taken within your reality. If you create action from the jewel within you that is smothered in dirty you will only create more of what you are already experiencing.

If you allow yourself to align with your inner brilliance, thus allowing unneeded energies to flow away and a higher vibration of life to anchor, thus you will see, sense, acknowledge and create from a new space, creating and perceiving a new reality. It is important to realise here that the actions you create would be very different, born from the essence of life which is to live fully and completely as an anchor and expression of the Creator.

Steps to Take

  • Decide which chakra feels most appropriate to access your inner divine brilliance; heart, higher heart or soul star chakra.
  • Place your attention into the chakra by thinking of it or feeling into it.
  • Hold the intention of seeking your inner divine brilliance, allow yourself in your own time to feel, sense or acknowledge a connection with your inner divine brilliance.
  • Imagine, sense or acknowledge your inner divine radiance emanating into all aspects of your being.
  • Know the more you focus on the emanating and flow of your inner divine brilliance, the more blockages, limitations, fears, etc will dissipate. Thus, your entire being, reality and creations will be influenced and created from your inner divine brilliance.
  • Realise or hold the intention of anchoring the purest vibration of life. Take time to experience and embody. Know this will change the way you view yourself, life and creations. Begin to see, sense or imagine your reality from this space of the purest vibration of life anchored.

It is all for you to explore; you have the universe of the Creator within you. Become an anchor of life!

With the greatest respect and love,

Lord Buddha

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Are You Choosing To Have Peace Or Chaos In Your Life By Ann Albers & The Angels

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Everything you see happening upon your earth is an out-picturing of the collective inner world of human hearts. Every kind act is an out-picturing of the goodness within human hearts. Every harsh and violent act is an out-picturing of the violence within human hearts. The gentle waves upon the ocean reflect your peace, and the storms reflect your chaos.

Mother earth processes the loving energies you do not, by releasing energy in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, and other major events. She is a mirror for the collective state of human hearts. If love does not flow freely through collective humanity, it builds up pressure within her heart and she must allow it to release in some fashion.

So, if you want peace in your life, create peace in your hearts. Be intentional about the fact that you wish to experience peace
. Then when chaos knocks at your door refuse to let it dictate to you that you must join its energy field. When people are upset, you can remain calm. When people are angry, you can remain compassionate. When you see disasters on the news you can thank God you have chosen calm.

Each one of you, every single day, with every word, thought, and deed contributes either to collective peace or collective chaos. We do not say this to make you feel guilty, but rather to let you know you have far more power than you might imagine to create change, to create peace, and to create an out-picturing of Divine love upon your planet.

In every potential reality there is one soul who will tip the balance from peace to chaos or chaos to peace. Perhaps today you will be that one soul who chooses to tip the balance towards peace, love, and a life that is more heavenly here upon the earth. You are that powerful!

It is by allowing your love and kindness to flow that you ease the burdens of mother earth and allow her heart to be expressed as well. As she expresses her heart, God expresses love through all of you. You are all one. You are all connected. You all matter, and you all make a difference. Here in the heavens, we appreciate you, your love, and your dedication to peace. We feel your beautiful loving hearts.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Receiving Blessings of Love By Melanie Beckler"


Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

October is busy so I'm writing and queuing up this newsletter a month in advance. By the time you get it, I'll be getting reorganized after a beautiful family visit, several fall hikes, my class, and various other activities. I don't know everything that will transpire in between the time I write this and the time you read it, but I do know we, on this list, are a shining force of love.

I appreciate you all. The earth appreciates you all. I feel her gratitude.

I don't know as I write this four weeks in your past, whether or not a big volcano will have blown yet or not. My friend who died in August (Jim Law), came to my friend on earth and told her (Summer Bacon) that we needed to pray because we had four weeks to shift energies before there's a big boom. That would be about now, as you read this. I hope we have succeeded! It is odd to straddle time like this.

No matter what, we are exactly where we need to be, given our intentions, our desires, and the growth we planned. I have intended to avoid natural disasters if possible, and to be involved in movements towards peace on earth. I find myself skirting storms often. I've been guided out of town before. When a big macro-burst nailed my home in Arizona years ago I was playing with dolphins in sunny California. I've made it a point not to have internal earthquakes, volcanoes, or other chaos, except in the privacy of my own room, where I quietly journal any chaotic feelings, and give them to the angels for recycling.

