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A Return to Peace:  Your FREE Healing Resources from Emmanuel Dagher

If you are ever feeling like your peace has been disrupted in any way... especially with all that's going on in the world, please come back to this free gift page as a safe haven, and a resource to help you come back to your peace -
(These are all audio recordings of Emmanuel to listen to or download for free)

My friend,

With love and appreciation, I gently invite you to remember the following:
We live in a generous and abundant Universe!
The only thing that ever prevents us from seeing and knowing this, is the part of us that forgets!
Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way any more.
Find an opportunity to share your gifts, talents, time, energy, support, and offerings with the world.
Invest in your well-being, this is the greatest remedy to anything that doesn't reflect pure love and peace!
This is you loving yourself and honoring the Universe.
I love you, Emmanuel
Gift # 1 - Super Charged Prayer
Gift # 2 - The Worry Wash
Gift # 3 - Liberation Healing Music Experience
Gift # 4 - Divine Alchemy - Unleashing Your Inner Light
Gift # 5 - The Healing Session
Gift # 6 - Healing Question & Answer Session
Gift # 7 - Alchemizing Fear To Love
Click on this link to check them all our -

PLUS: Watch My Video on How to Deal with All of the Changes Happening Right Now...


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