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Hey all of you wonderful people reading this. I just thought I'd share with everyone a couple of things I hope may be helpful, the first being my newest affirmations about channeling that I affirm every day for myself and that you can read below.
They actually were inspired from 3 of Natalie Glasson's most recent masterclasses - 'Awaken Your Channel', 'How To Heal In The Present With Lady Quan Yin', and 'The Bliss Experience With The Celestial White Beings'. All 3 masterclasses have been extremely beneficial in exponentially spurring my own spiritual growth and ascension and I would highly recommend these to anyone. You can find all 3 of Natalie's masterclasses by visiting her website and just scrolling down on her home  page:
My newest affirmations to help you channel are:
"I Am anchored in my Full Divine Presence & Empowered by the Unbounded Energies of the Creativity of Bliss & of Cosmic Creative Intelligence that is manifesting what my Divine Self calls forth in every moment !  I Am  anchored in my Full Divine Presence with my Divine Channel anchored into Divine Love & Bliss & Crystalline Rainbow Light that are ever present in my Higher Heart Chakra & in my Soul Star Chakra & Stellar Gateway Chakra. 
I Am anchored in my Full Divine Presence & Empowered by the Creator in every moment of my embodiment to channel Divine Healing & Ascension Energies & messages from God, from my Divine Self, & from the Heavenly Host for the highest good of All.
I Am anchored in my Full Divine Presence with my Higher Heart Chakra always open to receive Div Energies & messages of the Universe!  I Am anchored in my Full Divine Presence & channelling the most Divinely Perfect Energies and/or messages in every moment !"
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And I believe you would find Natalie's free weekly channeled messages highly uplifting as well. Here is how Natalie describes her free weekly messages:

How to Connect More Powerfully with Your Sacred Direction and Truth

 Each week I channel a message that is relevant to the time and will help you on your spiritual journey. If you would like to receive these messages by email, please sign up below. As a special bonus for you subscribing to my weekly message, I have created a guided meditation for you to awaken and unfold your Soul’s sacred knowingness and help you on your ascension path. Channeled from the inner planes OmNa Family, a special community of Archangels, Ascended Masters and Star Beings, you will experience the deep support, love and wisdom they wish to share with you to transform your connection with yourself and life.
So to start receiving her free weekly message scroll down on her home page where you will see where to enter your 1st name and email address. The link for Nataie's home page on her website is:
And I was inspired from Natalie's Awaken Your Channel masterclass to channel my first live video and upload it to my YouTube Channel entitled: 'Lady Quan Yin & Crystalline Rainbow Light'. Here is the link to watch it if anyone wants to check it out -
Infinite & Divinely Perfect Blessings to All of You with the Creator's Energies of Love, Healing, Peace, Joy, Bliss, and Abundance.



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