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Last night I dreamt it was snowing, with the sky on red/pink, it was at night, I was with some friends of school. There was a cement table and some chalks and we drew this:

with galaxies, stars, and sea at the bottom. The first thing I drew was a sunflower, which later evolved into the sun XD.

I think it has some meaning, what do you think?

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I would interpret this dream as follows: it is snowing, this can indicate that your life experience is unchanging (do you stick to a routine, and rarely stray from it? the way, any questions I ask are for you to ask yourself, you don't have to answer me - the important thing with dreams is that the dreamer figures them out). The table is meant to bring your attention to what is on it. You drew galaxies, which indicate the superconscious (your higher self that is all knowing), but also something you may not feel you have control over. A flower would be something that shows your subconscious (things you aren't aware of), but yours turns into a sun, which indicates awareness. By drawing, you are manifesting something you imagined into reality.

Only the dreamer can interpret dreams based on what is going on in their life and their mind at the time, but with these images, I would say the take home message is that you have the power to manifest anything you imagine in your life, and you can use that to add variety to your life's experiences if you so choose.

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