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God Bless Jerry and Esther for Bringing this New Leading Edge Thoughts To Us !

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Jerry coming through was pretty cool.  :D

Yaahhh.....Love This Message Lea Anna ! :-)

Life without criticize. Feels like a great injustice to the victims of this matrix...

Esther Hicks is a stand-up consciousness loving woman, she explains it nicely the transition from Jerry in the words of Abraham, great entertainment with an enormous amount of wisdom of the After-Life...
allthough I have a different perception/ interpretations of some of her statements!

Thank You Lydia for this vid, I never saw a performance of her before its really great ^L^

You Are Welcome My Dear Trudy ~ We Truly Need to Shift Our THoughts and Create a NEW Reality ~ No More Pain needed ~ Just Joy Love Peace And Harmony for All as One !


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