We are a great force for change on this planet. We create a huge ripple effect with every loving choice. Happily, the negative energies are much weaker. One loving choice can neutralize the effect of thousands of negative ones. I find that a great comfort.

So, no matter what has occurred on earth by now, or where you are in your life, you can still choose peace, love, and kindness. Ultimately, life is an adventure of the soul, and the point of the journey is to master love, from the inside out in a space/time experience where it isn't always easy. In so doing we begin to see Love in everyone and every situation.

Suddenly, in that reality, chaos appears to have more order than it otherwise would, and more often, peace ripples out into the world, calming the chaos.

Here are some pointers to embrace peace in your hearts...

1. Breathe

It is so simple, so obvious, so easy, and yet we don't always stop to breathe slowly and deeply. We calm our biology when we breathe slowly in and more slowly out. We calm our minds, our feelings, and even our nervous system. We take in love, receive the energies of the angels, and fill our cells with light. We charge up, tune in and turn on... all with a simple breath. You can create peace anywhere, anytime, with anyone, just by breathing deeply.

2. Be present

Peace comes from being present. You can always handle what is in front of you right now. You will always have the grace and guidance you need. Chaos emerges when we start worrying about what might, could, or would happen. Take a breath. Look around. Feel your heart. There is peace right here and now, in that space. There is love. You have all the help and resources you need in this moment, for this moment,

3. Resist the addiction to drama

Most of us have a strong, programmed pull towards drama! It is a high to the brain chemistry. It is a strong buzz. Yet it isn't healthy, isn't fun, and doesn't create goodness for our future. The good news is that even when we are exposed to drama, we can remain impartial observers.

If you watch drama on the news, you can observe it while sending love rather than getting sucked into it. If you have drama in your family or workplace, you can breathe and be the calm center of the storm.

Observe, don't absorb... and if you feel you have absorbed some chaotic energies try one of these tricks:

  • Hold a simple rock and intend to drain the static into the rock. Rocks use it to hold together. We need flow.
  • Hold a glass of water with a little salt in it and intend to drain the staticky chaotic energies. Dump the water down the drain.
  • Take a soak in a warm tub with 2 cups Epsom salts for ten minutes. Salt clears energy. The magnesium in the Epsom calms the nervous system.
  • Breathe, meditate, and focus on the light within.

Whether the earth is experiencing peace or chaos by the time you read this, you, me, and all who choose can remain in peace. How wonderful is that? There need be no disasters in your heart or mine, and therefore, not in our personal realities.

Love you all!

Video - "Judy Satori - Experience Your Authentic Divine Self In The Inner Stillness"


Shine, Shine, Shine With The Energy of Love By Lea Chapin

Greetings Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, it is I Mary Magdalene. My beloved Yeshua is here as well. We step forward to you in this new vibration of love that is now bathing and healing this planet.

Today as each of you allow yourself to open your heart chakra and begin to feel this energy merging into your physical system, into your consciousness, into your subconscious, into all aspects of your being, I simply ask that you hold this vibration of love and feel this energy beginning to expand and ignite the vibration and passion of love within you. 

We now call upon the energy of Mother Gaia as this powerful frequency of Divine Mother Love is emerging from the crystalline core of Mother Earth. Waves upon waves of love are infusing this planet and all of creation is being bathed with the vibration of love, the power of love. So Dearest Children of the Light, as you allow your heart to open, and you allow your heart chakra to expand into this beautiful frequency of love, stand in the truth of who you are, which is love.

So now Dearest Children of the Light, it is I, Mary Magdalene. I ask that you begin to embody this frequency of love, as this energy is now being transmitted from the very crystalline core of Mother Earth, from Mother Gaia. She now is bringing her energy from her own heart chakra to your heart chakra.

We ask that you begin to feel this energy, and begin to breathe in the vibration of love, begin to heal the wound and all of the disharmonic frequencies that are affecting you at this time with a power of love which comes forth as a calm, healing balm over you. Allow this energy now to come into your system, into your consciousness, and into all aspects of your being.

