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Abundance In Its True Form By Natalie Glasson & Lord Melchizedek

Abundance In Its True Form By Natalie Glasson &

Lord Melchizedek

I am Lord Melchizedek. Greetings and welcome in my Divine Light, Love, & Truth that I now extend to all beings. I am a collective energy and yet you may see me as a single source, a source of light that oversees the Universal Leve of the Creatorl and brings forth wisdom, love, knowledge, and the divine plan from the Creator. It is an honour to be in your presence today and I wish to speak of divine abundance, abundance in its true form.

What Is Abundance?


You may be able to clarify what abundance is within your reality as different products, objects, experiences, or situations that you might have or wish to have. These are known as creations, for abundance can be known as creations - the creations that you recognise in your reality. Abundance is the product of creations, the manifestation of your creations.

Now abundance is so much more than this because if it is creations, it also is energy, thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and beliefs. In truth abundance is who you are, everything that you create, and everything that draws certain scenarios and outcomes into your reality. You are the energy of abundance, and the essence of abundance, and the form and  experience of abundance.

You are the one who creates abundance in your reality through your body, being, energy body, soul, thoughts, emotions, and your intentions. Therefore, you are abundance.

As we again ask what abundance is, we recognise that abundance is a frequency and energy, a sensation, a flash of light or a sound, anything that is the Creator because the energy of abundance flows from the Creator. 

You are the Creator, holding within your being and expressing the vibrations of the Creator. You receive and embody the energy of abundance and your body, like a well-oiled machine,, creates this abundance.

You can recognise abundance in all areas of your reality... maybe spring flowers blossoming, or leaves growing upon the trees, or children laughing as they pass you by. Abundance in those forms may seem impersonal because it may seem as if it does not belong to you and that it belongs to others, or it belongs to the flowers, the trees, the children. However, you created that abundance, you created that you were present to experience the abundance, therefore you are in co-creation of the abundance and yes, you can claim that as abundance in your reality.

How Does Abundance Make You Feel?


If you imagine yourself experiencing the flow of abundance through your being, allowing it to manifest within your reality - what would you feel? Would you feel complete, would you feel full, would you feel delighted, overjoyed, excited?

You may say that these feelings are only because you are experiencing abundance, however, these feelings are the abundance itself. If you manifest money for yourself and this money allows you to do whatever you need to do in your reality, you have beautiful, delightful feelings within you.

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Is the money the abundance or are those feelings within your being the abundant energy?

It is an interesting question. We could say that both are abundance, the money is the abundant energy in form and the feelings, the delight, the joy, are the abundant energy flowing through your being, expressed through your body and your being.

However, you can create the money, the abundance and maybe not have those abundant feelings within your being as maybe the money does not fulfill you. You can create those feelings within your being without the money. Therefore, we can recognise that the true abundance are the feelings within your being and yes, it can manifest into forms that fill you with delight. You can create abundance within your being, the feelings, sensation, and experience of abundance without the outer objects, experiences, situations.


What Is The True Form Of Abundance?


When you recognize the emotions, energies, experiences within your being as abundance, also recognize that you are the creation or creator of these abundant feelings. This signifies you are the energy of abundance. Every cell, thought, energy body of your being is the energy of abundance.

This means you can access the energy of abundance whenever you want, and it also means your inner experience is so important, more so than your outer experience, for your experience within you will impact your outer experience.

It is so important to cultivate those inner vibrations, intentions, feelings, and thoughts to create abundance and align with the abundant nature of your being.

It is as if you have so many different coats to where, you could wear the coat of love or the coat of abundance, or the coat of peace, and it is all your choosing. You can wear them all at once, for if you create within you peace, love, abundance - then it will automatically manifests into your reality.

If You Are Creating Within You A World Of Abundance What Does This Look Like?


An inner world of abundance could be described as self-love, loving thoughts, forgiveness, truth, honesty, peace, harmony with oneself and supporting yourself.

A inner world of abundance could be nourishing yourself, energetically and physically with nourishing food, nourishing exercise, nourishing thoughts and nourishing feelings. It is all about creating your inner world as a place of abundance.

The greatest energy you can give yourself is forgiveness. As you dissolve disagreement within your being, dissolve blame, dissolve any form of harm - you begin to align with your true nature, the vibration of the Creator that you are.

Your inner world becomes harmonious, it becomes abundant, and you feel within every aspect of your being that you are abundant. You are the energy of abundance. Thus, you recognise that you are whole, that you are complete, you are fulfilled, that you are aligned and connected with the Creator. You are the Creator.

Within your being there is no need to want for anything. When you meditate and focus your energy within you, do you lack things? Do you feel that you need things?

If this is the case then call upon healing, you may call upon me, Lord Melchizedek and my Universal Medical Healing Team or the Universal Healing Team. Ask us to fulfill you so that lack and hurt dissolve and you experience a vibration where your inner world becomes so abundant, loving, and peaceful that you enjoy being in meditation. You enjoy gazing at yourself in the mirror, you enjoy who you are when you are with other people, you enjoy who you are when you are alone.

Thus, you become an overflowing fountain of abundance, a fountain that gives abundant energy and the Creator's love and peace and harmony to all beings and everything.

This is abundance in its true form, it is eternal forever and continuous. This is what I, Lord Melchizedek, wish to share with you because it is so important now and will create such healing across the entire world and within your being.  The more you can be in a space of peace, abundance, and love within your being the easier your reality will be, and the more you will be able to create what you want.

Take time to contemplate the true form of abundance, you may explore deeper. When you connect with the energy of the abundance of the Creator know it is your true form, you are an expression of abundant energy and you can create whatever you wish.

Remember, your inner world requires to be abundant and nourished before you recognise it in your outer world.

I thank you, I am Lord Melchizedek

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