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Seems that this site is getting very quiet. If you are an active member, please reply to let us know you are alive.

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I'm still here, have had a hostile stomach bug since last saturday!

I think I'm on the way back to normal now, thank god!
im alive.... i more or less "watch from above".... meaning i like to read everyones blog posts and such, but havent really chatted too much other than the occasional blog replies like this one. maybe i should be more active
Still here, been more of an observer lately, getting over the flu. I'm feeling alot better now tho, not nearly as tired anymore either. Gonna be a great year! Love you all!
so how many does that make out of 736 members? lol
I'm here all the time!!! ye canne get rid of me..... mwaahhaaaa
i got too carried away by ice cream and dancing.
okay im back
Still here
K, we have 35 people reporting back so far. Come on guys, if you're here, say it :)
Hello. Although I don't log in very often, I visit this site daily to watch videos and read articles and discussions. I'm sure other people are doing the same.

Love and Peace
Hi, I was active a while back, but lately, I started disagreeing with many things here .. don't know for sure why .. maybe i was confused, what to post or what to comment, or whether to even comment or not, because neither everything which is posted on this site, nor anywhere on the internet is true .. i was confused, in whom to believe .. i wasn't able to decide whether to read something or not, because i didn't know what type of thing spreads fear, and what kind does not ... i don't know whether even the information I had posted till now was true or not, whether it spread any fear or not .... i don't know whether i was/am right or wrong either ..
also, I thought i was getting fat, sitting in front of the computer everyday ... so had to start some

also, my sisters had come for a few days ... so couldn't get much time ...
but still, i think i must come check atleast once everyday .. and i am somehow happy to be here ...
love n light to everyone ..

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