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went out today and seen three planes at once spraying more Chemtrails. This is not a good start, i really hope they do stop spraying and realize what they are doing to us. If they are human pilots flying those planes, they have to have some sort of dignity or love in them to make a better choice to stop spraying. Then again maybe they are just remote controlled Planes

Ofcourse i know that we are responsible for our own health and our own lives, but how are we all responsible for Chemtrails? and the way that black government try to really make people sick and harm others for thery're own benefit.

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how do we know that they are chemtrails? i mean i dont see anyone up there with chem sensors showing real proof. I'm a pilot and I know that then you go to altitudes that those planes are flying at, condensation trails form
This is what I just found interesting stuff.....

Weather Manipulation

The private sector and government contract sensors are also seriously concerned at the chemtrailen. One company, Weather Modification Inc.. "Spray provides activities for" cloud seeding " As a goal. "Cloud seeding 'is also called cloud modification or atmospheric resources management (a more politically correct term). According to their own definition is the purpose of "cloud seeding" the clouds into substances deliberately with the intention of changing their properties, so "management" to a certain extent, atmospheric water.

Companies such as "Weather Modification Inc.." Make use of aircraft equipped with spraying equipment for spraying in the atmosphere at altitudes from about 4,000 feet. The flares are manufactured by companies such as' Ice Crystal Engineering ', which is developed by a team of atmospheric researchers and chemical engineers who shared more than 60 years experience in weather manipulation. Imagine, more than 60 years experience with something that only a conspiracy, as weather manipulation!

The Pyrotechnic flares are apparently made of chemical compounds designed to rain or ice to melt, such as calcium chloride (CAC12). Others include silver iodide (AGL). How many people know that they breathe air that aerosols and heavy metals? The chemicals gesprayde accelerate the formation of clouds by the increasing amount of cloud droplets. The accumulation of these droplets and thus increase the size of a cloud, is the first step in the development of precipitation. The drops are in such an early stage small to fall down. For this to happen, the droplets grow larger, they should increase in density not to evaporate after contact with dry air. Here, the aforementioned materials in place, they ensure that the drops attract more moisture. This process requires freezing temperatures to work. The anti-freezing properties of calcium chloride to prevent drops in the hail change. The whole process is controlled by using devices such as radar, satellite images, radiometry, "" magnetic imaging and other techniques.

The health

In addition to the substances calcium chloride and silver iodide messages are independent of each other reporting on high concentrations of radioactive barium and a form of aluminum particles discovered by researchers like Clifford Carnicom. It is known that these heavy metals have a connection with Alzheimer's disease. Other reports have indicated that these substances are found in rainwater, which eventually end up in our rivers and watersheds. Further, there are reports on chemicals of biological materials found after chemtrailen. In some such cases, samples collected by researchers fungi which contain, among other things, breathing difficulties. A serious health risk.
I woke up today to a perfectly blue sky, no haze, no Chemtrail in sight -- I am crossing my fingers, guys!
Get a cloudbuster setup near your property and it will free the skies of chemtrails sticking for a 50~ mile radius, unless you can master the art of clearing the skies with your mind, or asking the elementals/sylphs to help you.
Orgonite works to get rid of chemtrails

I plan on making some this weekend.

Patrish xxx

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