Begin to feel this sense of renewal, as if you are being reborn again, as if you are being rebirthed again. Rebirthed into the energy in which you were created. Yes, Dear One, you are being given an infusion of energy, of love, in which you were created. It is like a blood transfusion, you are being given an infusion of love into your energetic frequency. Into your physical embodiment, into your consciousness, into your subconscious, and into all aspects of your being.

So I ask you to take a deep, deep inhaling breath and breathe this frequency, as you allow yourself to be like a beacon for this vibration of love. It is our gift onto the world to be the carriers of this light. Today you are being infused with new light codes for your own resurrection, your own ascension.

Before you move into the year 2020, each of you are being recalibrated, and your physical bodies are being infused with such light, such healing, such power, such grace, such tranquility, that you may not recognize yourself, you may not recognize your own thought processes, as if you have been shifted from a way of thinking, a way of being, and now you’re emerging into this frequency of unconditional love, acceptance and divine grace.

So allow yourself to become the conduits of this love, being the bridge-builders and the healing, bringing the power of love to so many. Today as you allow this frequency of Divine Mother Love come up through the soles of your feet from Mother Gaia, breathe it into your body, into your heart, into the essence of your being, and feel this energy healing any physical ailments you may have, any distortions that may be in your energetic field, allowing only love and light to be held within your vessel, so that your light body will become more luminescent, your physical body will become more luminescent, and you will shine, shine, shine with the energy of love, healing and devotion.

So today as you allow this to be received, may you give honor and grace to yourself, that you have allowed this opportunity to come to you, that you have shifted in consciousness, and you are able to understand and receive the power of love into your physicality, into your auric field, into your multidimensional self and beyond. This is a powerful, powerful day. It is a powerful day of transformation, it is a powerful day of transmutation. You are being reborn again, once again reborn into the vibration of love, in which you were created.

As you allow the power and the vibrational healing of Yeshua’s love, and just as the words are encoded with Yeshua’s healing power of love, the energy is coming through the soles of your feet from Mother Gaia is also encoded with love.

So your body will begin to relax, your mind will become still, and the still, quiet voice from within you will begin to be heard. You will begin to have more clarity, greater vision and greater understanding of your purpose and your mission upon this plane. So each one teach one, each one lead one. Today as you become a leader and a messenger of light at a greater level, you are a bearer of love and light.

So Dear Ones know that upon this day, as you become a bearer of love and light, you are holding the template for others to receive this gift, to reawaken to the power of love within their vessel. So what you are allowing to occur for yourself upon this day, you are holding the energy and the template for others to receive.

You are holding the frequency so others may step forward in their power, just as Yeshua and I reawakened our energies and were downloaded over 2,000 years ago. You are receiving this same indoctrination upon this day, and then you will be able to help others awaken, and one by one by one, the planet will light up again, as if the light and the love will be felt upon this planet, like lanterns of light, like candles that are glowing in the dark. These are all the souls that are reawakening to their light and to their love.

Today you have accepted this gift and this frequency of love to be reawakend within your essence, and within your divine presence. So Dearest Children, we ask you to hold this dear to your heart, that you have gifted yourself this gift today, that you have loved yourself enough that you have been able to receive this gift, then you extend your hands to your brothers and your sisters, one by one by one. First to yourself, and then to another.

So today, Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, we honor you, we bow to you, we are in gratitude for each of you for being willing to receive this energy and to feel the peace, to feel the love, to feel the tranquility.

Begin to feel the light of God surround you, the love of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you. Wherever you are - God is - and all is well. Go now my children and prepare yourself to feel the expansion of your heart, and more and more love will come into your life, more and more love shall come into your life, and allow this frequency to be infused within your body, your mind, your spirit and your soul. Love thyself.

As you allow this frequency to be felt, you are feeling the unconditional love, feeling it, acknowledging it, and restoring it within your own vibrational field. Go now my children with peace within your heart, feel the love, feel the love, feel the love. And know that Yeshua and I stand with you, we stand beside you, and we honor you and we are so grateful that you have received this gift upon this day.  Go now with the blessings of Divine Love within your heart, knowing that you are love and you are loved. Go forward in peace, and be still and trust in the divine essence of your magnificent being.

Video - "Archangel Michael - Message of Love For You" By Melanie Beckler

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,

Steven Hutchinson

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